Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Photo Enhanced for 8m2w (gr)u(m)ps

Christopher's Let-Me-Crawl toys

And when he doesn't crawl, of course he stands.

Christopher's I-Love-To-Stand Shoes

Thanks to my colleague who gave me her son's first blue shoes!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 months 2 weeks grumps

As I posted earlier, I noticed that ONE tooth has decided to show itself out of boyboy's bottom gum on his 8th month.

Other things that have popped out is boyboy's show of frustration.

He knows how to show his frustration now.

This happens when he is sleepy and is (rudely) awaken by mummy needing to go somewhere, daddy turning on the lights at 10.30 pm to get ready for bed, wiping his butt and changing diaper when all he really wants is to turn over, suck his thumb and sleep.

It can also happens right in the middle of the living room when he is trying to get himself up from this-irritatingly-close-to-the-floor sitting position to a much higher can-climb-over-mummy's-lap standing position

And what does he do when he is frustrated?

He howls.
Betcha if he could stamp his feet, he would.

But right now, he will howl and when I try to stroke his head or pat him, he will push my hand away.

He still allows me to pick him up and cuddle him and hum his favourtie song.
But no patting his chest (if he is lying down) or rubbing his back or stroking his head.

The other thing that has popped up is his constant need to eat when we eat.

Maybe it is the smell, the sight of us putting food in our mouth.
Whatever it is, as soon as our food arrives, he will start drooling and his mouth will start moving as if he is eating too! What imagination!

So, now whenever we eat out, out comes his biscuit container as well.

At least that keeps him contented for almost the entire duration of our meal.

And finally, his inborn ability to crawl has also popped out.

We bought him a bus, an airplane and a turtle last weekend. All with pull back trings at the end that makes the toy move. He loves his turtle coz it is bright yellow and the flap on its legs are made of leather, so it really moves in a flip-flop fashion. He also loves his bus that ting-a-ling-a-lings whenever it moves. This I hold on to it and move it manually even though it also has a draw string coz it moves too fast for boyboy to catch up.

But these 2 toys have got him crawling pretty fast trying to grab them and (sigh) put them into his mouth.

One pop-in to report as well. His nose has stopped running!

Aunty Cecilia, grand 'old' whiz of a babysitter found out that we were wetting boyboy's head at night. In redemption of myself, he was really sweaty and we didn't turn on the aircon so soon after his bath. But now that we have stopped doing so, his runny nose has stopped.

What can I say....a little smelly head is better than a running hose (opppsss.....I mean nose!)

So, Some poppings have got me concerned, some poppings have made me glad.
Guess there always will be some up and downs, some good and bad, some concerns and gladness.
Hai.....that is a mummy's life for you!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

6 (non)sensical stuff

The rules for this meme are easy:
1. Link to the person that tagged you - Jlow The Man !!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone

So, here goes!

1) I am a wandering stone due to my father's work. I was born in Penang, moved to Kuching, then to Kuantan and then to Ipoh and finally to KL.
2) I don't really like going shopping or doing window shopping. I need to have a reason to go to the malls.
3) My ultimate holiday destination is Europe...ANY PART of Europe.
4) I love books, love to read them, love to be around them, love the sight of them, love the new smell of books (life some love the new smell of the car) ....even textbooks!
5) I am very careful with money and think multiple times before getting anything!
6) I am extremely stubborn and sometimes refuse to go with the general consensus just because I want to test the waters or simply coz 'Why must I?' :)

So, that is me...what about you?
Hooi Imm
Poh Nee

My Japanese name

Was at Rimomoki Kirinrin's blog and she posted something really funny translating your name into Japanese...

So, hello, my name is Rinkafu Katoto.

Want to try?

A - ka
B - tu
C - mi
D - te
E - ku
F - lu
G - ji
H - ri
I - ki
J - zu
K - me
L - ta
M - rin
N - to
O - mo
P - no
Q - ke
R - shi
S - ari
T - chi
U - do
V - ru
W - mei
X - na
Y - fu
Z - zi

Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7 final word

So anyone saw the finale of American Idol Season 7 yesterday?

For a long time since I really think that both the final contestants of this season could sing very well. Previously it was a race of character liking as well rather than abillity to sing.

And I guess America didn't make another mistake like the Season 5 Chris-Daughtry-one. Taylor Hicks was really pure I-like-his-character-that-is-why-I-vote-for-him win.

