Monday, January 7, 2008

Out of proportion

So, the babysitter confirmed for me.

My son's head is a little too big for his body. All the nutrients are going in to developing his brain and not his body!!! That would explain why his head is a bit floppy when he sits and when we carry him. Unlike other babies his age who only require one arm while carrying, my son still requires me to place my hand behind just in case his head flops back.

But he is getting there....he is getting there!

He is just too curious a fella. He wants to see whatever I see. So, most of the time I have to carry him so that he is sitting facing outwards! It is difficult for me coz I cannot do ANYTHING while I carry him since I have no hands free!

However, (hmmm....) the babysitter says he may grow up to be an intelligent one! I presume it was all the stimulation I gave him during my maternity. Every waking hour was filled with music and reading and playing! Looks like I have my work cut out for me!

***Outcome of stimulation***

So yesterday when we picked him up from the babysitter, we stayed a while to play with some other kids. Shortly after, we heard a loud 'call' from boyboy complaining why we are not talking to him!

I showed him a picture of a dog and I go 'Bow Wow Wow'. Boyboy rewarded me with a chuckle. So I did it several more times. When I got tired, he looked at me and also chuckled. Now I think he was laughing at me and not at my actions!

He was smacking his lips....guess he was a little hungry (when he is famished, he HOWLS), so I prepared his bottle. When he saw it, he reached out and pulled the bottle to his mouth. But coordination being a bit 'out', he hit his own mouth with his hand instead!
He is getting there, he is getting there.

Too much milk, too full.....he pushes the bottle out of his mouth and closes it really tight.

If I am feeding him water and I 'force' the teat into his mouth, he sucks (for all that tickling forces him to) but lets it dribble out of his mouth shortly after. So I am forced to rush for his hanky to wioe it away else my bedspread will be wet. Then he looks at me innocently!

***End stimulation*** but will never end......

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Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Your best solution to his wanting to be carried facing forward is to get baby carrier. Trust me on this. It's really the best. I did it with both my boys and I can't thank God enough for this invention! In fact I carried Max in one till he was a little past one.