Sunday, February 10, 2008

Routine Required kids really need their routine! I totally understand that now!

For the pass 4 days of CNY, my kid only ate half of what he would normally eat.

It started out on the 1st day itself when he wanted to take his morning nap and I had to cart him off to my inlaws place. By the time his mid morning feed came, he was too wired up to swallow anything! Then people came and people came and people came....and you bet this inquisitive fella will be looking all around with those big wide eyes. And adorable as he is, people will be kissing and hugging and carrying him!

I heard a 'matured' cough or two.....Oh Lord....that doesn't sound good at all!

He was rubbing his eyes (a SURE sign of tiredness) by 2 pm.

By evening....boyboy was SICK....again!

I mean how can you blame him? He did not eat, could not sleep and was surrounded by adult matured virus-es!

He kicked up a fuss in the car. There was a jam. We took about 3 hours and a little more getting to Ipoh. So that was about 3 hours of me having to calm a fussing baby in the backseat of the car!

Ultimately when everyone has finished playing with the baby, the grouchiness is left to the parents to handle!

In Ipoh, things didn't get better. Not because of the crowd now but because boyboy was too busy looking around and getting his kunkung to play with him. He literally looked at my dad and called for him to come talk to him!

So in between kungkung's playing, popo tried to get him to sleep. And (gladly), hubby and I took a few hours break to go out shopping and eating and visiting!

Ipoh ended all too soon. My parent's house now contain a whole set of medication to treaet boyboy as well !

Back to work on Monday morning. My baby sitter took one look at him and has recommended some chinese herbal medicine that is safe for infants to take to help clear the phlegm.

Let me see it this evening and I will blog more about it when I have done my research. She would be giving the right medicine considering she is so experienced. And it would be good info for my new mums too!

In the mean time.....have a great celebration for the rest of the remaining 10 days of CNY!


HI said...

Oh yeah, kids love routine. We never go out during the window of time when Olivia needs her nap or else...

When we go somewhere, we plan it so that it's between her snack and makan time.

I'm waiting for the post about herbal medicine for infant. But whatever your babysitter recommend, you should check with your pedi first.

My pedi doesn't recommend any cough or cold medicine for babies under 2.

Ann said...

HI - i think in Msia, we are more accepting to Chinese herbs. And you can bet ALL western medical doctors will say NO NO to herbs!

We'll see how it goes....

JLow said...

Routine is good; but for us these last few days it was "Controlled-eating required"!

As you know, Chinese new year means lots and lots of tidbits- I think you get the picture! It was a lot of "I want" and "No!" going around...

Oh yeah, my own sister is a pediatrician, and she is totally against chinese meds. She warned of a case where an infant's intestine became telescopic (collapsing into itself) after some chinese meds! But don't tell her that my mum inlaw still sometimes makes them for our kid(s)! But it's not all the time...

A gift from God said...

Routine is a must! Once the child get used to the the long run it's actually easier for the parents too.

We never go out during the time Reese needs his nap else it's havoc for him and us.

Whether it's CNY or anything celebration..if it's nap time or makan time.. I make sure everyone knows that and allow Reese to do just that even at times I do offend someone (tried explaining but some people just don't get it). :)