Sunday, March 9, 2008

Photos, Food and Friendship

There were several incidents that have happened over the pass few days which I had takes shots of. However, only now have I remembered to bring both my cable and camera to office to upload them into my computer.

I simple have so many other things to do at home!

So, here are some photos and some narrations of what has been 'up-and-about' this pass few days!

First and foremost must of course be about boyboy. This bumbo seat is a product of community living that I had written about earlier.

Boyboy started exploring it the first few times we put him in. But now after about 15 minutes, he arches his body to try to get out of the seat...and if we don't take him out, he will call and call until we do.

Unless of course we manage to distract him while he sits there....or let him watch some kids movie.

One time in his effort to get out, he leaned forward so much that the whole seat tumbled and he managed to come out. Only he cannot crawl yet and therefore got stuck under the seat!

Of course I was a spectator to this and quickly rescued him afterwhich. I just wanted to see how adamant he can be at getting his way! boy certainly has a mind of his own.

Concerning food and friendship, a friend of mine would be leaving for New York soon. So, we took her out to Ma Ma's Kitchen.

I wanted to surf for some reviews on this place, but surprisingly there weren't many people who had eaten there and written about it!

As I looked around that afternoon, I think I realised why. Most of the patrons were families and some older folks. I guess they have other better things to do than to take photos of food and post them on the net!

But here is what we ate anyway!

Omelette with cincaluk - very thin, alright as far as egg goes!

Rendang Beef - really good, quite spicy!

Kai Lan - ordered at the request of my US colleague.

Gulai Asam Ikan - it's like Assam Fish and the gravy was spicy and sour enough.

However, my favourite (that deserved a photo of its own) was the Inche Kabin.

This is actually a typical Penang dish. The best I have tasted so far was in Penang YMCA restaurant.

Its actually chicken marinated in Lea Perrins and then fried.

Then, on Sunday, we decided to try Marco's Pizza. My mum was down from Ipoh and she also wanted to eat Pizza since she would not be able to eat good pizza in Ipoh (she specifically told us NO PIZZA HUT PLEASE! )

So, after church we went there to take away 1 large pizza...

And with 1 large pizza, they give us 1 regular pizza
( on promotion) !

Large pizza - Marco's Supreme
The pepperoni on the pizza was really delicious. And there was quite alot of chicken ham in the middle. However, the pizza is quite cheesy (which hubby's stomach could not stand! Poor him!)
The crust on the pizza was also really good, very crispy and not exploding with cheese and pineapples or any of those un-necessary stuff!

See the gooey cheese!

Regular pizza - Tsunami

There were 5 prawns on this pizza which was quite pale. It looked like those frozen inported prawns and it tasted quite good. It also had beef bacon which we picked and ate!

Result - I quite like these pizzas. The atmosphere in Marco's is also really nice and very comfortable for family meals (with kids)!

However, I think we will not be having it anytime soon....considering hubby's upset tummy the whole afternoon after which! Maybe it wasn't the pizza, dear.....sigh.....


HI said...

Boy boy is so cute!!

Pizza with prawns on it...interesting. I wonder how that would taste. :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah, boy boy is so adorable!!

and thank you Ann, for always dropping by my blog and leaving me very encouraging messages.

andrewjune said...

i can see boy boy loves his bumbo too (except he wants to get out from there after a while!)

anyway, what a weekend of great food outing! i haven't eaten pizza since i deliver my girl girl LOL

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Ai-yo, your boy boyboy looks like such a cutie I just want to pick him up.

mmm... gulai assam fish sound good...

I have had Marco's a few times and their pizza and pasta are pretty good, Tried their rosemary roasted chicken once and it was too dry. tasted like it had been roasted a few times over. Just stick to pizza and pasta and no complaints.

A gift from God said...

Wah... looks like boy boy is having fun with bumbo...hehee... and if he can sit in there for 15 minutes..that's fantastic!! Reese only sit for maybe 10 mins top...

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, looking at your cute boy in that seat reminds me of those rattan stool cum children's seat wayyyy back in the 50's where mothers or maids would put the baby in and feed them. Those were the days no plastic yet.
Holy Smoke! I saw your dishes here, sure making me think of Penang.
I love assam ikan...especially with pineapple or blimbing thrown in.
And Incik Kabin? I can't even remember when I last ate that. Love it.
And omlette chincharloke?
Only 2 months ago my wife wanted to make that, and buying a bottle of chin char loke at a Chinese supermarket, when she opened the bottled at home, the whole thing popped or rather exploded out all over her kitchen!!!
My wife is not one for swearing, never hear anything strong, but that day, even a sailor would blush! Ha ha...And she sure said some not nice words to the people and their ancestors who bottled that chin char loke.
And there we were, two of us, she on her hands and knees wiping the floor, oven, table and chairs with Vim and Dettol and whatever, and me climbing up on a stool to wipe the walls....Holy Smoke! Our kitchen sure smelled for days!
And my dying to eat chin char loke omlette? I dare not even mentioned the word or dish. Ha ha.
Have a nice day, Ann, UL.

Ann said...

HI - actually the taste of the prawns was masked by all the other condiments on the pizza.

KM - yours is a nice blog to read. The comments therefore come easy! :)

Andrewjune - yeah, he does love it in the initial stages. now I think he knows our trick of why we put him there! (so that we can do some stuff without much worry)! And yeah, order Pizza this Sunday!

Kathie - haha..maybe can convince hubby to try Marco's again! And when we meet, you can certainly pick him up!

Florence - boyboy can sit for quite some time IF we distract him!

Uncle Lee - hehehe.... opppss....'curse' those cincalok bottlers! But imagine...the fermentation was going on even in the bottle! Does that make it taste better you think?

andrewjune said...

errr, no pizza for me...yet...until i get back to my original weigh LOL