So, if you followed this season, who were you rooting for?

Frankly, I thought David Archuleta would win. I am a sucker for sentimental, lyric meaningful songs, after all. I think I would be interested to download any music that he comes up with if he continues on with his current trend.

But I got to admit David Cook has the look, the ability to sing a wider range of music and the matured sex appeal. And he sure was very nice about his winning. The way he got all the other contestants invovled in the final moment.

So, as Simon says "I don't care really who wins" and I totally agree. Reckon maybe this time BOTH the final contestants will make it in the music world much like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

So, when does Amazing Race Asia start now?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Reminiscing mode

Off late occasionally when I read something, I switch to reminiscing mode.

I remember things I used to do with mummy and daddy when I was younger and look forward to doing the same with my kids.

So, things from my memory bank that I want to deposit into my son's are as follows. Some will be harder to follow exactly since I am in KL but others I will be able to do to the letter.

1) Picnics at the beach in Penang
Every Sunday morning (we were not Christians then) ever since I could remember, we always made our way to the beach for some sun, fun and family walks. And mummy always packed a feast...sandwiches, fruits, curry chicken and bread, fried noodles etc. We would build sandcastles, bury mummy's feet in sand, chase waves, hold daddy's hand and go for walks (mummy had to carry our slippers), throw sand in the air, have our food, nap under the trees. It was a whole day affair lasting sometimes till the sun set!

2) Making rock buns with mummy
It was an easy recipie with everything going into a big bowl, mixing it all up and then spooning it out onto the baking tray. And then watch it bake and contain it for daddy to eat!

3) BBQ dinners at home
It was made fun coz we had a dog that ate up all our bones so we didn't have much to clear. But I loved getting the BBQ set ready and fanning the coals and then watching daddy cook the chicken wings and after that throwing the bones to the dog!

4) Making kuih kapik
Oh...that was an experiment with the BBQ set as well and we were so happy it turned out really good...daddy said so! :)

5) Snuggling up to mummy, watcthing Waltzing Matilda and mummy feeding us dinner
My sis and I had a favourite dish that we always asked for when mummy asked us what we wanted to eat (that she will cook). It was minced beef with carrots and tomato puree (we call it spaghetti sauce) and we will normally put it on top of our rice and mix it all up in one big bowl. Else the other similar dish would be minced pork with small cubed potatos and carrot in black sauce. Also eaten with rice. But there was one night when daddy had dinner outside and it was just the 3 of us. And we got mummy to make that, put the whole chunk in a HUGE bowl and then 3 spoons so that we all ate from the same bowl with mummy occassionally feeding us instead coz we were all lying down on her. And we timed it so that it coincided with Waltzing Matilda!

6) Science experiments
Mummy was a Physics teacher in school so our exposure to science started at an early age. And back in Kuching, we were members of the British Council Library which held MANY great books from craft, science to fiction. So, I used to always borrow some science book and got mummy to help me with the home experiments and explain them to me. I loved my growing bitter gourd plant that I managed to harvest. And my other small experiments and mummy spending time with me doing them.

7) Library visits and the tons of books to choose from
This mainly happened the 4 years I was in Kuching. We joined 3 libraries then and used to visit all of them every other Saturday. Reading was a joy to us only becuase of the multiple colourful books we could choose from. And they were all clean and well taken care of.

8) Visits to the Sunday market
I remember this happening in Penang and in Kuching. We used to follow our parents to the market and mummy or daddy will explain what we are buying and what we plan to cook. I especially remember the fruit stalls coz the fruit shop man knew all of us so well and would always say hello to us! Even now when my parents go back to Penang and go to the same stall, the wife still recognises them. Partly coz we used to spend big bucks on fruits! The father has since passed away (sadly).

9) Ice cream and Sunshine bread
This was some of our little plesures. The roti (bread) man tinkling by on his motorbike, mummy calling for him to stop by, we following mummy out to the gate to buy bread. Then the next day, we will open the waxed paper that held the bread to look for the little picture card inside. And sometimes in the afternoon for our evening tea, mummy will take out a slice of bread for us and heap it up with ice cream for us to eat! What a treat!

10) Bicycle rides on our own to buy something or another
When we were bigger, about 12-13, we would fund great joy in taking the bicycle out to cycle to the nearest grocery shop to buy bread or breakfast or something or other. So, whenever mummy wanted anything, we would 'beg' her to let us go out on our own with our bike to the shop to get it for her.

