Thursday, February 28, 2008

My FIRST award!

Oh hehehe....the last day of February seems to be looking up to a great startt! I got awarded by Andrew&June. Thanks for this!!! Really glad to have met you online and hope to get to know you better too!

And now I would also like to award ponytales and Kathie and Florence and BoboBear and Daddeeyah!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I need a break....

The pass few 'Personal message' on my MSN was:

'Fever is back....I am close to breaking point'. This was posted on Monday after 2 sleepless nights.

Then when boyboy's fever subsided on Tuesday, my MSN showed 'Broken...yet to recover'.

(Un)Fortunately the broken one is me!

Kids being kids, they have a resilience and an affirmity for fun that is really wonderous!

I need a break.....a real holiday....maybe with hubby.

Ever wished you could take a break from being a mum? And even a wife?

Can we ever exist just being ME without any labels attached - daughter, mum, wife, sister...

But I think I will miss my son. No matter how bad the arguments between husband and wife, a kid's smile/sickness takes away all forms of silence. And no matter how bad the day, a smile from my son can really cheer me up tons!

But February has indeed been a trying month. Perhaps there are sunnier days ahead....

Welcoming in March.....

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yet another traditional remedy

Boyboy made me hit the roof when he had a fever last Wednesday which skyrocketed to 39.6 on Thursday.

I think I thank God that he was not with me on Thursday. I feel my babysitter has more experience to really take care of a sick baby!

So apart from Cool Fever, sponging, panadol every 6 hours and lots of water, this was what my babysitter tried to bring down his fever.

It is actually dough made out of flour and egg white. And after which it is rubbed all over baby's body. Supposedly some black dirt is to come out from their back (especially) and other parts of the body. Can't remember the Chinese term for those balck stuff!
But my babaysitter said....he is alright. No black stuff came out from his body. Reckon the only stuff coming out are is poop and the green goo from his nose!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuffy nose's best buddy!

I actually read about this the first time boyboy was ill. But didn't decide to buy it then coz he wasn't having too bad a nose block.

But this time round out of desperation and lack of sleep, I was up to trying ANYTHING!

Was surprised when I went to pick him up that my babysitter also told me she uses it.

Since we were not sure if we could purchase one by nightfall, my babysitter willingly lent me hers! (Thanks Cecilia so much!)

SOS-ef my sister in KL. She saw it earlier in Caring Pharmacy at a rather cheap price and told me about it the first time boyboy fell ill.

Used it in the night and I must say I have never been so happy to see mucus floating in water! It really worked wonders. Cleared up boyboy's nose in a jiffy! Although the stubborn goo at the back cannot be extracted yet. At least the one in the nose itself cleared up.

So...what is a stuffy nose's best buddy?? The NOSE CLEANER.
Incidentally the one that my babysitter lent me was by Pigeon. But this one that I bought was from Pureen. Yet another P to the list!

And of course if you do not have a towel to cool baby down, the next best thing is THIS !!

Prayerfully boyboy's temperature will not fluctuated back to scary 39.6 like yesterday!
Upon advise of babysitter, put one on his back last night before he fell sleep. Checked him in the middle of the night several times....seems the fever is under control.
But that could just be the work of the Panadol .
Sigh.....he is on Pabron and Klacid again!
Hope this time it clears up FOR GOOD !!!
Sick or not though...he still can smile and learn new tricks!
Will post one of his latest tricks up soon!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mac-a-Roons about this from NST last week. And I was in a desert mood. So, gave my sister (a KL-ite worker) a HUGE hint for her to buy some for hubby and I to try the next time she went to Izzi for lunch !

The look of the store in Bukit Bintang is rahter cool actually.
Check out their website.
And they also ahve recently opened in Damansara Utama.

But anyway....looks aside...what we actually wanted to try were these Macaroons. It was described as a mix between nougat and meringue.

When sis was there, there were only 4 flavours - orange, strawberry, choc and green tea. She called me to ask which I would like (since we did only ask her to buy 2).

I decided upon green tea and choc. I reckon these were the 2 flavour which were the hardest to get by. How difficult can strawberry and orange get? You just need to make it sweet enough and smell and taste like the fruit!

While green tea needs to have the subtle taste of tea and yet not too bitter or overpowering. Chocolate must have the right sweetness as well and (for me) not excessively RICH! I bit into it.

