Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stuffy nose's best buddy!

I actually read about this the first time boyboy was ill. But didn't decide to buy it then coz he wasn't having too bad a nose block.

But this time round out of desperation and lack of sleep, I was up to trying ANYTHING!

Was surprised when I went to pick him up that my babysitter also told me she uses it.

Since we were not sure if we could purchase one by nightfall, my babysitter willingly lent me hers! (Thanks Cecilia so much!)

SOS-ef my sister in KL. She saw it earlier in Caring Pharmacy at a rather cheap price and told me about it the first time boyboy fell ill.

Used it in the night and I must say I have never been so happy to see mucus floating in water! It really worked wonders. Cleared up boyboy's nose in a jiffy! Although the stubborn goo at the back cannot be extracted yet. At least the one in the nose itself cleared up.

So...what is a stuffy nose's best buddy?? The NOSE CLEANER.
Incidentally the one that my babysitter lent me was by Pigeon. But this one that I bought was from Pureen. Yet another P to the list!

And of course if you do not have a towel to cool baby down, the next best thing is THIS !!

Prayerfully boyboy's temperature will not fluctuated back to scary 39.6 like yesterday!
Upon advise of babysitter, put one on his back last night before he fell sleep. Checked him in the middle of the night several times....seems the fever is under control.
But that could just be the work of the Panadol .
Sigh.....he is on Pabron and Klacid again!
Hope this time it clears up FOR GOOD !!!
Sick or not though...he still can smile and learn new tricks!
Will post one of his latest tricks up soon!


HI said...

Aaww...sorry that boyboy is sick. Hope he feels better soon.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

It's amazing what modern pharmaceuticals' conveniences we have these days.

When Micah was really small and had stuffed nose, my mum-in-law sucked it out with her mouth and then spat it out. Gross no doubt, but she said that's what you do. I actually tried (yucky for sure!!), but didn't know how to do it. So she helped for 2 nights and then he was ok.

Bobo Bear said...

Hope everything is fine with Boyboy.Baby Dhiren also often has stuffy nose. If you can't suck out the stubborn goo, try putting in a few drops of saline water into the nose wait for the goo to soften, then suck it out. Usually it works.

andrewjune said...

my doc gv me iliadin-decongestant nasal drops...
kinda sad to see our baby is down with flu...if my baby is sick, i will be on sick leave too (to take care of her)..

Anonymous said...

oh, you pasted the fever patch on boy boy's back, NOT head?

Ann said...

HI - thanks. I hope he feels better soon too!

Kathie - you know....this is NOT the first time I am hearing about this! It sounds gross but IF it works, I am all for it!

Bobo Bear - yeah, we also use the saline drops...but boyboy hates it!

Andrewjune - we use saline drops given to us by our pead. IF ONLY I CAN TAKE LEAVE TOO !!!

km - for night we have been advised to put on the back in case baby rubs it off while he sleeps! Coz my son sleeps on his tummy!