11) Keeping a pet
Daddy loved dogs as much as us so wherever we went, if we could, we would adopt a dog from SPCA. Most of them had to be given back though when daddy announced yet another transfer. The one we had in Kuching we took along to Kuantan but he got knocked down by a car one day (sigh...).

12) Learning poetry and play acting
Mummy used to tell me that my memory was not that good when I was young. So, in an effort to help strengthen it, daddy gave me his poetry book and used to read to me poetry in the most majestic voice that really caught my interest. Since then I have memorized 'Ode to an Elephant' and some others (of which I still remember vaguely now) and used to recite them in front of my parents and got such clapping when I managed to say it all by heart. It was an effort to help me and it has given me so much more. I love literature and words because of my exposure to poetry at the early age.

13) Club house activites
Also in Kuching, we were members of the Sarawak Club. Every Sunday we would wake up rather early to go for tennis, swimming, club library and sometimes ping pong. And our standard wonderful breakfast will be cheese on toast and milk shake. And our favourtie lunch would be beef stroganoff. In the evenings after all the activity, mummy and daddy will drive to the fried chicken stall and order some 20 fried chicken wings/drumsticks. Reckon it cost like Rm1 each then. And that would be what we had for dinner with bread and some vege. And of course our little doggie gobbling up all our bones!

14) Road trips
Daddy was always one for a road trip. He loved to drive around to the nearest wetland or park or hill to explore it. And he enjoyed the journey even though the road was long and we were not sure of when we would arrive. Being an adventurer like daddy, I used to love the road trips as well. So, I enjoyed the wetlands in Selangor, the hills in Penang and PJ, the gold mines in Kuching, some jungle trekking and loads of village exploring.

15) Celebrations
Every birthday or Mothers'/Fathers' Day, we used to make it a point to have a faily dinner. It would be a dress up affair for all of us coz usually we would go to a nice posh restaurant. And we would get to choose what we wanted to eat and would have a dish all to ourself. Or if we went Thai, the ambience would be totally different from the usual chinese coffee shop! After which we would always have a birthday cake and candles to blow. And presents to open or give. Sis and I learned to make cards and little home made crafts with mummy/daddy's help depending on whose celebration it was for. And sometimes we would have a treat when we visited the ice cream parlour and had all toppings included on our ice cream sundaes.

Memories as you can see are in those simple things. But now as a parent, what maybe simple to us as a kid actually required some planning by mummy and daddy. But if boyboy has fond memories like these when he is older, the planning and whatever hassle that comes with it is all worth while.

A cycle of happy memories begins with the first turn. And the first turn is always harder to start.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Port Dickson Foodies

Now that I am back and a little enlightened, I have to do my bit to contribute to society.

Contribute in what way you say?

We KL-nites all know that the nearest decent beach place for us to go is Port Dickson. Our impression of it is very vague partly because we associate it to being dirty with lousy food. But I now beg to differ....

If I had known I was going to do this, I would perhaps have taken a video or some photos of the directions....but from what I can remember, here are some places you can go EAT!
(I put on 2 kg after 3D2N in Port Dickson!)


1. Lucky Seafood restaurant (Chicken curry giant Pau) and other dishes - watch left after you see KFC. This is just along the main road from where all the hotels are....
2. P.D. Eating Point - Next to Le Paris Hotel and PD Catholic church.
Somewhat vague directions - Make your way to PD town. You will reach a roundabout. Take the right turnout. Pass over some railway tracks, go straight on (the road bends to the left and to the right) and you should come up to the coffee shop on your left (it is a corner coffee shop). Catholic Church will be on your right opposite the shop.
3. Kedai Kopi Fong Hai (changed after Simon's comment *wink*) - Make you way to PD town, reach the roundabout, take the left turnout and follow the road. There will be a row of shop houses on your right and the shop is discretly snugged in the middle, opposite it being KFC. At the end of the road is a playground and if you go on somemore, you will come back to the roundabout again.