The top layer goes in easy coz your mind is prepared for it. Then you reach the soft centre which is the filling and then *crunch*....there goes the bottom layer.

The texture of the macaroon is close to sticky especially the bottom layer. maybe coz after the soft smush of the filling in the middle, the tooth needed some getting used to the bottom part.

Got to say the choc and the orange (sis got 3 for us in the end) was rather normal. THe green tea however, was really nice. It was exactly as I described a green tea should be!

Verdict? I wouldn't buy this again for normal consumption. Will only buy it for asomeone else to try.

Why? If I wanted my sugar boost, i will go for some other desert like cake or even donuts. ALSO the macaroon is as 'big' perhaps as the end of an old fashion silver door knob!! Maybe 1 and a half times bigger than a 50 sen coin!!! And it costs RM 2.90 !!

But it is defintely worth ONE try!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quiz for the ladies!

Found this quiz on hissychicks site and tried it.
Pretty good. Results quite accurate.
This is who I am.
Have some fun!

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

New laptop

My new laptop. A HP Compaq.

Glad it has the mouse pad at the bottom and not the kind with a little knob in the middle of the keyboard! Keyboard is alright....soft to touch!

The message on the top left says something about recognizing finger print...but don't know what that really is! have yet to explore!

However, it uses Microsoft Vista which (sigh) I am terrible at! Need to find all the normal keys that I use all over again!

But working at home is a breeze now. Can do it in front of the TV, in the toilet and even when I am cycling on my stationary bike! Maybe now can even bring a DVD to the toilet! that anyone's ultimate dream? To be able to watch DVD while poop-ing!
(Don't get any ideas of doing that dear....)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Final destination for the CNY

The final Chinese New Year destination was historical Malacca. My dad's family originated from there. So, at least once a year, we make our way down to renew relationships and have a meal together! soon as we reached there, dad and mum wanted to try this Curry laksa in Kota Laksamana. I have been there and tried it thanks to the last SG Retreat. So, I acted as tour guide!!! :)

Ordered the pongteh chicken, curry chicken, 4 bowls of curry laksa, 1 rojak and 4 bowls of cendol!

I was TERRIBLY hungry so as soon as the pongteh chicken arrived, I wolfed it down! was rather oily and rather salty for my taste!

Surprisingly I must say I enjoyed the rojak better (compared to the last time I had it). But I reckon it was coz I was still hungry (opppsss!!!).

Everyone else had a bowl of curry laksa. I didn't even try it coz (sorry!) I don't like curry laksa AT ALL !

Verdict from my dad and mum : Not good! They say they have had better !

Of course, we had the cendol as well. Nothing to shout about really! But then again, I am a Ice Kacang lover not a cendol lover!

At night hubby and I took some time off to head down to Jonker Street - objective to buy some Soya Noodles and Pineapple Tarts. The deco for CNY was really nice....rather scary along the streets around Jonker coz it was just lotsa red lanterns. It reminded me of prostitution streets actually! Have to try this Soya Mee and see how good/yummy it is!

BUT the highlight of my trip was THIS !!! (Thanks to PN for telling me about it!)

This is the broucher from the shop. It is called Nadeje and is located in Melaka Raya, Jalan PM4. The specialty there is Mille Crepe, a type of French pastry. 'Mille' ('mil') actually means a thousand implying that there are thousands of crepes in the cake!

We ordered 2 varieties, the Rum and Raisin (right side) and the original (left side).

Let me tell you....the texture of this cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you actually dive your fork/spoon/knife (whatever) right through the entire depth of the cake and bite into it from top to bottom, your teeth actually cuts through layer by layer, and in your mind, there is a registration that you are bitting into layer 1, layer 2...etc.

Oh gosh....just thinking about it now! Admitedly however, the taste is not an explosion or anything that you really remember by. It is ONLY the texture that leaves you SURPRISED! I didn't know that it would be that GREAT! :)

This is a close up of the Rum and Raisin. I prefered this to the original (right) !

Around the corner from the Nadeje Shop, I was plesantly surprised to see this Graffiti on the wall!

I thought the government would have found it and painted it off!!! But there is talent here, I am so sure! And there is talent in htis little fella as well.....
He can 'complain' really loud now when we don't give him attention OR when he is tired OR when he just wants a little cuddle and pat from anyone!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The best is yet to come....

