Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Accident Prone

I fell down the stairs yesterday as I was leaving the office. I really don't know how it happened. I remembered taking the steps pretty carefully (as normal) and I guess I just slipped. Landed on my hand and then my bum and then my back!

Then went down 3 more steps with each impact knocking on my hand and back!

So now I have a red swelt across my hand and my back. It is really really sore. Sensitive to bumps on the road. Can't bend for some time coz it pulls at the nerves in that areas. My whole hand feels sore as well. And I can't even lean back on the chair unless I put a pillow on the upper half of my back.

Thank God though there was no fracture or that I did not hurt my lumbra.

Ever since I was rather young, I have been particularly accident prone. I can be doing anything and no one else will get hurt except me. And they are all accidental...really they are! In fact there are certain days when I can 'feel' that some accident is going to happen. So I tend to be extra careful but somehow a small mishaps will happen anyway!

Thus I have been labelled "accident prone" by my mum. I think only those who stay with me will really know how prone to accidents I really am!

Sigh.....mummy now....how to be accident prone? Hope boyboy is not like me!

You know anyone else who is accident prone? Maybe we can start a club!


JLow said...

Have you had yourself checked properly? Things like xray, etc?

My ex lady boss once also slipped on the stairs and fractured her coccyx (tail bone). It was quite a nuisance during recovery, can't do a lot of the daily stuff, too.

Take care; hope that's all there is.

andrewjune said...

i hope it's not your heels being the culprit?
had a friend who fell down from the stairs, she was wearing her high heels and somehow one of the heel got into her lower part of pants, thus got imbalanced then fell down from the stairs...i thk she got a fracture...
so my dear Ann, pls be more careful next time!

Bobo Bear said...

Consider yourself lucky with no major injury.But, better get yourself check just for a peace of mind

Pat said...

Ouch! Hope you are recovering and get well soon.

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Take care and get some rest to recover. Got MC or not?

When Max was about 3 months old, i think, I slipped on the stair after church, and carrying him. Good thing I feel backwards , did some kind of a split, with one leg going down two steps more while the other stuck behind me. and ended in some strange yoga pose, hugging him real tight, and with the baby bag hanging off my shoulder. I was actually talking to a leaders' wife and she and another helped me - rescue Max first of course! That was like a pretty scary fall for us.

Mike was somewhere else with Micah and when he found out he almost freaked out. Understandable.

Ann said...

jlow - I didn't injure my tailbone fortunately. Only now I am stuck with a sore back. Hope it cures soon too coz it's marring my movements to a great deal! And no situps for me for too long a time!

Andrewjune - I think it WAS my heels....or more the sole of my shoes! The lines have more or less wore out!

Bobobear - yeah, thank God no major injury!

Pat - OUCH indeed ! Still OUCH now!

Kathie - your story sounds worse. I was 'glad' it happened when I was NOT holding boyboy or my laptop. That was the first thought that came to mind actually as I righted myself on the steps!