Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One day short of 7 months

Christopher can now sit up by himself (handsfree) at 6 and a half months.

Previously he had to support himself with his hands and therefore could do no 'damage'!
Now he can SUCK all he wants and still sit up.

Though his head is still too big for his body.
And he still likes to look at his feet instead of the world around him!

He loves the clapping of hands and tries to imitate with no sound emititing...but at least the action is almost there!

He recognises his name (I think) and tries to turn around when we call him.

Still a bushy head of hair and a wonderfully melting smile!


A gift from God said...

Wah...clever boy.... soon mummy and daddy will be busy running after you... join in the race with Reese... :)

Baby Darren said...

smart boy....can sit at such an early age...sooner u'll be crawling around.

Julie said...

Bravo Christopher!

Ann, it's so much easier now that our babies can sit on the high chair while we are dining.

Ann said...

Florence - yeah.....he likes his leg exercises. Reckon he kinda linkes looking at the world from a higher perspective.

Baby darren - early? I thought it was right on mark! :)

Julie - totally agree with you! But now when he is up there, he looks at us and smacks his lips and whines a little that he still has to be contented with stuff coming out from a yellow tupperware or bottle instead of that nice oily, salty green/brown stuff on the table! :)

Ponytail said...

Bravo!!! Cute-nya! and clever boy!
Looks like he will be sharing baby biscuits with the rest soon!

andrewjune said...

wow...big boy already ahhh..rachael can sits only with her hands support on the surface...hopefully she can sits like chris soon :-)
so cuteeeeeee lil chris!
i love all babies smiles!

hissychick said...

What a gorgeous and clever little boy!

Moomykin said...

Oh, what a marker! Sitting up is really wonderful for them, as they now get to see the world more and not just the ceiling when on their own. :)

Too bad I missed holding him when we met. I just didn't want to be too near him, in case he catches a bug, because Max was still having his running nose, and I am with him almost all the time.

Next time, Sweety, Aunty Kin will not resist cuddling you!

Ann said...

PN - yes yes yes !

Andrewjune - soon, my dear, soon....little fella started like your little darling too. And soon lo and behold, they will surprise you!

Hissychick - thanks for the comment. I think he is pretty clever too! :)

Mommykin - haha...yeah, next time you can carry him. Reckon he will fall asleep on your shoulder!

Anonymous said...

christopher is such a sweet little boy!

he will grow up to be a charming young man!

Ann, have a great weekend ahead with your LOVE ONES.