Friday, February 1, 2008

Going wireless

Previously everytime there was nothing on Astro to watch, I would zoom to my computer to play games or surf or now .... check the Scrabulous status on Facebook!

But since boyboy was born and sleeping in the master bedroom, I have resisted turning on my PC. Are you kidding? I rather be bored than wake him up and go through the 'tedious-ness' of getting him back to sleep!

Before anyone begins to think that I am a bad parent, I got to say that this fella is one curious one! If he sees you doing anything brightly interesting, he will call and call out for you to get him involved. And he will struggle against all forms of the end having a bundle of grouchy nerves!

So...hubby one day mentioned "I think we should get a wireless router!" sis got a laptop...AND my company decided to get me a laptop as well!

So, every member in the family has a PC....except boyboy. But you bet he will 'trouble' at least one of us to give ours up so that he can have our undivided attention!

So the next course of action (of course) was to ACTUALLY get that wireless router!

It took a few days later to set up...since I kept 'making noise' to hubby not to disturb boyboy while he is sleeping!

But at last it is setup.

I am sitting with my laptop in the living room with the TV on writing this entry.

I have NO IDEA what the show is about! Boyboy is sleeping peacefully in the room.

Goes to show that the PC takes up my interest more than the TV. And when boyboy wakes up, hopefully I can lift the laptop off my lap immediately and attend to him!

I say 'immediately' ... coz ultimately he will scream blue-murder that if I don't get up and give him my undivided attention!

For now...I think I should at least turn off the TV!!!


Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Modern technology does make a lot of things more convenient and comfortable...but it's scary how we become so accustomed and dependent on them after that, like if you've worked on a faster machine you just can't bear the slower ones. And that's coming from a not-so-techie person/ apparently-techie housewife. Eeek!!

Ponytail said...

Mike and me also have the bad behaviour of letting the TV on and both of our face stuck at the screen of our laptops. Need to make a mental note to switch off the TV and save more energy...hehehe

Post a photo of your spanking new company laptop's desktop ler...hehehehe

Ann said...

kathie - yeah...i agree we become too dependent on technology!! For people who have dryers, they can't imagine life with just sunshine doing their drying!!

PN - oh yeah....soon soon!

JLow said...

Now that you are (still) "wired", I would like to share..

That I have found another use for iTunes, or generally, podcasts, specifically- You know what I mean.

In looking for audio clips that I can listen to during rush hour crawls, I came across Sesame Street's "Word on the street" short episodes, that you can download for toddlers to watch. As you can guess, these are roughly 10min episodes teaching a new word in each.

Caitlin's been glued to my screen since I started showing/playing them for her.

You may wanna check it out. At the moment I am only using iTunes for podcasts, but I am also researching other podcast clients that I can use behind the office firewall... ;P