Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tong Sui

Ever so popular in Malaysia.

Look up Tong Sui in Google and even Wikipedia recognizes this word correctly!

"Tong sui, also known as tian tang, is a sweet soup or warm custard served as a dessert at the end of a meal in Chinese cuisine." It's really a Cantonese thing!

Ever so many varieties in Malaysia.

There are the traditional (and popular) ones like red bean soup, mung bean, balck glutinous, sweet potato, peanut (fa sang wu), leng chee kang, bo bo cha cha, fu chok yee mai (bean curd and barley).

And of course someone has to come up with some new varieties - different kinds of fruits like apples and pears mixed with tong kua (sugar candy) and white fungus, dates, wolfberries etc.

Question : Wonder though what category tau foo fah, leong fan (black jelly) and kui leng kou (herbal jelly) fall under??

Had longings several times for good Tong Sui.

If I feel extravagant, may visit KTZ in SS2 for some. But it's a little pricey in this place. And I usually end up with a sago loh instead of tong sui!

The sago loh seeems more worth the price!

Sago loh consists of shaved ice (must say so far no disappointment with KTZ's shaved ice) and some toppings!

The only place that I can remember having reasonable tong sui is the corner shop in SS2... the one next to Watsons.

The other day my bro in law bought some from a stall in USJ. Quite cheap and very big packet. But I don't know exactly where it is. And the Leng Chee Kang that I tried had too many 'new' ingredients that I did not really like it! (call me traditional at heart where food is concerned)

Maybe one day will get hubby to drive there and see if I can get a big bowl of red bean soup! That would be the real test of how good this guy/vendor makes his tong sui!

Gotta say that Red Bean Soup is my favourite! Red bean with a bit of green bean, red bean with sago, red bean with longan, red bean alone, red bean cold, red bean hot.....as long as its red bean! The combination of liquid and red bean must be proportional. And the red bean must be soft enough yet exist in the liquid so that there is a bit of a bite to it! (fussy! fussy!)

Heard also that there is a good tong sui place in Section 17 PJ from another blogger. But have yet to try it out!

Looks good though from the multitude of steel pots that they have (but this was taken in 2005!)!

Hmmm...wonder if the tong sui kai (tong sui street) opposite Odeon in Ipoh still exists? Ipoh has tons of tong sui stalls that are rather cheap too! Wy may agree with me!

So, you longing for a bowl of tong sui?

What's your favourite? Any favourite place where you would go for your warm comforting sweet desert?


Ponytail said...

Ai say...I cooked tong sui a few times when SG meet at my house :P

Anyway, when SG was in church house, Mike and me like to freqeuent this kopitiam at Sea Park for dinner before SG. Its a corner shoplot opposite DUMC. They only open in the evening. We love the fu chuk yee mai there and Mike will fight with the aunties to get the fried popiah. It is managed by 2 old couples and they also served fried meehoon/mee with curry chicken, fried fishballs and also Anson chee cheong fun too.

They reminded me of those tong sui stall when I was a child. Indeed it is quite rare nowadays. I shall go there again soon. Yummy..yummy

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Hey, I love red bean soup too. Have you tried it with some kan-sui chung (plain yellow glutinous rice dumpling) inside? My mum does that during chung season and it's really yummy, hot and cold. :)

p/s- love that 2005 shot of the pots of tong sui! So sense-sational!

Ann said...

PN - I actually know this place considering I sued to be from DUMC. Hubby and I used to go there every Sat evening before church service!

Kathie - haven't tried the kan-sui chung one. Haha....instead of red bean inside, you have it outside!
Guess all your tong sui is homemade ya! Those are the best!

Bobo Bear said...

Had tried the one in section 17, lots of variety. I like 'cham' red bean with mak chuk