Monday, March 31, 2008

Latest buys!

What are my latest buys for boyboy? Nope...not clothes or toys, sad to say!

Daktacort was given by Chrisopher's pead coz (sigh) he has some fungal reaction on his groin!

In the interest of privacy, no pictures of the infected area. but it looks like red dots. And in some other areas, it is a red patch.

Trouble is it can spread (only within the baby and not to others!) so after washing the infected area and applying the ointment, I cannot carry him. This makes this a 2 person operation!

And the cloth that I use to wipe his bum cannot be reused again!

Susceptible to spreading only in areas that are moist and damp - so the mouth is the next best place!

It usually starts from the top down....but as always, my son decided he wants to do things differently and the reaction has started from his bum! NO WAY it will be spreading anywhere up!

The next thing I got for him from Herbs and Food in Subang SS15 was "Moz Away".

This purchasae is in prepartion for my coming Sat outdoor trip, my up and coming PD trip in May and my promised few months later picnic in FRIM with Florence and family and etc.!

Death to all insects that come an inch from my son!

Cost me RM 10+ and I saw it just as I was paying for my herbs. Didn't bring my wallet, so rushed to hubby waiting outside in the car and requested for another RM10. Then lined up again to pay!

On the lighter side....stuff boyboy has eaten to date and LOVED it!

Apple, pear, sweet potato AND fish! Thanks to my mummy who bought some fresh, good fish all the way from Ipoh for her grandson to eat!

Note to self : Must not be lazy...go to market!


Moomykin said...

Rm10 for the mosquito repellent is a good buy. The one we got from caring pharmacy, some herbal baby-safe moz-repellent was rm29.90. Now stashed another baby bag.

Yes, fish is always good! :)

And Grandma's always know where to get the best fish and best deals.
Ask MY mom!! hahaha...

Ann said...

Mommykin - I agree...that is why when I saw it, I straightaway requested for an extra RM10! I love Herbs and Food now. Boyboy's milk powder there is also not that expensive!

andrewjune said...

mosquito repellent is safe for babies?
oopss...hope by now the rashes are getting better liao...!
wah, your mum brought fresh fish for lil chris all the way from Ipoh? reminds me of my own mother too! i salute to all mothers in the world !

Ann said...

Andrewjune - yeah..this one is alright for babies! The rashes are less red I think! Sigh...hope it will go away FAST! from Ipoh is fresher and cheaper! Here....have to wait till I go market on Saunday and hopefully the fishmonger doesn't cheat me!

Bobo Bear said...

My little Boy also used Daktacort before. Dr prescribed it for fungal on his neck, quite effective but use it sparingly, it contain strong steroid and also remember to refrigerate it according to the product insert.

Wah your little Boy already eating fish, I wanted to start my Boy on fish too but don't know what fish to start with. Any suggestion?

A gift from God said...

Ah..can't wait for the picnic..Don't worry about the fungal will go away..

If you want...I can get you the fish when I go marketing every weekend.

I go to TTDI market. Just let me know.

Ann said...

Bobobbear - go to Tmn Tun market and get some kurau! it is one of the most expensive middle range fish that is the best for kids!

Florence - hehe...what will i do without you!

Andrea said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) That Moz away stuff sounds interesting! I'll have to check it out...

Ann said...

Andrea - your blog is an interesting one! Yeah, check it ou...but maybe there are more varieties where you stay!