The best is yet to come.....that was the thought that came as I prayed while waiting in my wedding car to make my grand appearance.

So when hubby passed me the mike to make my thank you speech during the wedding itself, something came over me and I spoke with no anxiousness at all...The best is yet to come, I know it....The best is yet to come.

Perhaps it was a revelation from God!

So...this phrase said, the months went by and it was forgotten.

Became pregnant and the phrase that touched my heart was How Great is Our God!

Became a mother....marriage became (admittedly) second rated. The kid no matter what his tantrums and whinnings becamse the priority. And I started to question how a marriage could survive a baby! Those who are close to me were bombarded with one personal question!

Then 2 things happened.

I had another revelation.
Many Sundays ago, my pastor preached about anger. How sometimes we get angry at our spouses for the misdeeds we were previously punished for when we were younger. So, we need to recognise this and put a stop to it (2 sentences summarized after a 30 minute sermon!).

I didn't understand how that was possible at first. But I do know that I have been getting very naggy and critical of hubby lately since the baby came. More than ever all the things he did AND did not do received some sort of remark from me! I thought I was just being particular and hubby didn't meet up to my standards! But I also knew that it was really bad for my marriage and really made hubby very sad.

Then last Sunday, in the toilet (of all places), it dawned upon me why I was reacting that way. It was because when we were young, we were always told not to procrastinate. To act boldly and not to be 'mousy' over any matter. We were 'told off' when we wanted to ask for something but didn't know all our facts related to the matter. And I realised that if I had to go through that kind of strict upbringing...why should anyone else be exempted from it!

Thus hubby (being the lay back nature that he is) got it really bad!

Then I also received another revelation.

This tape in my car has been going on and on.....and I have not (till this morning) paid much attention to the words! The tape is called "New Season - with Israel and New Bread". And the worship leader mentioned somethng that struck a cord in my heart this morning.

He said (paraphrasing) that when God gives us a fresh word, he also brings us into a new season. It may not always be a good season...but it is a necessary season!

And the song after was "Your Latter Will Be Greater".

And in that song....lies there words......The best is yet to come!

I look forward to this.
I believe I have a word.
A new season will come.
And yes....indeed
The best IS yet to come.

What therefore God has brought together, let no man seperate.
Not even if the 'man' is me!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Reading back...a long entry

I did a change in my labelling today. Decided 'baby updates' is not an appropriate label to use anymore. After all what happens when I have another one? And Christopher is not going to be a baby forever. So, did some work there !

Also changed the look of my blog back to its original one. Hubby says that old one seems to be the best. And I think I agree now. I really don't like some designs where the space to blog is rather narrow. And this really screws up the whole layout and picture planning process ! What you plan in the Posting never really comes out as it is supposed to in the Blog itself!

So in the process of all this, I looked through some older posts.

Points that I noticed...

1) Used to be about me and hubby. Now hubby is no longer mentioned in my blog except in passing.
2) My style of writing is no longer that expressive....more factual
3) Purpose of blog used to be for me to express it is used to update other mums about anything new, to get advice and to give relatives a chance to see the progress of boyboy.

Looking back, I also realised I never did a post on the actual labour itself. Which is what I intend to do now...

My baby was due to come out actually late September. but 3 weeks short of my due date, I started to have some bloody show. Worried...worried....made an appointment to see Dr Dr.

I am starting to say wrods twice...a sign that I am teaching boyboy!

Since it was not a scheduled appointment (it was a Sat), I was the last one to see him. AND he was already late in closing up (due to an emergency C-sec that he had to do which put him 2 hours behind clinic appointments). So, irritated and tired Dr. Dr. decided all this waiting around is just too much (and I guess a bloody show isn't all that good too) gave me until Tuesday (my actual appointment date) to come to the hospital due to pain or else turn up walking in on Tuesday morning at 7am!

Come Sunday...went to church. Bet around the table if I will deliver today, Monday or Tuesday. SG leader wanted it to be any other day except Tuesday since that day would also be his birthday! But....reckon God must have told him otherwise. Coz by the end of lunch, he had resigned to the fact that he would be visiting me in hospital on Tuesday and not lying at home relaxing after eating his wife's sumptuous home-cooked dinner!

No sign of contractions (or so I thought) all that 3 days.

