Sunday, February 17, 2008

Final destination for the CNY

The final Chinese New Year destination was historical Malacca. My dad's family originated from there. So, at least once a year, we make our way down to renew relationships and have a meal together! soon as we reached there, dad and mum wanted to try this Curry laksa in Kota Laksamana. I have been there and tried it thanks to the last SG Retreat. So, I acted as tour guide!!! :)

Ordered the pongteh chicken, curry chicken, 4 bowls of curry laksa, 1 rojak and 4 bowls of cendol!

I was TERRIBLY hungry so as soon as the pongteh chicken arrived, I wolfed it down! was rather oily and rather salty for my taste!

Surprisingly I must say I enjoyed the rojak better (compared to the last time I had it). But I reckon it was coz I was still hungry (opppsss!!!).

Everyone else had a bowl of curry laksa. I didn't even try it coz (sorry!) I don't like curry laksa AT ALL !

Verdict from my dad and mum : Not good! They say they have had better !

Of course, we had the cendol as well. Nothing to shout about really! But then again, I am a Ice Kacang lover not a cendol lover!

At night hubby and I took some time off to head down to Jonker Street - objective to buy some Soya Noodles and Pineapple Tarts. The deco for CNY was really nice....rather scary along the streets around Jonker coz it was just lotsa red lanterns. It reminded me of prostitution streets actually! Have to try this Soya Mee and see how good/yummy it is!

BUT the highlight of my trip was THIS !!! (Thanks to PN for telling me about it!)

This is the broucher from the shop. It is called Nadeje and is located in Melaka Raya, Jalan PM4. The specialty there is Mille Crepe, a type of French pastry. 'Mille' ('mil') actually means a thousand implying that there are thousands of crepes in the cake!

We ordered 2 varieties, the Rum and Raisin (right side) and the original (left side).

Let me tell you....the texture of this cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD! If you actually dive your fork/spoon/knife (whatever) right through the entire depth of the cake and bite into it from top to bottom, your teeth actually cuts through layer by layer, and in your mind, there is a registration that you are bitting into layer 1, layer 2...etc.

Oh gosh....just thinking about it now! Admitedly however, the taste is not an explosion or anything that you really remember by. It is ONLY the texture that leaves you SURPRISED! I didn't know that it would be that GREAT! :)

This is a close up of the Rum and Raisin. I prefered this to the original (right) !

Around the corner from the Nadeje Shop, I was plesantly surprised to see this Graffiti on the wall!

I thought the government would have found it and painted it off!!! But there is talent here, I am so sure! And there is talent in htis little fella as well.....
He can 'complain' really loud now when we don't give him attention OR when he is tired OR when he just wants a little cuddle and pat from anyone!


Ponytail said...


I am gonna make a trip down to Melaka soon....else I will hunt down the one in PJ :)

simon said...

wah good trip ah? you went to the same curry mee shop as the last time?

btw we've tried the milicrepe b4. the current owner is not the original guy, the standard has not so good and its more expensive. the original guy has opened his own in JB...

Toddlerdaddy said...

I had peanut butter on a cruskit for dinner - made it myself. Not quite the same really, oh well hopefully next year will be a bit better.

I think I am going to have to get a bit more adventertous in my food choices I think.

Ann said...

PN - hehehe....hubby and I will also be hunting down the one in PJ to compare!

Simon - yeah, the same as the last time. I actually read about the guy who went to JB...

Toddlerdaddy - sometimes the BEST food are the SIMPLIEST!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

The last time I was down in Melacca.... Maybe 4 years ago before Micah came along!!

OK, I think we should make trip there soon...and will get some scrumptious infos and directions from you. :)

Ann said...

Kathie - no problem !!! maybe will go down with you too!!