Thursday, March 27, 2008

A heart attack!

This is no a story of me as a mum having one due to boyboy's multiple escapades recently. This is genuinely about a heart attack.

I have not been blogging for some days now really because I have been feeling tired mentally, spiritually and physically.

The whole fiasco started on monday evening. As soon as I had parked my car after work, I recieved a call from hubby that his father was in hospital and that he was rushing over now. What had happened?? We were clueless then. So, I rushed to change out of my office clothes, put the fish into the porridge and into the magic cooker and waited for hubby to pick me up.

In the car on the way to the hospital he was making calls to his brother who was already there and I was making calls to cancel all our appointments for this evening and to the babysitter that we may be rather late.

We found out in the car then that my father in law had a minor heart attack and was now in hospital doing some tests.

After a few tests, the doctor declared he has to be admitted, given some pills and prepped for angiogram tommorrow morning to see the severity of the blockage. At this point, we were told 99% chance one of the arteries was blocked.

So at night, we were busy calling our bosses and letting them know about the emergency leave we were taking the next day. Hubby and I only managed to take the second half of the day off due to work work work!!!

At 11.30 on Tuesday, we took off from work and made our way to the hospital. On the way, we munched down some bread I had bought in case we could not manage lunch! He was already in the room doing the test when we arrrived.

Result of the angiogram - 1 artery 90% blocked, the other 2 20%. Thank God the 90% blocked artery was not the aorta! The doctor was supposed to do an angioplasty but it could not be done on the spot. My father in law's blood was far too thick and doing the angioplasty now could cause the clot to be dislocated to a smaller artery and cause a 100% blockage in that!

So, since then till Saturday, he would have to be in the hospital for medication (to thin his blood and reduce the size of the clot) and observation. Today is Friday.

Things have not been easy also since my mother inlaw was still in Canada visiting her ailing sister. The difference a mother and wife makes to a family is indeed tremendous. I reckon my father inlaw would have been much more comforted with his wife beside him. So, as the eldest daughter in law, I tried my best to give him all the comfort and womanly touch required by a patient!

Thank God my father in law's sister came after that to help! Nothing like letting someone older, his sister and an ex-nurse take over the mothering!!

My mother in law is due home today as well. That is good news too for my father inlaw.

And in the due course of this attack, I come to know what I have always been wondering. Do my inlaws have insurance coverage?

Glad to say that yes they do...thought it is more a medical card that has no life time limit. As long as the premium is paid annually, you are covered. However....the coverage is very minimal. RM60 for the room and Rm10,000 annual coverage.

The angioplasty we were told would cost like RM10,000 for one, RM 18,000 for two and RM25,000 for three. Prayerfully, the total cost will not be that high. All the years of paying premiums is nothing compared to the ease you feel to know that you are covered when something strickes!

Now, talking about insurance, do you know that there is a lifetime coverage? Previously if we have a sum assured of RM20,000 the lifetime coverage would be about 3 times! That means once you have claimed more than RM 60,000 the insurance ceases to cover you anymore! However, Allianz recently told us that this has been increased to 10 times. I am not sure if the insurance you have bought has been upgraded. And if not, it really is time to think about it.

As we get older, we really don't want to burden our kids. And illnesses are such a come and go thing now. Make the insurance commitment before anything happens. And as all commitment goes, make it a good one!

Pray, exercise, eat well, sleep well and think positively. That is the only prevention.


HI said...

So sorry to hear of your FIL heart attack. Does he have to have bypass surgery?

andrewjune said...

very sorry to hear about your FIL...i know how it feels running up and down from work, juggling between taking care of both the kid(s) and the sick person (been there done that!).
i sincerely hope he is getting better by now!
of course insurance coverage is great, thank God we are fully covered too :-)
i just told my sisters this morning that health is more important than money...what is the use of millions of money but poor in health...
so i exercise, be happy & stay positive - that's my motto for life nowadays!

A gift from God said...

I hope he is much better now and no worries really, one blockage is not so big a deal and the fact that he doesn't need to do a bypass surgery is good news. My dad had a bypass and he had six blockages.. he survived! That was more than 15 years ago. Keep praying...

JLow said...

Hope he feels better now that MIL is on the way / here already.

Julie said...

You have done what a daughter-in-law should do - give him all the comfort and womanly touch required by a patient.

Trust in Him and I believe your FIL will recover soon.

Our Jouneys.... said...

So sorry to hear abt your FIL heart attack. Hope he's much better now. When one of our old folks get sick it can get wearisome...but well it's worthwhile to take care of them...

But i agree with well, sleep well, exercise, stay need a lot of those...

Moomykin said...

It is always very scary and worrying when a loved one is hospitalised. We will remember your FIL in our prayers.

You take care of yourself too.

Ann said...

Dear all, thanks for your kind comments and prayers. He is on medication now for 2 weeks and then back to the hospital to see what can be done about the blocked artery!

My MIL is back and not in the best of conditions too! Reckon that is understandable considering her sister is going soon as well.

Illnesses is stressful on the soul.