Sunday, March 2, 2008

Heads up March!

March is certainly looking up!

All thanks to this GREAT news I read from my dearest firend's blog!

I have to mention a bit about this dear friend of mine....

I got to know her husband first from my previous company. I guess it was one of those 'arranged' meetings set together by a Higher Power. Then somehow I got to know his email addresss and added him on MSN.

I reckon must be years pass before I chatted on MSN one day and asked him why he had not updated his photo blog for some time now. his effort to redirect me (hehehe...) he sent me off to his wife's site!

And ohhh...the inspirations I have gotten from her site. And the stories she tells and the way she was all so engaging!

Partly I am also a personal person. I feel engaged when a person shares their life with me - fears, happiness, sorrows, frustrataions, love. And that is what Kathie has done with me.

We started off only with a comment or two. Then it was an exchange of emails. Then it was my confinement and I received a phone call from her!

God's provident arrangement...

I feel really blessed to have a friend like her even though I have only seen her photo.
I feel that if I have any troubles I can bury my head in my shoulder and cry and wail away.

She is like a mum and a friend all rolled up into one.

WIth this great news, I pray for all good health and all happiness to be upon her.
She certainly deserves it very very much!

Congratulations Kathie.....and thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

Have a great March AHEAD!
and thanks for dropping by my humble blog and leaving me such lovely messages!

andrewjune said...

isn't it GREAT to get to know someone and then slowly the friendship gets stronger from there? well honestly, a true friend is hard to do treasure your friendship with Ms Kathie.

hv a great march ahead too!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Wow! *sob* I'm so touched...
I'm speechless...

Thanks. It has been a wonderful friendship. Guess technology is amazing in how it can bring strangers together. :)

Have a wonderful month ahead.

May boyboy be in the pink of health for many sunny days ahead.

andrewjune said...

btw, you've another award...:-)
: Blogging Friends Forever Gold Card Award

Ann said...

km - will be coming often and more often!

andrewjune - nothing is as important as good friends.

kathie - yeah! thumbs up to technology!