Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Bringing up kids in a Community

In the olden days, kids within the same village or community were brought up together as a 'pack'. THose who had to go off to work went off to work. Those who had business to do went about their business and the kids were left in the village with everyone else looking after and for them!

I reckon this concept still applies in several areas of Malaysia especially in the long houses of Sarawak and Sabah.

However, to a certain extent I think the kids of my church (my home based church, essentially) also grow up this way....especially when we are together in the same house.

(Un)fortunately we don't live in the same house ALL the time!

Whenever we have a gathering in any one person's house, there will always be an area for the kids play (or for me to deposit my kid). It would generally be a safe area in teh middle of the room.

Then those that need to eat will go and eat. Those that need to pee/poo will go and pee/poo. Those that want to take a break will go and take a break. All the way confident that if your kid cries, there will be someone to pick him/her up. And if he/she stumbles, there will be someone to pick him/her up.

Actually we only need wy (who is feeling 'not sick' though)to be around!

And bringing up kids community wise also extends to the fact that
- clothes are passed around and
- developmental toys are also passed around and
- unfinished food that one kid has grown tired off is passed around
etc. etc.

And you know what....I am so far at the end of the line. So, I feel it typically more since I am the beneficiary of many good things!

Many thanks to PN, Florence, wy, Shang for all the little blessings.

Time for me to pass it along soon....

From the community, to the community...and further!


Julie said...

You are right. We are so blessed. I don’t have the friends like you do but I certainly have 5 sisters to pass things around. The “downside” to it is that I don’t have the opportunity (or you can say not allowed) to buy new gadgets for Jonathan. I can’t stop my itchy hand so at last I bought a cute cot bumper from Aussino…at least something new for my baby’s arrival. :)

More to that, I have whole lots of toys but are so tempted with the new toys out there. I’m beginning to have the I-don’t-care-and-just-grab-it attitude. :P

On the other hand, I really saved a lot of money from buying stroller, baby cot, car seat and sterilizer which are quite expensive.

Anonymous said...

this is why i enjoyed the many gatherings i had with my friends whom are mummies too.

while we sit around and gossip and catch up on each other....the kids will gather at one corner and play with each other!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

My sister and I pass a lot of stuff between ourselves, especially clothes. We also share diapers and strollers when we visit each other.

I think we city folks need this community all the more. Despite density of population, a lot of people are lonely and in need.

God's masterplan for humans in community is best. :)

andrewjune said...

you are blessed cos your sister is staying close to for me and my sis, i'm at north and she's at south, however both of us ALWAYS buy stuffs for each other kid :-)
nowadays, we only go out with our friends who already have kid(s) cos we sometimes will take care of each other kids should any of us need an extra hand :-)

A gift from God said...

Nothing satisfies me more then sharing with others. What more is for little cute boy boy!

I must say... I am also lucky to have a church that is very community based! It's wonderful when you a community of friends who are in the same 'league' so to speak... anything... you can run to each other for help...

Ann said...

Julie - yeah, its the BIG stuff that we want to save on especially. The small stuff like clothes and toys we still buy even though we are already given alot!

KM - the mummies gatherings as well. TIme to catch up on what's new in town also. And what new recipie to make etc. etc.

Kathie - you are right. if as parents we don't maintain the community, imagine how lonely our kids will be as well.

Andrewjune - I thank God for my sister. And also all the other friends who have experience with handling kids!

FLorence - thanks for your many stuff for boyboy. We are indeed blessed to have you as a friend and neighbour!