Sunday, May 25, 2008

6 (non)sensical stuff

The rules for this meme are easy:
1. Link to the person that tagged you - Jlow The Man !!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
4. Tag someone

So, here goes!

1) I am a wandering stone due to my father's work. I was born in Penang, moved to Kuching, then to Kuantan and then to Ipoh and finally to KL.
2) I don't really like going shopping or doing window shopping. I need to have a reason to go to the malls.
3) My ultimate holiday destination is Europe...ANY PART of Europe.
4) I love books, love to read them, love to be around them, love the sight of them, love the new smell of books (life some love the new smell of the car) ....even textbooks!
5) I am very careful with money and think multiple times before getting anything!
6) I am extremely stubborn and sometimes refuse to go with the general consensus just because I want to test the waters or simply coz 'Why must I?' :)

So, that is me...what about you?
Hooi Imm
Poh Nee


andrewjune said...

ok i will do it ASAP :-)

andrewjune said...

btw, so you're originally from penang lah...that's GREAT!

JLow said...

Hey! I was born in Penang!

My dad had a project there, but we are originally from KL. Was there for about a month before coming (back) to KL.

Julie said...

"Wandering stone"...that was fun cause you get to experience living in different cities. But it's tiring especially when you need to pack and unpack your stuff everytime you moved.

Out of curiosity, can I know what was your dad?

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, wow, can see you have been around living in lots of places.
I too experienced living in Penang, Ipoh, KL, Singapore, as well second home hotels everywhere, from Singpore to Sarawak every few days.
There were times when I get a 7am wakeup call from room service, had to as, which hotel or where I was? Ha ha.
Good to read you good with your money...but what about when you pass a shoe store with a big "special 40% off sale"? Ha ha.
Stay easy Ann and have a nice day, Lee.

Ann said...

June, Jlow - no wonder we can get along pretty well! Penang-nites RULE! :)

Julie - seems like maybe you have travelled around alot too? Yeah...up till now, some of my stuff have never been unpacked - especially my toys! Now have to take them all out and unpack them for my son! Btw, my dad was with the Chemistry Dept.

Lee - actually even when I see a
70% off on shops or clothing, I can make a pass. But now if you ask me what will I do if I see an offer in a baby shop, I will have to stop and think....maybe I will just browse...maybe I may end up buying something small for my son.

Moomykin said...

Europe! That's where I'd like to go too!

But I am a very people person. Any reason to visit another country must include meeting up with an old friend to make it more worthwhile.

We have friends in UK, Germany and Brussels. Gadget-daddy also has friends in Holland.

Of course U.Lee has offered to meet up if I'm ever in Canada. :D Btw, I have an aunt and an uncle there too. But the journey would be crazy for the 2 boys especially! Hahaha...

Ann said...

Kin - you really are a people person then. I think if I were to go on a faraway holiday, I would prefer to steer clear of relatives def. and friends who I am not so close with.

Maybe coz I want to make the best of the holiday time! :)

But if you are in Spore, i will def look you up! hehehe...

Moomykin said...

Hahah.. Thanks.

If/when we are in Singapore, do drop by anytime and we'd be glad to house you and your boys. :)