Friday, April 4, 2008

Tubs and tubs

How many tubs of ice cream do you have in your freezer now?

Can you beat this? I have 4 tubs.

There is this promotion in Giant now where if you buy 2 tubs of King's ice cream, you will be given a small tub of imported ice cream free. And hubby bought himself 2 other boxes of ice cream. He loves his rum and raisin from Cremo (which can only be found in Giant as well!hmm....)

I am not that particular with the type of ice cream I get. Preferably of course I love my Bulla...but more often then not, I settle for a cheaper variety. So, Kings and Cremo are both alright with me (which is leaving huby frowning coz I am digging into his boxes as well).

There are 2 ranges of King's ice cream. The regular and the premium range.

The premium range consist of

1) Triple Chocolate (with Sunflower Seeds)Smooth Chocolate Ice Cream loaded with Crispy Chocolate coated Sunflower Seeds and Chocolate Fudge
2) Macadamia - Rich Vanilla Ice Cream with Honey Roasted Macadamia and Chocolate Chips
3) Cappuccino Chips - Rich & Creamy Cappuccino Ice Cream with lots of Chocolate Chips
4) Caramel Almond Fudge - Smooth Caramel Ice Cream laced with Luscious Chocolate Fudge & Crunchy Almonds
5) Tiramisu - Creamy Sicilian Ice Cream with Coffee Extract & Crunchy Almonds

And I have tried ALL of them!

For a person who does not like to really eat, I love my ice cream.

Then I discovered that Kings is from Singapore and they actually have wareouse sales for Kings in Singapore!

Look at the glorious pamphlete I managed to find! Just looking at it makes me droooolllll.....

Anyway....reckon Giant is still having the offer now. So, I am going to head over there again today or tommorrow.

I have managed to clear 2 boxes - 1 of mine and 1 of hubby's. So, I think I have space for 2+1 more....hehehehe....


andrewjune said...

well, 31st march is just over...that means we hv 2 tubs in our freezer from baskin robbins LOL usually every 31st we will get 2 tubs!
andrew loves rum & raisin too...i love chocolate chips! yummy but lately i've been cutting down on ice cream cos i'm kinda trying to lose my extra weight :-)
well enjoy your ice cream with hubby yeah !

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, gosh, should have married someone like you who loves ice cream. 4 tubs?? Holy Smoke!
We have only a small box!
My wife rations me....afraid I go bigger with my height of 6'1" and 195 pounds...but hey, still no pot belly or fat, ha ha...she rations me, makes for me 1 kedukut bowl once a week on Saturday nights, ONLY!
When I watch TV.
Oh well, can't have everything, right? Ha ha.
You stay easy and have a nice weekend, Lee.

Anonymous said...

I have been to the King's Factory Sale and there's always a LONG LONG Q!!

And everytime i would return home with at least 10 tubs of ice-cream of various flavor and types.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, if free pop over see what I've been fooling around with, with my new sweetheart, ha ha. Have a nice Sunday, Lee.

HI said...

Me me, I also have 4 tubs because hubby is an ice cream lover. He has to have ice cream every night.

Ann said...

Andrewjune - the last time I had BR, it was a tub of 3 flavours. Guess that was a turn off for me and no more BR since then. Though that may change soon....

Uncle Lee - at least you get ot watch TV! hahaha.....will definitely visit you today!

KM - long queue and 10 tubs huh! Must come visit you just after the same next year then! ;)

HI - I am soooo glad I am not the only one. Reckon we are 'rearing' kids who will love ICE CREAM too! And great quality ice cream is so cheap in the US!!!

Moomykin said...

Wow! you guys sure can eat a lot of ice-cream!

Kings does have very good selection of rich and yummy ice-creams.

I think I have passed a certain stage. Sweet stuff just don't appeal to me so much... I will occasionally want a fizzy drink, coke or root beer, or sparkling fruit.

Mostly I just want my hot chocolate. :)

Ann said...

mommykin - yeah,I have a sweet tooth so ice cream is top on my list! That is why everyone around me scolds me...I don't like to eat my normal food but give me an ice cream and you will never see it again!