1. Restaurant Weng Yin Seafood (changed after wy's comment *wink*) - Teluk Kemang near Guoman Resort
There are many seafood restaurants lining the road actually. The one we went to was Wing Li and it is on the left side heading south from PD town. Go early so that you do not have to wait too long and try to get a table near the fan!
2. Sia Lee seafood restaurant - 57, Jalan Orkid 1, Taman Orkid, Batu 9, Teluk Kemang (near Guoman)
3. El Cactus Mexican restaurant - opposite Corus Paradise
The mexican restaurant could be a bit pricey but the food is great. Service is not so good though as they only have 2 cooks. So best go with people whom you have LOADS to talk to and when you are not that hungry. And the music (oldies) which starts at 8 gets the kids a dancing!

1. 8th mile, Jalan Pantai PD beach (main beach)
2. Teluk Kemang beach (note that you have to rent the wooden seats if you want them). There are many shoplets around this area and a food court as well. I browsed the shops but didn't check out the food court!

Sat evening pasar malam...just drive along the main road and you will definitely see it...followed by a small traffic jam!!

So, my dear bloggers, plan a trip, take a break, rejuvenate your marriage, build into your kid's memory is worth it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My 2nd Retreat

Retreat to Port Dickson
From 17-19 May 2008
Staying at Avillion Admiral Cove
Weather was partially sunny to after rain
Overall feeling - totally happy!

Pictures speak a thousand words but some still has to be said....
I truly enjoyed this long awaited holiday. Given on Friday, I was simply too tired to even want to go for this holiday...but by the time I saw my hotel room, I was totally IN THE MOOD!!!
Boyboy totally enjoyed his outdoor activities and late nights. He was a little bit hesitant on the first night sleeping alone in his new baby cot. But the 2nd night was total bliss.....else he was really too tired.
He loved his first beach outing....not many photos there coz daddy didn't want to get his feet dirty! Also he had work related phone calls to make....sigh....
Boyboy also loved his chiew chow porridge from the bfast buffet line and first taste of papaya!
I loved the entire foodies...thanks to PN and WY/Simon for all the research on the food outlets. I now know PD has so many good things to eat. And my bday dinner at the Mexican restaurant was totally SUPERB!
Loved the 2 hours I spent at the pool....although it was not that clean....but had great fun with the kids. All shyness of out of shape body gone with all the laughter and pulling them around while they paddled in their floats!
I am truly blessed to have this group of friends. It is not easy travelling with friends....but these people really make it seem so simple. They are truly family.
It is because of them, the trip was really great.
  • Thanks to Simon/wy for their leadership and wy for her incessant talking and laughter and for carrying boyboy.
  • Thanks to SL/MY for bfast companionship and photo takings and funny jokes.
  • Thanks to Mike/PN for their thorough research and short deep conversations.
  • Thanks to John/Shang for their sharing and easy conversation while we car pooled.
  • Thanks to Patrick/MY for companionship and letting me enjoy your darling girl.
  • Thanks to God for journey mercies and great weather and wonderful friends and LIFE!
Tired but truly recharged.....
On a Christopher note....he has started to sprout teeth at the bottom!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers' Weekend

We were back in Ipoh for the weekend to celebrate Mothers' Day and also my birthday.

The greatest bummer of it all was I started to get a bit flu-ish on the ride up itself. Reached Ipoh and passed my son to my eager handed parents. My mum had planned for a home cooked lunch for us but hubby and me wanted some alone time.

And Sat lunch was about the only time we would have on our own to visit all the required places and eat/drink all the required Ipoh stuff.
So, we downed our cuppa of old town white coffee, another cuppa of gingko barley and beancurd, chee cheong fun (flat rice noodles) with mushroom sauce, delicious siu yuk (BBQ pork). That was the required food...

And the required place to visit - old town TOY shop! We didn't want to go there initially but decided a trip to Ipoh will not be complete it. So, in the end, we went and bought boyboy a wind-up train and a cube puzzle. Wanted to get him a pool float as well but decided no swimming for him till he is one! Coz he gets flu-ish very easily and at one, we can 'drown' him in Cod Liver Oil!!!

My flu took a turn for the worse on Sunday...came down with a fever and cough. But nothing stopped me from having a LAVISH time at my Mothers' Day dinner in Yum Yum nyonya restaurant! Sorry no photos of the dinner coz I was too busy taking care of boyboy.

Bought my mummy her requested gift - Milka Chocolate. But when I gave it to her, she exclaimed her thanks and went back to playing with boyboy. I reckon a grandson was the best gift I could have given her.....chocolate no-competition!!!

Even my dad in the midst of playing with him said "Ahhh...what joy!"

