Monday, March 31, 2008

Almost ready....yiipppeee !!!

So, my new place is coming along nicely ! Prayerfully we will be able to get the key by end of this year. Than it will be renovation , renovation.....

So, this is the outside. For the bold and daring, the purple will make it a landmark in itself. The conservative will cringe at the colour!

Pic on the left : This is about the length of my dry kitchen. Made sure the picture's bottom border was at the edge of where the kitchen tiles started! Having some grand thoughts about the sink being at the window, cabinets on the left and thinking of a bar table to split the kitchen and the dining!

Pic on the right is the living room and the stairs (note the miniture store room under the stairs!).
The little part of the wall next to the stairs makes a cool corner for something! Hmm...

And above left is the wet kitchen!
Also tried to take the picture so that I can remember the number of tiles that make up the length of the place! I reckon it will fit a L shape cement top! But it does look like the washing machine has been predestined to be there!

Now...wonder how I am going to squeeze the cooking and the washing machine here! Unless I get a front door washing machine.

But the cooker will have to be where the windows are. Else reckon my kids will never get fried food from mummy's kitchen!

And at the other end of the wet kitchen is the downstairs bathroom (pic above right). Originally was thinking of putting my washing machine in here! But doesn't look like there will be space!

Why do I keep thinking of my washing machine!

This is the downstairs bedroom.

While I was pregnant, I was thinking that this room will belong to my son if I get a daughter the next time round! But now when I think about it....I don't think I want Christopher to be 'banished' downstairs! Wonder what I can do about this! The downstairs room is quite large actually!


The landing and the 2nd room! Originally (master planner me) I wanted to make a wall high bookcase on the wall facing the staircase....but didn't expect the floor space to be so tiny! They shouldn't have called it s 'family room' !!! Don't think any of the family wants to gather there!!!

The 2nd bedroom is also very long actually. I am taking the picture from the entrance of the room! But it does seem rather dark at the entrance of the room!

If I have 2 boys, there will both share this room until one of them makes some 'noise'!

So, fellow you know any good and not so expensive contractors?
What is your experience in furniture shopping?
What about kitchen cabinets and kitchen tabletops?

And especially.....where do you think I should put that damn washing machine?


U.Lee said...

Hello Ann, wow! Congratulations on your new home. Beautiful home.
I really love the design too. And the purple colour, sure very striking, but nice. Very nice....better than all white.
Regret cannot give any suggestions as no experience, ask me about loops, I can tell you, *wink*, ha ha.
You sure made me laugh re your 'loops', ha ha.
Hope they not too big, huh?
So? When you guys moving in? Will it have central airconditioning? Would love to see the rear of your house as I have lost touch with new Malaysian homes.
Make sure you have good 'deadbolt' locks on your front and rear doors.
Anyway, love your new home, Ann. May you all fing great happiness and good fortune in it.
Best regards, Lee.

Julie said...

Haha...I'm actually counting how many kids you plan to have.

By the way, nice house you have there.

Moomykin said...

So exciting to see a new house.
Then so stress doing all the renovations! We've sure had our share of that..stress, stress, stress.

A thought for your washing machine and maybe a little into the renovation:
My mum-in-law started this in her old place and we kept the idea here too - Have your laundry area UPSTAIRS. After all, all your cupboards and wardrobes are upstairs.
Also then you'll have more space for play in the garden.

We have a balcony with grills (safety for the kids) that can open up and can hang the laundry on lines just beyond the walls. Pretty good. Also have lines inside of the balcony so that we can put the wet clothes in should it start to raining.

But I don't quite know where your back yard is might not work. (At the old place, MIL actually had a balcony in front and that was her laundry area.)

p/s- Can still have the bookshelves. I think it's a great idea, even if it's just enough space for standing and browsing. Maybe can throw a few cushion around and read on the floor?

Ann said...

Uncle Lee - no aircon except in the rooms! Though hubby is trying to convince me to have one in the living room too!

I reckon he is SPOILT coz my inlaws place is fully aircon-ed while my parents have never really subscribed to such luxury!

So much so whenever I am there, I have to put on a cardigan! :)

Julie - only going to have TWO! And though I really want a daughter, I still have to make allowances for another boy!

Mommykin - GREAT IDEA about putting the washing machine upstairs....maybe in the kids room! hahaha....have master plans for my going-to-be-hotel-like bathroom !! Sigh....

andrewjune said...

well...if you're in pg, i could have it planned for you...*hint hint*
you could hv the ground floor bedroom as your guest room :-)
if you like built-in furniture, opt for a contractor or carpenter (but you've got to hv the drawings planned up first!)
or if you prefer loose furniture, i thk IKEA is quite good!
well, happl planning for your beautiful home, Ann! and congratulations for the new home!

HI said...

Washing the wet kitchen.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! Nice new home you are getting...and a BIG one too.

I can almost felt your excitement just by reading your blog!!

May all your days and nights be filled with love and happiness in this new space of you and your family.

Ann said...

Andrewjune - hmmm....from the looks of your blog and your 2 new homes, I reckon you are a PRO at this!!! Maybe you can give me some colour and deco tips! Planning to paint the walls warm brown hues or light pastel colours where appropriate!

HI - ya, that is the conventaionl place to put the washing machine. Maybe I can squeeze it in somehow!

KN - I think it is BOG for Spore std! But Msia std, it is rahter small! it's a town house actually! And thanks for your well wishes!

mumsgather said...

Oh, how exciting! So wonderful to dream and imagine and plan and then..... stress stress stress when dealing with the contractors. We didn't have it so exciting because we got an old house and not starting anew like you. Even then we quarrelled and fought like mad when renovating. Hahaha.

Ann said... is sometimes the little things that can cause a squabble! I think hubby has some ideas looks like he will take a few rooms and I will take a few rooms to decorate! haha...

andrewjune said...

i thk brown hues on certain walls is good...the rest walls can be in light pastels colours.
stick to at least 3 colours so the hse wont look so rojak!

Ponytail said...

Hmm...a little late here but if u ask me, I think purple is gorgeous la!

Washing machine ar...put near the wash room is good so that if there are clothes need hand wash, you can quickly tossed into the washing machine for spinning, don't have to carry and water dripping all the way...haha

So exciting yea!

Ponytail said...

Hmm...a little late here but if u ask me, I think purple is gorgeous la!

Washing machine ar...put near the wash room is good so that if there are clothes need hand wash, you can quickly tossed into the washing machine for spinning, don't have to carry and water dripping all the way...haha

So exciting yea!