Sunday, April 20, 2008

How do we get there?

OK, imagine this....

First of drive.
You are at home now but need to get somewhere you have only been to once or twice.

Would you plan your journey there or just get into the car and drive?
Reckon this method is driven purely by instinct....

Would you imagine your route from your home to the detination, the landmarks and the turnings?


Would you imagine your destination and then map the roads backwards to your home?

Give yourself several moments to think about this and several examples of places.

As for me, I usually break my journey into a few landmarks starting from my my last familiar place from home. From home to the landmark in my mind, I can drive by instinct, usually coz I use the roads every other day. But from the landmark to my destination, I actually map out in my mind the roads I need to take.

Strange as it is, in KL, there are detours sometimes and as soon as I encounter a detour, my mind needs to program a new route before I weave in and out of traffic confidently. Thankfully it takes me only a few minutes to re-route my mind map. I don't want to be labelled as one fo those lady drivers who don't know how to drive after all! :)

That is why I find driving a wee bit tiring sometimes....

But generally I love landmarks and finding my way around. I love looking at maps and finding out where this and that place is. I love linking roads together and mapping them in my mind. I generally believe I have a good sense of direction.

Do you find driving tiring? Would you rather be driven? How does your mind work?


andrewjune said...

if i need to go to a customer's place and i've no idea how to get there, i will call them and ask the directions in advance.
i actually quite enjoy driving...esp if the weather is not too hot...and i will listen to some slow / upbeat songs...can be tiring & i can get sleep at times!
my hubby prefer be driven if go tours, so i guess we will never go back-packings!

JLow said...

I would actually prefer to be driven, and since Hot Mummee's sense of direction is actually a lot better (or that my almost-whole family's sense of direction is somewhat subpar) I would prefer to let her drive.

For me, I actually memorise the route to my destination- which can mean 2 things:
1) I would have to have been to my destination a few times so that I would remember the way;
2) If there is a detour, I am in trouble!

But, having said all this, if I knew the way very well, I would, most times, prefer to drive. I think my judgements are quite good with respect to driving, parking etc. Just that sometimes I would like to enjoy not having to pay attention to the road and look around the scenery....

My sister in law (brother's wife) however, would have to have the best sense of direction I know in a person. With no obvious landmarks, she can easily navigate in a basement carpark (eg shopping centres) and tell you which exit to take to join up with the road of your choice once you get out of the basement, or to park here or there because it's closer / under whichever shop (a few) floors above. I jest that she has an internal compass....

Moomykin said...

My first reaction is to check with Gadget-daddy about the location/ landmark and route to take.

If it's a place neither of us are familiar, I'll check with someone who does.

Usually it's the landmarks that comes into the picuture first then some other details as to how to get to the exact place.

When I was younger I'd rely more on my instinct and just go scout around. Now with 2 boys either in the car or waiting for me at home, I actually fear getting lost. Not so adventurous anymore.

This very well explains why I still have not gone to the TTDI park! hahaha...

U.Lee said...

Hello Ann, I love driving. And if heading to a place I've never been before, I will study the map then note on a piece of paper landmarks to watch out for.
But I can tell you, back in the 70's I have been to practcally every corner of Malaysia, got lost in oil palm estates, going round in circles as every tree looks the same, ha ha.
Driven thru curfew areas, just before curfew starts, travel late at nights returning home, arriving home at 2 or 3am.
And experienced lots of weird experiences same time.
But I had fun those days no speed limits, ha ha.
One time got lost in Singapore's Tua Payoh as well in Bukit Timah housing estates after sending a girl home at 2am...Holy Smoke, it took me sometime to find my way back into Bukit Timah. At 2,30AM!! Nobody around to ask for directions, ha ha.
I don't know how many chickens, goats, iguanas, snakes etc I've hit old days, ha ha..but I enjoyed driving.
You have a nice day, Ann, Lee.

Ann said...

Andrewjune - yeah, guess if the traffic is not horrendous and the weather is nice, a little music to go with the cruising is great!

Jlow - maybe your SIL has been to the shopping complexes many times? But then again i navigate my hubby in the 1U carpark as well on how to get out fastest!

Mommykin - I agree. With kids in the car, you don't want to cruise around or get lost AT ALL!

Uncle Lee - can imagine you drive with the car hood down and the wind on your face. No speed limits and your beautiful wife beside you!
Not a care in the world! Happy driving and exploring!