Did some squats on Monday. talked to mum, walked up the stairs, talked to baby to come out. action!

Took my last shower on Monday night. Went to bed. Slept well.

Tuesday morning checked myself in at 7am. Was the first to arrive I guess coz I was shown into the FIRST labour ward. Checked out the place. Looked at all the gadgets. Changed my clothings.

Nurse came in to give me the 'push' up my behind. Told me to WAIT as long as I can. Are you kidding....she hadn't walked out of the door yet and I was in the bathroom already!
Good feeling.....very clean!

Nurse came in again....time to be induced! Needles needles....sigh.....looked the other way. Closed my eyes. Tried to relax.

It was painful. Poked deep into the vein on top of my left hand. I could literally feel the end of the needle and see it! in the world was I going to use my left hand now to grip the bed railing to push? how was I going to rest now with my left hand immobile!

Nurse says "That was a contraction". I looked at mean that was it? I have been having that kind of pain for so long now then! Opppssss.....

Still bearable....can still watch TV and talk to hubby. Getting bored.

9 plus in the morning....Dr.Dr. walked in to burst my water bag. He put on his Phua Chu Kang boots. I was too busy preparing myself!

Gush of water....nurses were also surprised. They had to get the cleaner to come in and mop up the floor. Some people told me it would stink....but I didn't smell anything!

Oh.....then the pain started. About 2 hours later, nurse gave me a jab. She says "Better take now...don't tire yourself out. Jab can help you to sleep". Effect of jab = negligible.

I lost all concept of time now. In between bouts of pain, I dosed off. Hubby later told me I slept and moaned every 5 minutes. In between nurse came to check dilation. Was too tired and 'doopy' that I just let her do whatever she wanted. It still hurt like @^@%$@!$ but just wanted her to do it and get it over with.

Nurse proclaimed that I will deliver by 4 pm. It was around 12! I was like @^!#$^%$@!^#$ many more hours to go?

After a while/eternity (whatever), felt the nurse put the mask on my face. The gas thingy is here. Heard from others that they didn't like it at all and it didn't help them. So, with this preconceived idea in my mind, I didn't try very hard to breathe the gas. Kept pushing it away coz it was taking too much energy to breathe!

But Thank God, the nurses didn't give up on me. They brought a few masks for me to try. And finally I managed to suck in the gas. was a relieve. I don't know about the rest but the gas really worked wonders for me! I kept asking hubby to give me the gas.

Hubby later told me they gave me a child's mask (hint to pregnant women)!
And also that I practically grabbed the gas mask from him to breathe!

Anyway at around 1, I was fully dilated (Thank God) ! Started pushing.

For the life of me, I don't know why I was in the frame of mind to control my pushing in case I poop-ed! I actually felt a pressure in my anus - the same like when you want to poop. So, I tried to push and yet control my poop.

I pushed for 1 hour. The nurse started to give up on me. They said the baby was like a yo-yo/Chipsome - One minute there, one minute not there/back in again!

I should have just pooped the baby out! Coz the poop was actually the baby!

At last they called the doctor. Dr.Dr. was really mad with me! He treatened that if I don't push properly, this baby will never come out!

Boo hoo hoo.....I was super tired by now. So I pushed and pushed again.

Heard Dr.Dr. ask for the vacumm. Got up to push again. Heard hubby say... baby out already, no need to push anymore. Then heard baby cry! Relieved...

Lay down to rest. Heard my phone ring. Heard hubby go out.
Dr.Dr. scolded me again saying he had to do all the work to get the baby out!
Heard Dr.Dr. say my wound is very bad - alot of cutting and some minor tearing.
Heard Dr.Dr. ask who my hubby was calling. Parents is it?
Felt my leg shiver. It shivered alot even when I was pushing. Nurse said coz I was tense and cold. Heard Dr.Dr. tell me to relax so that the shivering will stop and he can get on with his stitching properly.
Heard Dr.Dr. ask for another needle. Huh....that much to stitch?

Next thing I know, nurses were massaging my abdomen to get the blood out. REALLY painful. As bad as, if not worse than, labour pain.
Really tired.
Heard them ask me to get in and out of the stroller and the bed a few times.
Heard them say "Ahh....the power of tiredness".
I had no idea where I was or what was going on.

