Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Science Affair

Met the faces behind all the syncronyms at last – JLow (and hot mummy!), MummyYeoh & family, Mommykin & family and Leah & kids. All 9 adults and 8 kids.

It was a great day. Time really passed by fairly quickly.

We arrived at 10.15 or thereabouts. Had to get boyboy ready and eaten (always blame it on him now!) so that he will smile, smile, smile at all the new friends he was going to meet!

The first person we met from afar was Mommykin running after her 2 sons! Oohhh….I had first taste of how it would be like to take care of running-sons! What with Leah and her 3 boys and Mommykin and her 2 boys!!! THEN I met the much talked about hot mummy and of course hot mummy’s daddy – JLow!

OK Jlow, got to say, you aren’t that bad yourself! J

We romped around the Butterfly Enclosure for a while. It has indeed been a long time since I have been into a butterfly enclosure. It was a reminiscence of my holiday in Cameron Highlands.

About 1 hour into the affair, we made our way inside to the aquarium and science centre proper.

It was a break from the warm-ish weather. And it was great! I can’t wait for boyboy to get bigger so that I can bring him there again and he can explore all the experiments. I have to brush up on my science so that I can answer all the Why? questions coming from boyboy (and daddy)!

Thanks to Leah who lent me her stroller for a while as hubby had to go off to work for a while and I had forgotten to bring down the stroller before he left. And thanks to Mommykin for all her effort, rushing around talking to each and every one of us.

I reckon the eating time was the BEST!

That was the first time all of us were really together within sight! Of course we had to get all the kids settled first and each kid wanted to choose the gourmet of their choice! There was homemade ABC spaghetti, potato salad and sandwiches, KFC and all its condiments and DRINKS ! Nice cool, wonderful, gassy drinks! This coming from 9 adults and 8 kids who had nothing to drink so far since we were too busy taking care of the running children!

The photos and names of some children have been ommitted since I am not sure of the level of privacy required!

A few opppsss (spills) started coming from left and right and centre….due to shaking hands seeing the gassy drinks (with ice what more) being poured and passed around. Each eager hand seemed to grab as politely as possible. Then out swooped a market pen from Mommykin to mark our names on our cups. Talk about experience!

Mommykin really put in so much thought and effort into this gathering !

What ever you would have needed in a party was there. Cool ice, Kickapoo!, great food, tissues, running water AND great company!

Given I didn’t get to talk much to Jlow (reckon he was shy! Haha) or Kin for that matter (she was being the perfect hostess), I am glad I managed to get a word in and two with MummyYeoh and Wong Foong, Mike and Leah.

One sad news was broken to me though….one which I still sigh upon remembrance now. My dates with Mommykin may be few and far apart in a few months time. Sigh…..but then they will not be a plane ride away…just a train ride away! Betcha I will be taking the train so often now! :)

And the final and (sob!sob!) most touching thing that happened was when Mommykin started dishing out gift packs for the kids…..AND then (sob!sob!) she gave me and hubby a present as well!

I was super surprised and very touched.
And when I went home, bathed, slept and woke up and opened the gift pack, I know at once this was a woman not to be reckoned with. The thought she had put into the packages was something no bought gift can ever repay.

Thanks for the photo frame, all the goodies, the little towels, ABC pasta in that cute little tupperware, babywipes, clothing, coffee break and MASK! Betcha I will be trying it soon!
Mike, thanks for all your effort in rushing around and getting things ready. Your patience and love is to be exampled. Your kids will grow up to be great boys with parents like you two!


andrewjune said...

Ann, is that you holding lil christopher?
wow...what a great outing!
yeah the eating part was great...and oh my, the goodies were so good! your friend Mommykin going somewhere? kind os a farewell gathering? very kind and generous of her :-)

JLow said...

Oh my, if you think I am shy, then I am super blushing now!

And what do you mean by "much talked about"?? Haha!

Okay, serious now: Humbly, Wife and I sincerely thank you for your compliments!

You are right, I didn't talk to you much, did I? I got no excuse! I guess I was also trying to chase Caitlin around making sure she was okay and not terrorising the other kids!

It was a good time had by all; I got photos to show! Come on over!

Ann said...

Andrewjune - oh yeah....that was the first time I put up a photo of myself ya! :) Guess since more or less some of everyone has seen me, so, let the rest see also! Next time see me in Penang or Taiping, say Hi ya!

JLow - hahaha....yeah, it was a good outing and as promised, I did not put any shots of you or hot mummy!

HI said...

Oh, how great it is to meet up with your fellow bloggers! It's good to finally 'see' you. :)

Boyboy looked very interested in the camera...hehe.

andrewjune said...

oh dear you expect me to recognise you if we met up on the road? LOL
anyway, thanks for revealing yourself to us, Ann!

Moomykin said...

Thanks, Ann, for all the compliments. And thanks for making my day such a special one.
It's all my pleasure, really.

Mommies and daddies are very precious people. Without either one, the child suffers the most. That's why I felt you guys should be appreciated too. I am so glad you are enjoy all the goodies. Boy boy too. :)

was just telling Gadget-daddy that we should do a double date lunch, since you and your hubby work pretty near to his office now. :) I can come pick you guys up and eat near by. :)

Take care. God bless.

p/s- I thought Hot-Mummy looked like a porcelain doll among us romping moms. Hahaha...

JLow said...

Aiyoh.. smacks own forehead!

Regarding the photos, hope you don't mind my particular-ness about privacy on the internet! Else, suddenly, in the middle of shopping, someone may yell out "Hey! You are that Caitlin / JLow / Hot Mummee on the net!"


Ann said...

HI - hubby was waiting for the fish to swim behind us. But when the fishese did, boyboy kept turning his head! So it had to either be capturing boyboy or the fish! he was looking at daddy since we had to get his attention back in front!

Andrewjune - no-lah...only joking! but if you hear a baby boy howling, perhaps take a look and it could possible be me! haha...Planning to visit my birth place sometime....

Mommykin - yeah...great idea. Let me know in advance if you can so that I can book hubby's time!

Jlow - no, I don't mind at all....after all you are hot, mummy is hot and your kids are going to be hot too! :)

JLow said...

Aiyoh.... smack forehead again...