Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol Season 7 final word

So anyone saw the finale of American Idol Season 7 yesterday?

For a long time since I really think that both the final contestants of this season could sing very well. Previously it was a race of character liking as well rather than abillity to sing.

And I guess America didn't make another mistake like the Season 5 Chris-Daughtry-one. Taylor Hicks was really pure I-like-his-character-that-is-why-I-vote-for-him win.

So, if you followed this season, who were you rooting for?

Frankly, I thought David Archuleta would win. I am a sucker for sentimental, lyric meaningful songs, after all. I think I would be interested to download any music that he comes up with if he continues on with his current trend.

But I got to admit David Cook has the look, the ability to sing a wider range of music and the matured sex appeal. And he sure was very nice about his winning. The way he got all the other contestants invovled in the final moment.

So, as Simon says "I don't care really who wins" and I totally agree. Reckon maybe this time BOTH the final contestants will make it in the music world much like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood.

So, when does Amazing Race Asia start now?


Pat said...

I didn't follow AI this year, but last night decided to listen to Archuleta on Youtube.

The pundits are right,there is only word to describe his singin - smooth!

I was immediately drawn by his soothing voice, he has that quality which makes any song he sings sounds so....soothing!

He would be one of the few I would definitely pay money to buy his album :)

AR - You are a fan, too? Cool! Me and Mei Yan are also really into it :)

JLow said...

Sadly I don't get to watch that much tv, due to baby-bullying and Hot Mummee HOGGING THE TV with her anime!

But I did catch a few episodes in between.

I thought Michael Johns was very good, vocally. The guy can sing! It was a pity he was voted off, or not enough.

I was also very impressed with Archuleta's Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, I thought it was very very original and well sung, until I heard on American Top 40 that Archuleta's version was exactly another singer's cover, released last year! What a rip off!

andrewjune said...

errrr...i thk jlow mistook about the "billie jean" song...wasnt sung by lil archie but david cook!

anyway, ann...from day 1, my favourite has been david cook! i loved his rendition of "billie jean", "always be my baby" and "hello"...of course i'm drawn to his husky sexy voice and we can't deny he is indeed a great looking guy...not that lil archie is not good looking either, he's cute!

i thought lil archie will win the title cos he was very good during the finale and got great comments from the juries...BUT
i supposed american voters already fell in love with david cook (like we do!) :-)

i love the part when ryan seacrest announced cook as the winner, and cook applauded lil archie before broke down into tears (he is a sensitive guy, and i like that!)

david cook rocks and i can't wait to buy his first album!

JLow said...

Oops, Ya!

I got my Davids confused! ;P

JLow said...

By the way, Ann, you've been tagged!

And now, a few words from Caitlin:

gt6ys4tzw7t9zzzzyxz yisyyyyyyyosf87ysidtye9r

JLow said...

By the way, Ann, you've been tagged!

And now, a few words from Caitlin:

gt6ys4tzw7t9zzzzyxz yisyyyyyyyosf87ysidtye9r

HI said...

David Cook is more versatile and marketable. The correct contestant won this time.

Ann said...

Pat - yeah...after AI, next will be it mainly coz it is one of those shows that kevin and I both enjoy together! like a free and easy date!

June - yeah...looking back at all the songs that Cook did, I got to say also that he is more versatile and the Billy Jean was ultimate!!!

Jlow - will look into the tag. And I guess Caitlin also agree with the right David winning?

HI - more marketable is the right word indeed.

Moomykin said...

Quiz me on Playhouse Disney and I can tell you more. :D

Second choice: Animal Planet.