Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mac-a-Roons about this from NST last week. And I was in a desert mood. So, gave my sister (a KL-ite worker) a HUGE hint for her to buy some for hubby and I to try the next time she went to Izzi for lunch !

The look of the store in Bukit Bintang is rahter cool actually.
Check out their website.
And they also ahve recently opened in Damansara Utama.

But anyway....looks aside...what we actually wanted to try were these Macaroons. It was described as a mix between nougat and meringue.

When sis was there, there were only 4 flavours - orange, strawberry, choc and green tea. She called me to ask which I would like (since we did only ask her to buy 2).

I decided upon green tea and choc. I reckon these were the 2 flavour which were the hardest to get by. How difficult can strawberry and orange get? You just need to make it sweet enough and smell and taste like the fruit!

While green tea needs to have the subtle taste of tea and yet not too bitter or overpowering. Chocolate must have the right sweetness as well and (for me) not excessively RICH! I bit into it.

The top layer goes in easy coz your mind is prepared for it. Then you reach the soft centre which is the filling and then *crunch*....there goes the bottom layer.

The texture of the macaroon is close to sticky especially the bottom layer. maybe coz after the soft smush of the filling in the middle, the tooth needed some getting used to the bottom part.

Got to say the choc and the orange (sis got 3 for us in the end) was rather normal. THe green tea however, was really nice. It was exactly as I described a green tea should be!

Verdict? I wouldn't buy this again for normal consumption. Will only buy it for asomeone else to try.

Why? If I wanted my sugar boost, i will go for some other desert like cake or even donuts. ALSO the macaroon is as 'big' perhaps as the end of an old fashion silver door knob!! Maybe 1 and a half times bigger than a 50 sen coin!!! And it costs RM 2.90 !!

But it is defintely worth ONE try!


Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Heard of macaroons,
now I've seen one.
Yet to
smell and
touch and

Ann said...

Kathie - it's worth at least ONE try! And I do think I am beginning to enjoy food more now! :)