It is great indeed that my son is such a joy to the family. I pray that he will continue to be so...

Left Ipoh early Sunday afternoon coz we had to rush down for Mothers' Day dinner with my MIL. Went to Windmill in Subang. The standard there has dropped considerably! Had a quick dinner since I was feeling really terrible by then.

One thing I note - Mothers' Day is still a day for our mums and not for ourself. Coz out of respect perhaps as long as they are still around, they are still the greatest mums. Mothers' Day celebrating ourself can only be done when our kids are big enough to want to show appreciation. Until then it is a mother's sacrfice and self contentment alone that makes each day a mother's day! I got to admit I still consider it great joy without need for any appreciation that I get to be a mother!

So, in a way, I got my fantasy of Mothers' Day answered - my 3 generation celebration and also the peace that comes from being a mother by just a matter of being one....

Peace and Love to all parents...
Fathers' Day is coming up. What is a father's fantasy??

My mothers' Day dinner in Ipoh with
my mum's mum,
my mum,
both of them with my boy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Monitor

Anyone using a baby monitor?

I was looking at Safety 1st costing about $17 but there were some reviews about static and eavesdropping...

Another one that was recommended to me was the Philip Baby Monitor but that costs a bomb.

Anything that costs in between?


Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mothers' Day Fantasy

I have been seeing this tag go round and at the end of it all, I will not tag anyone coz I think everyone else has already written about it.

Reading all the previous postings, I think most of us want a day of rest. Either rest away from the kids or rest with the kids behaving perfectly (for once)! And most of us have our husbands in the picture..which I think is really great. Marriage has to be our priority before kids I reckon.

But I think the one thing I want on Mothers' Day which will happen for me is to spend the time with my mother and my grandmother. 3 generations of mothers together!

Also on that day I want to be able to have peace in my heart and mind. Not that boyboy will be an angel or for me to be away from him for a day for some rest. But that I will come to terms with motherhood.

To accept that boyboy will have his moods...and I will still have peace.
To accept that he will fall....and I will still have peace.
To accept that I may do things wrongly.....and I will still have peace.
To accept that he may not always act the way I want him to....and still have peace.

Basically to accept peacefully that I am not perfect but I am learning. To accept that I have done my best, the rest is up to God.

Perhaps this Mothers' Day, I will find peace....if not be aware that I need to find that peace.

Peace and love to all mothers!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Partners in Christ

My sister came back late Saturday evening and plopped on the sofa. It had been a tiring day, according to her.

She was at a church conference that started on Friday. I was wondering what made today any different.

Oh! You don’t know….we had to mobilize close to 300 people from church to the Dream Centre today!”

“Really? Is that so! How come?” I was curious to know, being an ex-DUMC member myself.

This was her story (give and take)

“We had no electricity in the middle of a topic she was preaching on. And it happened so often that pastor had to try to find another place so that we could continue the topic. The preacher was saying maybe the evil spirit does not want us to listen to this topic!!

But it was so surprising…with just one phone call, pastor managed to get DUMC to help open one of their halls for us to continue our conference. I was so amazed.

Dream Centre is really beautiful. And do you know Pastor Gan? He was there. He managed to open the halls for us so quickly and even arranged tea for us.

Not many people knew where the Dream Centre was. But it wasn’t that hard giving them instructions and within 15-30 minutes, we were sitting in this nice comfortable air-con hall continuing our conference.

It was so amazing! Truly amazing how quickly DUMC managed to get everything in order…from the microphone, the recording and all other logistics. It must such a blessing to be able to give.”

I felt really proud. This was the way it was supposed to be.....where churches, irregardless the denomination, worked together in all ways possible.

I felt I wanted to tell the whole world that things can be done when all brothers and sisters in Christ partner with each other. No evil spirit, nothing in the world can stop the Word from being heard.

Many left the conference talking about the topic that they were not supposedly meant to hear. Many were touched by it.

Many are still talking about it. And the recording is still being passed from person to person.

For my DUMC/DreamCentre sisters and brothers in Christ, you should be glad that you are in a place where you are in the position to help. And I know many people, not only my sister was truly touched by the capability of Dream Centre to extend a helping hand.

I find it truly amazing….truly amazing. Applause applause to everyone who helped make it happen. What an amazing testimony!

As my pastor always signs off….”Press On! Press On!”

*DUMC - Damansara Utama Methodist Church. Now they hold their services in the Dream Centre.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Christopher, Christopher....

