Monday, April 21, 2008

Look at me! I'm 7 months old!

OK....mummy has got me all posing..... I wonder what's up?
Oh.....daddy has got that small black thing out again. Time for some flash and fun!

Hmmm....wonder what we have today?

Hope it's not anything sour. Let me give it a try....

(Gave him pumpkin and sweet corn....his first combination food. I tried this combination myself and didn't like it actually....but boyboy finished it in 5 minutes!)

And other pictures of me !!
(Only one hour plus and boyboy's hair has started to curl out already! Sorry dearie, looks like you have to accept the fact that boyboy inherited all our natural curls!)

AND Look!!
I can stand on my head....
With my thumb still in my mouth!



The view sure is great standing!

(Boyboy has taken to wanting to stand most of the time.
Good or bad? Is this a sign he will be walking soon?)


hissychick said...

What a gorgeous boy. And so much lovely hair!

The standing thing can mean anything and nothing. For some little'uns it's a quick progression to walking once they figure out how to pull to a stand, others are happy to cruise for ages. Either way yourt boty will be on the move before you know it.

Julie said...

This little one is so cool and serious. :P

Have you start putting him on a walker? I'm sure he can move around in it already.

JLow said...


Why is it that all infants have that wide-eyed eyebrow-raised mouth-agape "DUUUHHHH" look about them??

Looks like boyboy has a high forehead. What is it that the older Chinese folks say about that- was it a good life ahead, or was it sign of intelligence?

Whatever it is, looks like he may be a future yoga teacher haha! Or a hip hop / breakdancer!

I read somewhere that the Bumbo seat (spelling?) can be a bit hazardous. Something about it easily toppling over... I didn't pay attention to it cos we don't have one and didn't plan on getting it; even though I saw a local ad for it...

Ann said...

Hissychick - walking or cruising, he will be on his feet...which would mean more exercise for me!

Julie - I heard many benefits and dangers in walkers. I am still contemplating....

JLow - intelligence I heard. As for the Bumbo seat...only use it when we feed him now. Was lent to me by dear Florence....And yes....boyboy can flip over in it. his bum will stillbe stuck in the seat though....thus the danger and thus the fact we don't leave him in there unattended!

JLow said...

Forgot to talk about walkers...

I agree about using the walkers. As long as they are stable enough (A shaped) I don't think they are dangerous. As long as you keep the obvious dangers away, like using on flat ground, no steps to fall off from, etc.

Caitlin was on one and boy did she have fun wheeling around. I believe it also helped strengthen her legs when she was pushing in the direction of desire.

That walker is waiting to be handed down to little man Caleb ;)

Ponytail said...

Standing on his head...sooo sooo soooo cute!

Looks like he is ready to walk the world and back!! Bravo!

andrewjune said...

soon he will be walking & running around :-)
happy 7 months old to cute Christopher!

p/s: i've sent you an email...if you didn't receive it, pls let me know.

Moomykin said...

Oh, the head stand is the cutest!!

Happiness for Mum and Dad I'm sure, to see such milestones.

Both my boys were on the walker. MIL did not like to have them carried all the time and also at that stage can't quite leave them on their own. It gave them a lot of opportunities to explore plus learn early about speed!! :)

HI said...

aiyoh, boyboy is so cute!! Love the head stand post. Looks like he's going to be an early walker.

Be careful about putting him in a walkers Accidents usually happened even they are being watched. At least that's my pedi's advice

Ann said...

Jlow - thanks for the feedback on walkers. Will consider.

PN - yeah...have to be careful he doesn't stand n his head in Sunday School! But I heard it will take them a month to know the difference between a mattress, mummy's hand and the cold hard floor!

Andrewjune - soon it will be Rachael's turn as well. And then you will be runing after her and not on the treadmill! ;) I didn't receive your email. Looked through photo story 3 but it is only for videos and not collages.

Mommykin - mobility I can condo is too small a place for speed!

HI - yeah, heard alot of danger is involved. And they don't erally use it for long!

Moomykin said...

Hey, if you are interested in trying out a walker, I can lend you mine. :)

Ann said...

Mommykin - thanks for the offer....I think I cannot wait any longer. This boy of mine so desperately wants to stand and walk that I am having trouble entertaining him as it is. Will be going out to get one this weekend IF not today! sigh....