As for the needle in my hand. It was still there. And I still managed to grip the railing and push, roll around when I was in pain and use my left hand to lift myself up to move to the bed. the end of it all....all I can say is needles are nothing compared to labour.
Poop-ing in public is nothing compared to the agony of not getting your child out.
Looks is nothing when you are dead tired.
Labour is nothing compared to taking care of a child.
The wounds from labour is nothing compared to the joy your child will bring you.

To all pregnant women out there and all who are comtemplating another....I honour you, I respect you. Being pregnant is the start of God moulding us to be sacrificing, servicing be more like Him.

Giving Chinese medicine

This topic is also written in length by my babysitter in her website :

You have to be a member to read it....though membership is free and allows you to browse many of her other topics as well.

But my take is....

So, I managed to catch my babysitter before she gave the Po Yin Tan to my son. This is how it was administered to him.

Dissolve the Po Yin Tan in a little warm water. Stir until dissolve.

NO surprise that boyboy opened his mouth when he saw the spoon. He really takes after his daddy - just LOVES to eat!

But I thought he would know better when the seond spoon came along....but I was soooo wrong (and gladly so)!

He kept on at it....spoonful after spoonful.

And this medicine is not flavoured. It tastes really bitter (typical Chinese herb taste).

After all is done. What do you think he must be thinking?

I reckon he must be wondering if he will be getting another bout of Nestle cereal after this.
Kids area always so hopeful, don't you think!

At any rate...this has got me thinking that we adults really have preconceived ideas about things and we assume /pass that on to our kids as well. I pray I will only pass down to him characters which build up and not tear down!

I am thinking.....what is that in us that will be hereditary and what can be taught?
Further thought and prayer required.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chinese Medicine this was the Chinese medicine that my babysitter recommended I give boyboy for his prolonged (actually more like revived) cough!

It is called Po Yin Tan and she told me that she got it for RM3. I actually talked to several 'aunties' about this and they have heard about it and 'swear' by its goodness!

So, I did my research on the ingredients...coz for the life of me if I google search Po Yin Tan or Poh Ying Tan etc. etc. I can't find anything beneficial written about it!

Ingredients include:

1) Rhizoma Gastrodia Elata

Gastrodia is a preparation made from the rhizome or tuber of an orchid, Gastrodia elata. It is a member of the Orchidaceae family. Gastrodia elata is a native of the Far East; its natural areas of distribution include Tibet, western China, Korea, and Japan.

2) Radix Siler Divaricatum

When I google image searched this, the picture that initially came up was "Hor Yan Ho" ! This herb can also be found in this herbal tea which as adults we commonly drunk when we have sorethroats!

But this is how the plant looks like actually !

Edible parts of this plant are the leaves. They can be easten raw or cooked. The leaves contain 1.7% protein, 0.3% fat, 4.7% carbohydrate and 1.3% ash.
Medicinal Use : Antipyretic, antiseptic, diaphoretic, carminative and antitoxin[147, 176, 178]. It is used in the treatment of influenza, headaches, chills, rheumatoid numbness, joint pains and tetanus[147].

3) Herba Mentha Arvensis is commonly known as Chinese Mint.

It is a valuable antiseptic and has effective asthma medication

4) Margarita Hyriopsis - it is actually a Pearl!

Margarita is the Latin name. Hyriopsis marks the origin it is taken from – Hyriopsis cumingii (lea), Unionidae.

Usage :
1.Tranquilizing the mind and arresting convulsion. Pearl is used in the treatment of epilepsy, palpitation due to fright, acute febrile infantile convulsion, etc. Some people take the mixture of pearl powder and honey to treat restlessness and panic.
2.Improving acuity of vision and removing nebula.It is applied in the treatment of conjunctivitis, pterygium, nebula and astringent pain in the eyes. It may be taken orally, however it is usually used as eye drops in combination with other medicines.
3.Removing toxic substances and promoting granulation. Pearl is prescribed to treat unhealing ulcers.

5) Ecdysis Cryptotympana Pustulata

Cryptotympana Pustulata/Cicada is an animal-derived substance. It is extracted from or prepared by grinding the empty shell shed every seven years by the cicada.

I google searched Ecdysis seperately and found that it is "the molting of the cuticula in arthropods and related groups".

Funny how the scientific term came up - the joining of a verb and a noun!

