Sunday, March 16, 2008

Things as per normal

Normal is usually good. And I should think that normal is actually good. But sigh, I reckon at this stage normal is NOT GOOD ! Not when you are healthy and thriving.....and bored and tired!

So, Matta fair came and went. And nope, I am not committed to going anywhere!

Next weekend will be the usual stay at home.
Catch in a few hours of grocery shopping on Saturday.
Church and in laws on Sunday...
and then Monday again!

I reckon this is the Monday, let me write about something else!

I wanted to write about this originally but my thoughts ran away with me (again) and I ended up writing about Finding the Mr/Mrs. Right!

When was it in your dating days that you two decided to get married?

For me and hubby, we decided to get married BECAUSE we wanted to travel and my parents simply would not allow me to go for holidays (overseas) and stay in the same room IF we were not married.

Everyone I tell would roll their eyes, shake their head or look at me with astonished eyes!

"You got married just so that you could travel?"

Afraid so. After all if you feel you want to travel with someone, that must mean something right? We had gone on short local holidays before but this time round (all due to Air Asia's crazy deals), we wanted to go somewhere further longer.

So, hubby being my perfect travel companion (since as I said, he lets me plan and goes along with anything), we decided let's get married then....then we can go to Chaing mai, Kota Kinabalu, Bali, Australia, China, Hong, let's do it!

So, that was my proposal...."Marry me and we can travel the world!"

So, that happened on 30th Sept 2006.

And to date....

Travel - none.
Baby - one.

And this year....

Tavel - none.
Baby - one....planning #2.

Now you know why I say normal is NOT right?


A gift from God said...

You are not the only one with a fixed routine...boring huh? :)

I was also eyeing matta fair...and didn't get anything! Hahaha....

Life is funny sometimes...cruel too you's always teasing you and then gives you an anti climax....

Bobo Bear said...

ha ha....let your Hubby know that both of you should go for a 2nd honeymoon for Baby no.2

Kathie "Moomykin" Yeoh said...

Hmmm... it's interesting, isn't it, how things don't always "end" up the way we planned. But it's kinda funny how you put it, "travel none, baby #1."

So, any regrets getting married as such?

HI said...

Wow...what a reason to get married!!

I agree with bobo bear, go for a holiday before baby #2. :-)

simon said...

how din count our awesome SG holiday to melaka?!

Ann said...

Florence - yeah, I know! hehehe...must start getting used t Reese than maybe BOTH our lifes will not be boring!

bobo bear - between hubby's new job's bz schedule, his studies and my parent's availability to babysit, I am trying to work something out! Fingers cross...

Kathie - No regrets. There are moments when I do feel I am the luckiest girl alive! :)

HI - yeah, what a reason! But we will travel...when production closes down! :)

Simon - we got married so that we can go overseas!!! But honestly, Melaka was the first time I realised that I had soooo many other great travel buddies as well! Glad everyone else is married as well! :)

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, this is the 1st time I read, hear of getting married so can travel, ha ha.
But if it works, and in your case it works, why not.
Good for you and glad to read you living happily ever after.
True love doesn't have a happy ending. True love doesn't have an ending.
Have a nice day, UL.

Anonymous said...

Yes Ann, tell your hubby that Baby no.2 you wish to Make in XXX country but not In Malaysia :)

andrewjune said... you're planning for baby no 2 now...that's great!
well, some ppl get married for a lot of reasons! but look at you now...happily married with a boy, and planning on the second child now...what other reason you need for accepting your hubby?
actually LOVE was the reason that tied both you down...and LOVE is what you get now!
truly happy for you for having a wonderful family :-)

Anonymous said...

you are cute, got married because you wanted to travel....of course, i believe this is just one small reason right?

we got married because the apartment his parents applied for had arrived, and they had the intension of giving up the flat....since we had been together for so many years (5 years), we decided to just tie the knot and take over the apartment. LAME right?! No trace of romance at all!

well, we did not travel to any other country except that few short holiday to Genting, Malaysia. but things is going to change, we are planning for a trip to somewhere FAR and COLD when Happy Dot is three...we are WORKING TOWARDS it now!

thanks for dropping by my blog, and you are right, Pocky is that strawberry/chocolate favoured sticks....Happy Dot and i both LOVED the strawberry favoured..

hissychick said...

Oh Ann, you crack me up :)

You're not the only one with routine blues...or the less than romantic reason for getting married.

You see, if you ask toddlerdaddy why he asked me to marry him, he will tell you that it's because he was finding the cost of renting a place in Sydney too expensive on his own. Of course he is only joking. I hope..

Anyway I second what has already been said: perhaps try for number two while on holidays if you can.

Oh to travel. That'll have to wait until I have blue rinse in my hair LOL.

Pat said...

Eh, Ann, who says you can't travel after you have a baby? Me and Mei Yan still managed to go Gold Coast 5 months after Cynthia was born (my mom-in-law graciously agreed to take care of her, hehe).

Ann said...

Uncle Lee - well said...true love indeed has no ending...

Andrewjune - actually planning #2 so that I can quickly wind things up and need to be tied down for too long!

km - no better reason sometimes to get married than coz the house/apt is ready! Happy planning for your own holidays! Nothing better to spark back the romance between you and hubby!

Hissychick - come visit Msia...all us mummy bloggers here can help you look after your little 2 misses!

Pat - have to time my holidays in between my parents holidays! And they are like wanderers!!! haha....Unfortunately my inlaws are still working hard! But I am planning HARD!

mumsgather said...

Haha, nevermind, when the kids are older you can all travel together and when the kids are adult, you can travel with hubby alone then. :)

Ponytail said...

Just booked the tickets and pay. Then, no choice, die also have to go...hahaha...give no excuse. Thats my method!...

Baby should not be a hindrance to our holidays, but more of another travel companion...just that they r the fussy ones and more work...but as long as Mommy is there - things are under control...muahahaha