Christopher, Christopher.... what should mummy do?

What is wrong? Why are you crying and crying?

Mummy is tired, can I put you down? No??

But you cannot stick to me all night! I need to eat something and drink some water...can I leave you in your favourite walker for a while? No??

My little one had a "don't leave me alone or I will cry" mood yesterday. He was like that from 4 pm when I took him home up until 9 pm when he fell asleep at last.

So, no dinner for me and no watching any TV (missed AI, for all that it is) or my Chinese drama serials. All I could do was watch him and play with him and hold his hand while he walked and watched his head when he was on the floor and cuddle him and hug him and sing to him...

On the lighter side...boyboy has learnt to clap properly now. Hands open, not clenched fists and even with the clapping sound !!! At least in between the moods, when he clapped, he can smile and laugh!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Expectations for the 2 months coming

Things I can look forward to this month and next....

Wesak weekend away to Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson with the greatest bunch of friends I could ever hope or ask for!

Mission (this is what UN calls it when we have to work out of our country!) to UN's HQ in NY.
I struggled with this earlier and now I cannot wait to go...

It will be VERY HARD WORK and MANY LONG HOURS....but prayerfully my weekends will be free and my Sundays will be filled with TImes Square Church's feeding!

Also planning a trip back to my hometown. Haven't been home since Chinese New Year.....but that may or may not happen!!!
Life must be filled with short term expectations and long term dreams.

What were you doing then?

Was just reading Simon's post and it got me thinking about what I was doing back in the mid 90's. While he was already working, I was still studying...not even in college if you count the smack-right-in-the -middle of the 90's.

And when I did get to college, I was in Metropolitan in Subang Jaya. Stayed in SS15 near the big field and visited the pasar malam every Tuesday and Sunday night.

It also got me thinking that about that time, my hubby was also staying in Subang SS17. And a few current friends of mine have also told me that they used to go to the pasar malam as well very often around the same time I used to go.

How funny it is sometimes when you think about it. The people whom you just pass by one day may become the closest friend you could ever have a few years down the road.

I know for a fact that if I had met my hubby when I was in college, I may not have ended up with him in the end. It is funny that God only lets you meet the person at that fateful time when you have become a different person adn he/she has also grown up a little bit more.

It's like a chess game, a computer game, life is all about playing the game right....

Pray hard, live right.

So what were you doing in the mid 90's?

Monday, May 5, 2008

My son can't seem to crawl

I tired to do some research on infant crawling and most of the articles talk about fear from parents that their child cannot walk yet. None so far talk about fear that their child cannot crawl!

So, as you all know from my previous posts on boyboy, he has taken a liking to standing and now he is trying to take baby steps.

In an effort to help him learn to crawl, I have bought the numbers rubber pad to let him explore on the floor.

This was what I discovered. In a sitting position, he will stretch his hands forward. His right leg will be set up sole of the feet down and knee up. But that is as far as he goes.

He is unable to balance himself on his right hand and right feet so that his left feet can kneel and put him into a doggie style position. After a while in this position, he will go back to sitting upright.

So...he cannot crawl. To move, he tends to put his head down and legs up and then stretch his body (much like a caterpillar). But I reckon he knows he must not do it on a 4x4" rubber padding. He might just end up on the cold hard floor.

So, here was I sitting beside him crawling around the 4x4" safety area trying to help him position his legs into doggie style. After which helping him move his right hand and right feet simultaneously...the his left...then his right....then turn him around and try it all over again.

I am thinking now to get more of those rubber paddings so that I have a larger space to play with!

Why is crawling so important?
Crawling enables infants to develop a cross-crawl pattern, which is simultaneous use of opposite extremities. For example, when the baby moves his/her right arm with his/her left leg, the following occurs on the opposite side. Motor nerve impulses to the extremities originate in each side of the brain cortex and cross in the brainstem to supply required motor activity to the opposite extremity; which basically means that the right brain controls the left arm and left leg, and vice versa. With crawling, the cross-crawl pattern repeats itself, and therefore uses both right and left brain for neurological coordination.

Crawling will enable an infant to learn about proper balance and coordination – such as how to use one side of their body to balance the other; which becomes very useful when learning to sit and stand.
In addition, crawling builds mental strength, where a child begins to learn problem solving skills and starts understanding the cause/effect relationship. You can also help your child build mental strength by positively reinforcing them with toys. Try placing a toy within eyesight, to help the infant develop motivation as they are rewarded with their toy when they crawl toward it.