The medicinal uses of cicada include treatment of fever and associated seizures; skin rashes; and such eye disorders as conjunctivitis, cataracts, and blurred vision. Due to its antipyretic effect, cicada-containing preparations are often used to treat high fevers, such as those associated with the common cold or influenza. Western news media reported in April 2003 that the Chinese were using combinations of cicada and silkworm droppings to treat the fever associated with SARS. In addition to reducing fever, cicada is also used in TCM to treat other symptoms of colds and flu, including laryngitis, headache, restless sleep, or nightmares.

6) Caulis Uncaria Rhynchophylla

Caulis is known as any herbaceous or woody stem which bears leaves, and may bear flowers.

The medicinal property lies in "Uncaria rhynchophylla", commonly known as Cat's Claw herb.

It is used around the world for conditions including immune disorders, gastritis, ulcers, cancer, arthritis, rheumatism, rheumatic disorders, neuralgias and chronic inflammation of all kinds.

7) Rhizome Arisaema Ambiguum - Synonym is Arisaema heterophyllum.

Common names are Jack In The Pulpit, Jack-In-The-Pulpit, Maizuru-Tennan-Sho, Yi Ye Tian Nan Xing, Yi ye tian nan xing

Usage : Effective treatment for tetanus, spasms, epilepsy and neuralgia. Frequently used as a sedative and expectorant. Also an anticancer agent.

8) Crystarus Phyllostachys Reticulata – also known as Phyllostachys bambusoides (bamboo-lah!)

The young shoots contain about 2.1% protein, 0.3% fat, 3.2% carbohydrate, 0.9% ash[179].

Medicinal : Antipyretic

9) Crystalus Amber

Amber is fossilized pine resin from the extinct Pinus succinifera. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amber is considered to be sedative, emmenogogue, diuretic, and lithotriptic.It is also used for insomnia, anxiety, palpitations, childhood convulsions, epilepsy, hysterical convulsions, frequent dreams and forgetfulness. Said to promote urination and used for uterine tract infections and uterine stones. Considered useful to aid in blood circulation and to promote menses as well as relieve menstrual cramps, bring on overdue menses and for abdominal tumors. It is also used in cases of coronary heart disease and considered good for disturbed emotions caused by stress.

10) Bombyx Mori L. (Chinese name ‘Jiang Can’) is the dried larvae of silkworm which have died due to infection by the fungus beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuill.

Actions : The herb is used as an anticonvulsive and spasmolytic agent, to reduce phlegm and to resolve masses. It has anticonvulsive, sedative and hypnotic properties. It is an antibacterial agent and has been used in the treatement of epilepsy, acute upper respiratory infections, epidemic parotiditis and diabetus mellitus. Some reports indicate that the herb may have some anticancer effects.

Monday, February 11, 2008

No words required

- He loves to cross his legs and KICK.

  • - He is getting pretty good at holding his head up high....
  • - He loves to stand up....but looks down at his toes most of the time (Heads up boyboy!)

- He loves his tummy time

- He tries to reach forward to grab things now.

- Sick or not....he can still afford a smile..

- He watches us when we eat now and smacks his lips!

- Still a bushy head of hair....


I think he can call "ma" now! Else it was an accidental sound...but he has made it several times now! :) I am happy...accidental or not!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Routine Required kids really need their routine! I totally understand that now!

For the pass 4 days of CNY, my kid only ate half of what he would normally eat.

It started out on the 1st day itself when he wanted to take his morning nap and I had to cart him off to my inlaws place. By the time his mid morning feed came, he was too wired up to swallow anything! Then people came and people came and people came....and you bet this inquisitive fella will be looking all around with those big wide eyes. And adorable as he is, people will be kissing and hugging and carrying him!

I heard a 'matured' cough or two.....Oh Lord....that doesn't sound good at all!

He was rubbing his eyes (a SURE sign of tiredness) by 2 pm.

By evening....boyboy was SICK....again!

I mean how can you blame him? He did not eat, could not sleep and was surrounded by adult matured virus-es!

He kicked up a fuss in the car. There was a jam. We took about 3 hours and a little more getting to Ipoh. So that was about 3 hours of me having to calm a fussing baby in the backseat of the car!

Ultimately when everyone has finished playing with the baby, the grouchiness is left to the parents to handle!

