Sunday, March 30, 2008

Updates on updates

At 6 months, boyboy managed to turn only from his back to his front. And once that happens, he will cry for us to turn him back on his front.

More often than not he will practice turning again and cry again. And on other times, after turning him around again, he will fall back to sleep.

Last week on Tuesday (or thereabout), he surprised me by turning from the front to his back again! Now when we put him on the big bed, he will roll and roll around and around. When he reaches the pile of pillows though, he will still cry for us. Coz he can't fathom what to do with this mountain that is stopping him from moving!

And last Sunday, an amazing thing happened! We had got back from church and lunch and I thought of putting him on the big bed to roll around and wind down before sleep! He rolled a bit while I folded up some clothes, turned himself on his front, sucked his thumb and fell asleep BY HIMSELF !!

What a good boy! He must have been sooooo tired! :)

Then on Friday evening, I was surprised by yet another feat! He could balance his whole body on his knees and arms. Previously he could only lift his upper body with his arms. And I have been gently showing him how to lift up his bum and 'kneel' ! So, this is boyboy in his latest position.

He is also doing an 'obscene' act of rocking front and back! Hahaha.....I know that is the way they learn to crawl.....but still...can't help but laugh at him!

AND...thanks to the babysitter's daily coaching, he always holds the side of the bathtub when we bathe him. We don't usually let him sit by himself in the bathtub...note daddy's hand is right at the corner just in case anything happens while mummy captures the picture of grand little smart boyboy!

Sigh.....a mother's pride!

He is 'speaking' more now. His sounds come out in Waahhh.....ah booo.....ah gooo....mee mooo...and all those aeiou-s!

Getting there....getting there. No pressure!

When they start to get the hang of things, they continue to learn and pick things up very quickly! So marvellously amazing!

And we have a Chicco pullstring star at the edge of his cot which he already knows how to pull to make the music come 'alive'! That is my alarm bell now every weekend! He will pull the string, listen to the music and when it is done, pull at the string again. Though now I am thinking if that is a potential accident waiting to happen! have to do something about that!!!

But hey....

Christopher boy, mummy and daddy are really proud of you!


andrewjune said...

rachael will be 6 months soon...:-) hopefully she could pick up what christoher can do as well!
bravo to lil christpher *clap clap*

Moomykin said...

Awww! So so wonderful! Keep it up, boyboy!

It's so exciting and such joy watching them learn and grow and grow and learn.

Ann, enjoy every bit of it. These are the joys only Mommy's get one in a baby's lifetime.

Any given day is a Happy Mother's Day!

Ann said...

Andrewjune - I am sure she will. She is a little darling in all ways! And her development and boyboy's seem to be inline!

Mommykin - truly agree.....everyday it is a joy a happy day for mummy!

Julie said...

Good job, Christopher boy! You does make your mommy proud.

Isn't it fun and full of suprises to watch our little one achieve new milestone each time.

Ann said...

Julie, it is the FUN-est no doubt! And a few months of persistence of training from the bbsitter, look how far he has come!

Motivation to me also!