Tuesday, January 8, 2008

One by one

There are some entries that you just have to write about.....not due to obligation !!

And now that I have uploaded the latest photos into my PC...here is an entry ALL about the 1st January 2008 at Koi Tropika!

Who is Zoe you say? She is one of the cutest little girl I have the pleasure of knowing (though I think her parents will say otherwise!).

This is her looking at her birthday cake when we were singing the birthday song for her.

And there she is waving at her guests to come and try her cake!

And I must say her mummy and daddy really put alot of thought and effort into her birthday party !

I knew this the minute I saw the hall. It is REALLY tough to decorate a community hall in the condominium! And when the cake was cut, I knew this was ONE special cake...coz it was banana cake! Not your average (expected) sponge cake!

But you know....I think I loved the homemade jelly best! Took home 4 little containers of them! To view the jelly (and more photos), please visit PN's site!

Happy Birthday Zoe....you are a BIG girl now!


Ponytail said...

Thank youuuuuu! Hee Hee Hee
I am grateful that you enjoy it. Especially the jelly, I actually have to throw away the first batch of jelly as it became lumpy before I can pour into the little containers. Went to Tesco quickly to buy more jelly powders and make again...hahaha...so, its actually the 2nd attempt that was successful.

Hooi Imm said...

OMG, looks at the cake!! It is too beautiful to eat.

Ann said...

PN - It was SUPER YUMMY !!!

Hooi Imm - yeah...it was home made....and really special!

Honey Star said...

Great looking cake, so girly and pretty...and its banana somemore? WOW!!

Happy Belated Birthday Zoe!