In Ipoh, things didn't get better. Not because of the crowd now but because boyboy was too busy looking around and getting his kunkung to play with him. He literally looked at my dad and called for him to come talk to him!

So in between kungkung's playing, popo tried to get him to sleep. And (gladly), hubby and I took a few hours break to go out shopping and eating and visiting!

Ipoh ended all too soon. My parent's house now contain a whole set of medication to treaet boyboy as well !

Back to work on Monday morning. My baby sitter took one look at him and has recommended some chinese herbal medicine that is safe for infants to take to help clear the phlegm.

Let me see it this evening and I will blog more about it when I have done my research. She would be giving the right medicine considering she is so experienced. And it would be good info for my new mums too!

In the mean time.....have a great celebration for the rest of the remaining 10 days of CNY!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

True Forwards

George Carlin is a Grammy-winning American stand-up comedian, actor and author. He is especially noted for his political and black humor and his observations on language, psychology and religion along with many taboo subjects.

George Carlin on aging!

Do you realize that the only time in our lives when we like to get old is when we're kids? If you're less than 10 years old, you're so excited about aging that you think in fractions.

'How old are you?' 'I'm four and a half!' You're never thirty-six and a half. You're four and a half, going on five! That's the key.

You get into your teens, now they can't hold you back. You jump to the next number, or even a few ahead.

'How old are you?' 'I'm gonna be 16!' You could be 13, but hey, you're gonna be 16!

And then the greatest day of your life ! You become 21. Even the words sound like a ceremony. YOU BECOME 21. YESSSS!!!

But then you turn 30. Oooohh, what happened there? Makes you sound like bad milk! He TURNED; we had to throw him out. There's no fun now, you're Just a sour-dumpling. What's wrong? What's changed?

You BECOME 21, you TURN 30, then you're PUSHING 40. Whoa! Put on the brakes, it's all slipping away. Before you know it, you REACH 50 and your dreams are gone.

But wait!!! You MAKE it to 60. You didn't think you would!
So you BECOME 21, TURN 30, PUSH 40, REACH 50 and MAKE it to 60.

You've built up so much speed that you HIT 70! After that it's a day-by-day thing; you HIT Wednesday!

You get into your 80's and every day is a complete cycle; you HIT lunch; you TURN 4:30; you REACH bedtime.

And it doesn't end there. Into the 90s, you start going backwards; 'I Was JUST 92.'

Then a strange thing happens. If you make it over 100, you become a little kid again. 'I'm 100 and a half!'

May you all make it to a healthy 100 and a half!!

  1. Throw out nonessential numbers. This includes age, weight and height. Let the doctors worry about them. That is why you pay 'them.'
  2. Keep only cheerful friends. The grouches pull you down.
  3. Keep learning. Learn more about the computer, crafts, gardening, whatever. Never let the brain idle. 'An idle mind is the devil's workshop.' And the devil's name is Alzheimer's.
  4. Enjoy the simple things.
  5. Laugh often, long and loud.Laugh until you gasp for breath.
  6. The tears happen. Endure, grieve, and move on. The only person, who is with us our entire life, is ourselves. Be ALIVE while you are alive.
  7. Surround yourself with what you love , whether it's family, pets, keepsakes, music, plants, hobbies, whatever. Your home is your refuge.
  8. Cherish your health: If it is good, preserve it. If it is unstable, improve it. If it is beyond what you can improve, get help.
  9. Don't take guilt trips. Take a trip to the mall, even to the next county; to a foreign country but NOT to where the guilt is.
  10. Tell the people you love that you love them, at every opportunity.


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away .

What a weekend!

Every Monday morning, someone will definitely ask me "So, how was your weekend?"

These days I would have to think really hard coz...realy, I do not know what I did on Saturady or Sunday that was remotely worth remembering!

But this weekend was HECTIC and didn't end too well either!

It all started with me promising to be a babysitter for the first time! I love those kids but i also didn't really know if I could handle them and my son for the number-of-hours-it-takes-to-finish-a-wedding-dinner!

Cleaned the whole house early Saturday morning....just in case kiddie's mummy comes up to check (*wink*) or kiddie number 2 declares that the bathroom is too dirty to be used!

Ironed all the clothes which (sigh) was strewn around all over the guest room bed ! If I can't find any particular clothing in my cupboard, all I need to do is rumage through my second 'bed'-wardrobe!