So, no fear that your kid is walking too late? I wonder if my kid will ever crawl.

I am thinking sometimes a kid knows best what they want to do and how they want to move. Walking is said to be genetically related and also based on the kid's temperament, weight etc.etc.
I was not a crawler myself (according to my mum), he is definitely a determined kid and he is not heavy at all....

So maybe he will pass through the crawling stage into walking without loosing out on all the benefits that comes with crawling.
You think???

Saturday, May 3, 2008

What my 7+ boy does

WHOSH his hand flung and landed SMACK on my face. It hurt sooo much...
I covered my face with my two hands and pretended to cry. About 5 seconds into pretending, I peeped at him through my fingers. To my surprise he started to pout and was about to start to cry as well. I gave him 2 more seconds and what! A big fat tear rolled down his face and he whimpered.

I took my two hands away and looked at him. He looked back at me. Whimpering stopped. I gave him a grin and then laughed.... He looked at me and then laughed with me.

Over the weekend, I experimented more and found that when I cry, he also cries. And when I am sad, he can feel it and tends to keep rather quiet. But when he sees me laughing he will laugh and laugh with me.

At 7+ my boy understands emotions.

I was feeling a bit down the weather over the there were times when I left him to play by himself.

My boy at 7+ is capable of playing by himself. But when he does see me, he will drop everything and start crawling to me.....

And finally now a days, he doesn't really like to lie down when he is not sleepy. So, when he is thirsty, he would rahter sit up and tilt his head back to drink water.

My boy at 7+ wants his own way.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A woman should have....

enough money within her control to move out and rent a place of her own,
even if she never wants to or needs to...
(Yes I have this!)

something perfect to wear if the employer,
or date of her dreams wants to see her in an hour...
(Umm....used to have this before I gave, have to go see U.Lee to get it! *smile* )

a youth she's content to leave behind....
(both good and bad memories enough to be left alone way behind! One can never compare..)

a past juicy enough that she's looking forward to retelling it in her old age....
(hmmm.....depends on the definition of juicy! but reckon mine is dramatic and not juicy!)

a set of screwdrivers, a cordless drill, and a black lace bra...
(the first 2 I have, the last one....slight modification in colour)

one friend who always makes her laugh..
and one who lets her cry...
(the first kind is easy to find....the second kind is tough, but Thank God I have a one)

a good piece of furniture not previously owned by anyone else in her family...
(definitely in my new house)

eight matching plates, wine glasses with stems,
and a recipe for a meal, that will make her guests feel honored...
(matching plates and wine glasses I will have.....a recipie?? Only have a good take-out menu!)

a feeling of control over her destiny..
(sigh....this I do it really necessary?)

how to fall in love without losing herself..
(definitely been there and got hurt terribly!!!)

how to quit a job, break up with a lover,
and confront a friend without; ruining the friendship...
(quit...easy peasy. Break up....done before but still hurt the other party. Confront....I think I will run away from this first before even consnidering it. I hate confrontations!)

when to try harder... and WHEN TO WALK AWAY...
(ummmm......I think I walk away more than try....except when I know if I don't try it will be worse in the future!)

that she can't change the length of her calves,
the width of her hips, or the nature of her parents..
(calves can change....hips a bit harder.....but nature of parents...never)

that her childhood may not have been perfect...
but it's over...
(yeah.....still trying to get rid of the garbage that I picked up as a child)

what she would and wouldn't do for love or more...
(this reminds me of my previous post.....I guess I would have to learn to moderate my life and let go....irregardless career opportunities or holding on to my son/hubby too tightly!)

how to live alone... even if she doesn't like it...
(sigh....I don't think I can do this...)

whom she can trust, whom she can't,
and why she shouldn't take it personally...
(ya...I have to learn not to take things personally.....and not to trust people so easily!)

where to go... be it to her best friend's kitchen table..
or a charming Inn in the woods.... when her soul needs soothing...
(I hope and pray to my husband will always be my answer to this!)

What she can and can't accomplish in a day... a month...and a year...
(I set my targets and hope to achieve them....but sometimes a little too tired...then I feel really rotten about being not-so-capable! Sigh....I have issues!)

Cheers all readers.....have a GREAT weekend!