Thursday, April 10, 2008

Shout To The Lord

Anyone saw American Idol Gives Back last night (Msia time)?

It pushed my Grey's Anatomy back a whole full hour (and so I missed it in the end).

Also, the contestants did a Hillsong - Shout To The Lord.

When it came on, I put down the book I was reading, hubby came out of the room carrying a much bewilded boyboy.

Talk about songs from all eras and genre! It felt good....

On the bewilded side....

Little one has been having fever for 2 days now. Rather high at 38 above. Babysitter diagnosed it as perhaps fake measles (or medically known as Roseola).

We will have to wait and see....nothing will confirm that it is unless we see some rashes soon.

Until then it is uphamol, sponging and multiple wake ups at night to check on him. His appetite is poor (very very poor in fact), he is ever so restless and totally requires pampering.

I have reached a point where I am no longer anxious....just praying for comfort for boyboy and that this illness will run its quickest course.

Perhaps I am tired...or perhaps I just understand motherhood now.


Mummy-yeoh said...

Hey, looks like we both are losing sleep coz of our sick babies :) You might want to get KoolFever. It can stick on the forehead for 8 hours and will bring down fever almost immediately. Can put it on for him when he sleeps in the night otherwise he might pull it out.

I have known children who had this. There is nothing much to do except to wait for the fever to break by itself then rashes will appear. But it will go off in a couple of days. So nothing to worry.

Will keep boyboy in prayers for a speedy recovery and protection

JLow said...

Sounds like you are relaxing a bit, and not so frantic about things. That's good, in a way, to perhaps alleviate some of your causes of nightmares..?

It's not that we should't gan-jeong about our kids, but sometimes these things just need to take its own course. It also helps them build their own immunity...

Hope the little guy gets better soon anyhow. Then it's back to taking him out for activities!

Ann said...

mummy-yeoh - lack of sleep. have all kinds of 'gadgets' to reduce his fever now a days. but there is nothing to relieve the weariness on the soul....

Jlow - yaloh....cannot do anything so just take it easy! Can't wait to be back into ACTIVITY time!

Julie said...

I hope Christopher will be well soon. You take care of yourself too.

mumsgather said...

If its Roseola, its usually over by the time you see the rashes. Hope he gets well soon. :)

andrewjune said...

yeah i hope chris gets well does one gets roseola anyway?
i didnt finish watching yday's American Idol...I thk only till Fergie's performance :-) hubby's relatives drop by and we hv to go out for the time back from dinner, i was too tired to watch the replay.
Ann, we still have a VERY long journey to motherhood! but i hope we will both do alrite :-)

Ann said...

Julie - I hope he will get well soon!

Mumsgather - IF it is Roseola, I can't wait for the rashes to come out too. Otherwise I really wonder why he is having a fever!

Andrewjune - long journey indeed. And diff ages will have diff challenges. I guess in a way, thank God I have my blogger buddies to share all the ups and downs with!

Anonymous said...

have you bought Chris to see a doctor yet?

the high temperature is not a concern here, nor is the fake measles, it's the restlessness that's concerning me when i am reading your entry.

hope Chris's energy is back and is running around the house screaming Mummy Mummy!! Come play catching with me!!

have a great weekend with your love ones...

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, I have never watched American Idol, ha ha.
I'm more 'the lonely planet' kind, or some good movies like 'pretty woman, Casablanca' etc.
Have a nice weekend, Ann, Lee.

Moomykin said...

With my boys I have learnt not to be over anxious. Know that they will get better. Just pray will it be fast.

You take care of yourself too, Mummy.

Baby Darren said...'s always not easy to take care of a sick baby. Sometimes taking it easy will lighten the stress in us. It's fine if he eats very little at this stage. Just make sure to monitor his fever and really hope he will recover soon!

You take care too!!

Ann said...

KM - can't wait for boyboy to be running around too!

Uncle Lee - reckon I only watch AI for its 'no-need-to-think' entertainment! :)

Mommykin - yeah, sometimes all we can do is pray! After all we are called not to be anxious about anything!

baby darren - i reckon the thing about them not eating is that you dont know what to do with the 2-3 oz of milk left at every feed!