Sunday, February 3, 2008

What a weekend!

Every Monday morning, someone will definitely ask me "So, how was your weekend?"

These days I would have to think really hard coz...realy, I do not know what I did on Saturady or Sunday that was remotely worth remembering!

But this weekend was HECTIC and didn't end too well either!

It all started with me promising to be a babysitter for the first time! I love those kids but i also didn't really know if I could handle them and my son for the number-of-hours-it-takes-to-finish-a-wedding-dinner!

Cleaned the whole house early Saturday morning....just in case kiddie's mummy comes up to check (*wink*) or kiddie number 2 declares that the bathroom is too dirty to be used!

Ironed all the clothes which (sigh) was strewn around all over the guest room bed ! If I can't find any particular clothing in my cupboard, all I need to do is rumage through my second 'bed'-wardrobe!

The house in good order, I went out with hubby to get some kiddie food! Ice cream and some crackers!!! You never know how grouchy kids can get when they are hungry after all! And I don't want one fainting on me!

Got all the cartoon or children friendly DVDs out! Shucks....should have got kiddie's mummy to lend me her Astro card!

Ok...I was set....and also tired!

By 8.30, they had finished watching the first DVD and was beginning to feel restless !! Oppsss...reckon the dinner hadn't even started, you think ??!!! So, brought out a pack of cards and decided to play Fishing/Go Fish with them!! Reckon my age group people know this card game? It is a good game to teach your kid to count!

Ooohhh....not a very good move actually! Kiddie #2 can't really count yet! Kiddie #1 was getting bored waiting for Kiddie #2 to play her turn! Sigh....should have brought out the Monopoly instead!

Thank 10 plus....Kiddie's daddy and mummy are on their way! Whew.... :)

But...just in case Kiddie's mummy and daddy are reading this.....IT WASn't THAT BAD ! Had great fun actually !! They helped me rinse the cloth while I wiped boyboy down and later put him to bed!

The next day was pretty standard. As usual boyboy didn't get much sleep in church. But at the end of lunch, reckon he had enough and started to sleep in my arms! As usual by the time we got out of the car when we reached home, he got up!

AND....sigh....he slept again only 1 hour later when we HAD to go out again. On other days, we would have let him sleep....but my sister's bus didn't wait for no baby to wake up again!

He frowned when I picked him up again.....

Reached my inlaws place.....and now I can confirm that my nerves get ALL tangled up when ANYONE says anything to this effect " cannot sleep lah. Wake him up lah so that we can play/see/talk to him!"

If any adult says that...reckon I have to hold my tongue...but if anyne younger than me says that, I think I will not be able to hold my tongue any longer!

Why you may's a rather small matter no?

NO....I tell you again.....NO

Due to the lack of sleep on Sunday and the amount of attention he had, my Sunday night boyboy was so grouchy he was howling his head off!

NO amount of cooing or carrying or comforting could settle him. He was grouchy and fristrated and he needed to VENT !

Sigh....he yelled till his face turned red and stayed red even though he had stopped! He howled till his breathe came out in short spurts! He howled till he wet tissue after tissue. He howled will his nose started running again! He howled until I looked at daddy and wanted to cry too!

We didn't know what to do. We could not comfort him at all! We just had to let im have his 'say' about how 'abused' he must have felt!

Only then did he drink his milk (through all the half sobs) and at last lie in his bed!

No smile for me tonight...sob...sob...

So....don't ask me why I do what I do when I do it....especially when it comes to my kid! At the end of the day, it is the parents that have to suffer the tantrums they throw! And yes, we do tend to blame ourself for it!

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Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Aargh! Only a mum knows how annoying it is when they wake your sleeping baby, regardless of lack of sleep or not. When they are asleep, let them sleep. What's wrong with these people?!!

Babysitting: Before we had the boys, we once helped a CG member to get a break from her 2 brilliant girls, 5 and 2 then. Mike, me and a teenager took 2 young girls to Midvalley for 3 hours and we were exhausted. Both talked and asked questions incessantly and at the same time!!!