Monday, March 3, 2008

Baby Pimples Not!

Now, I have been to my share of one year old birthdays, dinners out and dinners in. I also have been around during snack times and desert times.

And now wherever I am, my son is with me too.

So what is my point?

During those times mentioned above, there will always be someone with oily hands or sweet laden hands or oily mouth or sweet laden mouth....and somehow someone of such stature will be bending dow to kiss my son on the cheek! Or smearing their oily/sweet hands on my kid's 'so-adorable-can't-wait-to-pinch-you' face!

And I will exclaim (not shout!) if I see them (to heck with their feelings now!) "Can you PLEASE wash your mouth/hands BEFORE touching the baby!"

And if they don't back away, I will bore them some more with "if he gets a pimple, it is all your fault". Usually this gets them far far away. But thankfully I have never needed to use this second threat very often!

But despite all the times it has son has survived without a zit so far!

Sigh....I think I should not be saying this. So far everytime I say something good about him, he does the opposite or the opposite happens!

Maybe it is my furious wiping him down after we come back from an 'event' that has helped somehow. But babies get zits? Or are they really ALL hormon related, aggraveted only by dirt?


JLow said...

I gotta admit to being on both sides of the fence.

When Caitlin was a youngin', we'd be very very wary of similar things, like when people touch or pinch her cheek, stoke her / her hair, etc. I'd be giving them the death stare.

Since Caitlin became a toddler, and since she likes humans of similar or smaller sizes, she'd be going up to these strollers and do the same as above, only with unrelenting strength and vigor...

But I think MY death stare is still more powerful than these young parents'..

Anonymous said...

NO way you can stop these "OH YOU SO CUTE" then followed by a *PINCH PINCH PINCH* when your little 2 years old Dot followed you to a party!

Little Dot got this all the time, everytime he's back from a party or gathering....sure got such breakout. but i am fine with it lah, cos it might be also due to the many junk food and oily stuff he eats during the party..and those whom pinch him, actually did it out of love...

andrewjune said...

when my lil princess was few weeks old, my hubby kept kissing her on her face the first thing he came back from work...and thus, it causes some red dots on her face few days later...since then, i kinda "ban" anyone who try to kiss her on her face or even touch her my doc told me, if anyone need to show her/his love, pls kiss her on the head, hands or legs...but pls avoid the face area!

HI said...

Haha...I think washing hands before touching the baby is more of preventing spreading any germs to the baby than preventing pimples.

Come to think of it, Olivia never had a breakout. Hhhmmm... interesting.

Ann said...

Jlow - ooooohhhhh, bless the person that pinches your Caleb! :)

km - I think when they reach 2, I have to let go! And most probably will.

andrewjune - yeah, actually it's more to avoid the germs that adults pick up. But along the way I also start to be picky on their oily and sweet fingers! I think coz I have the habit of washing my hands and mouth everytime after I eat!

HI - Thank God. Hope it least until the hormons start raging!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

You sound like my sis instructing Micah regarding her baby boy. Lol.

I can't remember thinking or saying this to anyone before...maybe I've not been to that many baby parties etc. when Micah was younger...and Max ..err ..can't remember being like that...(maybe memory failure due to pregnancy ;) )

But with the next one, the boys would probably get more of that, considering how much they love to roll and play with dogs in the car porch, plus hunt earthworms and scoop sand with their hands...

Ann said...

kathie - I was surrounded by over excited young adults many times. And you know how 'careless' young adults are! Especially if they are at my inlaws house which is ever so abundant with gooey food and sweet deserts!