Thursday, April 24, 2008

New toys!

Previously, all boyboy could do was this sit on the bed/bumbo seat and play with his toys

Now, he has a new toy that has made him FREE !

Initially he was trying to get his legs coordinated with the movement. What happened was when he pushed his body forward, he found that he can move...but his legs did not know how to catch up!

But now, he has leant to move when the walker moves. Movement is more back than front as of now.

Max time allowed in walker - 15 minutes.
With this new walker, I cannot take my eyes of him for ONE minute. He will wheel around and start touching things at semi-ground level! Relieve only comes in one way - at least I do not have to support his constant demend to stand with my arms and body anymore!

Other things we bought at the babyland sale...Tommee Tippee roll and go bib! it was on sale at RM19.90 less 20%! Had no intentions of getting a plastic bib at first...but at that price, couldn't resist. In the long run, it would be cheaper than getting more hankies and velcro bibs!
The foldable baby chair was given to me by my uncle. A little old considering 3 kids have used it but will do for now!


andrewjune said...

wow...boy boy certainly has a lot of toys! i thk i should buy a container like yours to keep all my girl girl's stuffs...:-)

so you bought him a walker yeah
:-) well, i'm not too sure if we would get one...we'll see!

as for bibs, i bought a lot of clothes hv to wash eveytime she spills on it! but i got a plastic one from aussino :-)

Ann said...

June - it is great to see how they react tot heir new toys! Even though you get the alker actually cannot put them in for long. Or maybe just that my son prefers the feel of human flesh! He still cries for me to carry him to stand!!! sigh....

The plastic bib would be good when you go out travelling....then no need to bring so many and no need to 'pack' it in a plastic bag after she is done!

JLow said...

Yay- a walker!

Your description just reminded me of when Caitlin started on hers; she would kick, and wonder why she was going backwards!

The good thing about this plastic bib is that even if the food drops from their hands, they can pick it back up to eat again! Nothing like second helping!

Julie said...

So finally you decided to put him on the walker. Soon he will get used to the walker and like the musical toys on it. Unlike Christopher, Jonathan only know how to move forward. At least he can't climb up compared to Bumbo chair where when he's frustrated, he tend to push his body up and backwards. When I'm folding the clothes, I can put him in the walker near to me or else if I put him on the floor, he will crawl to grab the clothes and munch.

To me, putting them in walker can make them learn to coordinate their legs to move around. Of course not for long. Once they should learn to walk, put them less in the walker (only when needed).

Baby Darren said...

sooner he'll "flying" in his walker. You got to really watch him when he is in the walker coz it can caused accidents when he moves too fast or tries to pull down things from table or cardboards.

This marks his first step of independence...hehe

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, its alway fun and refreshing see babies growing up and learning their discoveries.
A friend of mine enjoys giving his toddler son empty boxes just to see what he does...that small fellow really has fun playing with the empty box doing things with it.
Ann, pop over if you free, have something for you, Lee.

Ann said...

Jlow - boyboy is so intent on looking at his orange bib that I have to distract his attention so that I can put the food in his mouth! Else the bib goes in more than the food....didn't think of this problem!

Julie - totally least in the walker you can watch him and still hang clothes at the same time. Sure beats thinking about the clothes sitting in the eashing machine on a nice and hot day!

Babydarren - I am so not looking forward to that! Maybe will take him out of the walker then...

Lee - loved the article....looking forward to perhaps more like this!

Moomykin said...

I think the walker is really fun for the kids and my suspicion is that it also makes them have better hand-leg-eye coordination of their movements as they grow.
At least if you are at single level house/apartment, you don't have to worry about them falling over the edge of a step.

Max fell of a step (st the main door) at my mom's once, from inside to outside of the house. Poor boy tumbled forward and still stuck in the walker. Just be careful...of tie a string from walker to like dining table to limit his movement.