Monday, March 10, 2008

Much weaker

I am not sure what is the cause of this or whether it is just me....but it does seem that I am much weaker now since giving birth. My immune system seems to be failing me.

I used to hold a record of not falling ill within a year. And when everyone around me was having bouts of flu and coughs and fevers, I still managed to actively come to work and play!

I also used to be able to do with 4-5 hours of sleep and yet not fall ill.
I used to be able to eat all kinds of nonsense and still have endless energy.

Now...I am counting the days that I am well, instead of sick.
And my meals have to be on time and all rounded to maintain the same boost of energy.

Sometimes I feel lethargic and listless...

Wonder if this will last? What is the cause of this - hormons or just me?

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?


HI said...

Oh, you feel that too?? I'm the same. I hardly get sick before giving birth.

Now if I get sick, it's so hard for me to recover and sometimes, a normal cold turns into an infection.

I thought it was just me. Perhaps our body's biology changed after birth.

andrewjune said...

that's why they said during confinement we must REALLY take good care of ourselves so we wont fall sick easily....
our body go through a lot during preganancy and delivery, so we must really take care of ourselves now even more!

U.Lee said...

Hello Ann, regret to read you feeling under the weather. Have you gone for a complete medical check-up? The whole works I mean? If not, please do. No harm checking out.
Ann, if you are not, try drinking Chinese Green Tea. Few cups a day will refresh you.
As well, you mentioned 'energy'...Ann, check out 'Bee Pollen' on your pc....lots of people taking this, from Hollywood actresses to me and my wife.
It gives you energy, slows down aging and keeps you well as well many other good body effects.
My wife is 62, she's been taking this 'bee pollen' tablets, one a day, past 30 years, me too.
And she hardly has any wrinkles, gets mistaken for a 50 year old, even 45, and believe it or not, she has maintained her figure all these years...she can still get into the sarong kebaya she wore on our first date. More than 3 decades ago!(She brought it here) And best of all, ahemm, she still looks like the gorgeous girl I first met lonnnnng ago, ha ha.
girl I met.
Go have a check up, Ann.
You are so young, shouldn't feel below the weather.
Take care, and have a nice day, UL.

Ann said...

HI - oh...'glad' to know I am not in the same boat! Hope we can help each other regain our health! Do you have tong kuai there? Have decided to be a bit hardworking and double boil that for m yself every month!

Andrewjune - yeah...heard if you don't take care can fall into depression as well! It's no laughing matter this confinement thing!

Uncle Lee - actually I am into E-excel and have stopped since being pregnant. But I have also heard that bee pollen is really good too. Maybe will give it a try!

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

I think it's age. Hahaha... Reality bites!

I'm not rally the pill-popping kind, so can't quite help you there... But I do drink lots of water and try to take as much greens as I can.

But I also feel that if we succumb to lethargy, we will always feel worn out. If I feel like that, what I need is to get some good work out, i.e. a good walk or swim, then I feel I can do all the running about and actively participate in my kids' play and pretend play.

Ann said...

Kathie - age you think? Sigh....think I better start boiling some soup and herbal drink to nourish my system soon!