The house in good order, I went out with hubby to get some kiddie food! Ice cream and some crackers!!! You never know how grouchy kids can get when they are hungry after all! And I don't want one fainting on me!

Got all the cartoon or children friendly DVDs out! Shucks....should have got kiddie's mummy to lend me her Astro card!

Ok...I was set....and also tired!

By 8.30, they had finished watching the first DVD and was beginning to feel restless !! Oppsss...reckon the dinner hadn't even started, you think ??!!! So, brought out a pack of cards and decided to play Fishing/Go Fish with them!! Reckon my age group people know this card game? It is a good game to teach your kid to count!

Ooohhh....not a very good move actually! Kiddie #2 can't really count yet! Kiddie #1 was getting bored waiting for Kiddie #2 to play her turn! Sigh....should have brought out the Monopoly instead!

Thank 10 plus....Kiddie's daddy and mummy are on their way! Whew.... :)

But...just in case Kiddie's mummy and daddy are reading this.....IT WASn't THAT BAD ! Had great fun actually !! They helped me rinse the cloth while I wiped boyboy down and later put him to bed!

The next day was pretty standard. As usual boyboy didn't get much sleep in church. But at the end of lunch, reckon he had enough and started to sleep in my arms! As usual by the time we got out of the car when we reached home, he got up!

AND....sigh....he slept again only 1 hour later when we HAD to go out again. On other days, we would have let him sleep....but my sister's bus didn't wait for no baby to wake up again!

He frowned when I picked him up again.....

Reached my inlaws place.....and now I can confirm that my nerves get ALL tangled up when ANYONE says anything to this effect " cannot sleep lah. Wake him up lah so that we can play/see/talk to him!"

If any adult says that...reckon I have to hold my tongue...but if anyne younger than me says that, I think I will not be able to hold my tongue any longer!

Why you may's a rather small matter no?

NO....I tell you again.....NO

Due to the lack of sleep on Sunday and the amount of attention he had, my Sunday night boyboy was so grouchy he was howling his head off!

NO amount of cooing or carrying or comforting could settle him. He was grouchy and fristrated and he needed to VENT !

Sigh....he yelled till his face turned red and stayed red even though he had stopped! He howled till his breathe came out in short spurts! He howled till he wet tissue after tissue. He howled will his nose started running again! He howled until I looked at daddy and wanted to cry too!

We didn't know what to do. We could not comfort him at all! We just had to let im have his 'say' about how 'abused' he must have felt!

Only then did he drink his milk (through all the half sobs) and at last lie in his bed!

No smile for me tonight...sob...sob...

So....don't ask me why I do what I do when I do it....especially when it comes to my kid! At the end of the day, it is the parents that have to suffer the tantrums they throw! And yes, we do tend to blame ourself for it!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Going wireless

Previously everytime there was nothing on Astro to watch, I would zoom to my computer to play games or surf or now .... check the Scrabulous status on Facebook!

But since boyboy was born and sleeping in the master bedroom, I have resisted turning on my PC. Are you kidding? I rather be bored than wake him up and go through the 'tedious-ness' of getting him back to sleep!

Before anyone begins to think that I am a bad parent, I got to say that this fella is one curious one! If he sees you doing anything brightly interesting, he will call and call out for you to get him involved. And he will struggle against all forms of the end having a bundle of grouchy nerves!

So...hubby one day mentioned "I think we should get a wireless router!" sis got a laptop...AND my company decided to get me a laptop as well!

So, every member in the family has a PC....except boyboy. But you bet he will 'trouble' at least one of us to give ours up so that he can have our undivided attention!

So the next course of action (of course) was to ACTUALLY get that wireless router!

It took a few days later to set up...since I kept 'making noise' to hubby not to disturb boyboy while he is sleeping!

But at last it is setup.

I am sitting with my laptop in the living room with the TV on writing this entry.

I have NO IDEA what the show is about! Boyboy is sleeping peacefully in the room.

Goes to show that the PC takes up my interest more than the TV. And when boyboy wakes up, hopefully I can lift the laptop off my lap immediately and attend to him!

I say 'immediately' ... coz ultimately he will scream blue-murder that if I don't get up and give him my undivided attention!

For now...I think I should at least turn off the TV!!!