Tuesday, May 27, 2008

8 months 2 weeks grumps

As I posted earlier, I noticed that ONE tooth has decided to show itself out of boyboy's bottom gum on his 8th month.

Other things that have popped out is boyboy's show of frustration.

He knows how to show his frustration now.

This happens when he is sleepy and is (rudely) awaken by mummy needing to go somewhere, daddy turning on the lights at 10.30 pm to get ready for bed, wiping his butt and changing diaper when all he really wants is to turn over, suck his thumb and sleep.

It can also happens right in the middle of the living room when he is trying to get himself up from this-irritatingly-close-to-the-floor sitting position to a much higher can-climb-over-mummy's-lap standing position

And what does he do when he is frustrated?

He howls.
Betcha if he could stamp his feet, he would.

But right now, he will howl and when I try to stroke his head or pat him, he will push my hand away.

He still allows me to pick him up and cuddle him and hum his favourtie song.
But no patting his chest (if he is lying down) or rubbing his back or stroking his head.

The other thing that has popped up is his constant need to eat when we eat.

Maybe it is the smell, the sight of us putting food in our mouth.
Whatever it is, as soon as our food arrives, he will start drooling and his mouth will start moving as if he is eating too! What imagination!

So, now whenever we eat out, out comes his biscuit container as well.

At least that keeps him contented for almost the entire duration of our meal.

And finally, his inborn ability to crawl has also popped out.

We bought him a bus, an airplane and a turtle last weekend. All with pull back trings at the end that makes the toy move. He loves his turtle coz it is bright yellow and the flap on its legs are made of leather, so it really moves in a flip-flop fashion. He also loves his bus that ting-a-ling-a-lings whenever it moves. This I hold on to it and move it manually even though it also has a draw string coz it moves too fast for boyboy to catch up.

But these 2 toys have got him crawling pretty fast trying to grab them and (sigh) put them into his mouth.

One pop-in to report as well. His nose has stopped running!

Aunty Cecilia, grand 'old' whiz of a babysitter found out that we were wetting boyboy's head at night. In redemption of myself, he was really sweaty and we didn't turn on the aircon so soon after his bath. But now that we have stopped doing so, his runny nose has stopped.

What can I say....a little smelly head is better than a running hose (opppsss.....I mean nose!)

So, Some poppings have got me concerned, some poppings have made me glad.
Guess there always will be some up and downs, some good and bad, some concerns and gladness.
Hai.....that is a mummy's life for you!


Ponytail said...

Bravo!! So many achievements! Looks like little Christopher is ready to take on the world...hahaha

Hmm...looks like its time to stock up on Baby Bites, Farley or Nestle rusks yea. Those are the easiest to bring around. No preparations needed.

If you want, can also prepare some steamed carrot sticks for him to hold and chew - good for training the teeth and nutritious at the same time. One thing, the carrot sticks are quite slippery and baby will drop it accidentally. Zoe now have very strong grasp on her hand and her pincher grasp is very strong and painful...hahaha...probably she mastered the pincher grasp kung fu from those slippery carrot sticks I gave her :P

andrewjune said...

well Ann, that's how we will be coping with our babies for the next few months...phewwww!
Rachael also shows great interest in whatever we are having at the dining table, and she always cry for her milk whenever we eat LOL

yeah a smelly head is better than a running nose :-)

Julie said...

Oh mine...I can see similarity in my boy too! Especially the frustration part..."wiping his butt and changing diaper when all he really wants is to turn over". No matter what I gave him to distract him, he still wants to turn over. You are right...if he could stamp his feet, he would and what he wants he must have it!

Sometimes when we eat out, I'll try to order some dishes which he can consume like fish. A tiny pinch of rice can also keeps him contented. Another trick from my mom is to give him hard vegetables which he can grasp like french beans, sweet peas, carrot, mustart/kai lan stem just to keep him contented but watch out once he got teeth as he may bite it.

Glad that you've realised the way to overcome his runny nose. So no more sleepless night for you.

hissychick said...

I just knew your boy was on the verge of crawling. Bravo!

With movement comes separation anxiety and frustration and more protest howls. But I'll take those over a backchatting threenager anyday :)

Moomykin said...

Hooray! Wonderful milestones!

I actually have a video of Micah crawl-chasing a ball on the floor in our room. Also, at one time Gadget-daddy got a remote-control car and it really got Micah chasing it all over the hall. You can imagine all the excitement from every party when he actually caught it and stuck it into his mouth!

That bit about boyboy stamping his feet if he could, both my boys literally hop up and down when they are frustrated. Aiyo, what a sight. Can be so embarrassing in public.

Ann said...

PN - oh yeah....I remember your steamed carrot sticks!!! Will do that too (if I am not too lazy!).

June - Rachael cannot take biscuits yet? Or is her milk time also coinciding with your meal times? If only she can hold her own bottle ya!

Julie - don't give him outside food at this moment. but will definitely try the hard veges.

Hissychick - ya, all that needless worry about crawling...And yes, I think I understand what you mean in your 2nd part of the comment. Stay cool ya!

Kin - I thought he would stop this kind of show of frustration when he can talk! hahaha....maybe I am wrong.

Julie said...

Ann, understand your concern on outside food. I only gave him the fish meat that are not exposed to oil. That's to keep him happy only. :P

Ann said...

Julie - actually I am not that strict with food lah! Have even let him try certain food which other mothers frown at!! hai...
But the only time I eat proper meals (as in call dishes) is with my parents or inlaws and at those times don't want to take the rish of giving him food and receive comments! ;) Thus have to bring his biscuits wherever I go!