Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Giving Chinese medicine

This topic is also written in length by my babysitter in her website :

You have to be a member to read it....though membership is free and allows you to browse many of her other topics as well.

But my take is....

So, I managed to catch my babysitter before she gave the Po Yin Tan to my son. This is how it was administered to him.

Dissolve the Po Yin Tan in a little warm water. Stir until dissolve.

NO surprise that boyboy opened his mouth when he saw the spoon. He really takes after his daddy - just LOVES to eat!

But I thought he would know better when the seond spoon came along....but I was soooo wrong (and gladly so)!

He kept on at it....spoonful after spoonful.

And this medicine is not flavoured. It tastes really bitter (typical Chinese herb taste).

After all is done. What do you think he must be thinking?

I reckon he must be wondering if he will be getting another bout of Nestle cereal after this.
Kids area always so hopeful, don't you think!

At any rate...this has got me thinking that we adults really have preconceived ideas about things and we assume /pass that on to our kids as well. I pray I will only pass down to him characters which build up and not tear down!

I am thinking.....what is that in us that will be hereditary and what can be taught?
Further thought and prayer required.....


JLow said...

Well done on your research (in the previous post)!

As for administering medication, good for you that you didn't need to spike it to make it taste better!

Caitlin has recently been down with a cold as well, and she has been gladly taking (western) medicine on its own from the spoon. This is largely due to making her understand that medication will make her better quickly, to be able to carry on her fave activities...

Now Daddee is the one requiring medication too!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Taking medication for each child is so different. My boys now have no problems taking them but my sister's girl would vomit out her dinner even if she has to take them. Her parents literally have to wrestle with her hand and foot to give her a dose.

My boys even like some of those chinese-meds, the powder kind. In fact, sometimes Micah would ask for the running-nose syrup (western) if he sees his brother taking that. So crazy. And his least favourite is the cough syrup.