Monday, May 12, 2008

Baby Monitor

Anyone using a baby monitor?

I was looking at Safety 1st costing about $17 but there were some reviews about static and eavesdropping...

Another one that was recommended to me was the Philip Baby Monitor but that costs a bomb.

Anything that costs in between?



JLow said...

Yes, we have one.

Bought it at RM179.90, from Toys 'R Us. It was for Caitlin, which means we have been using it since 3 years ago. There was a period of time when we stopped using it because Caitlin could already walk, and could open bedroom doors to look for us; before Caleb came along.

I don't know if it's just the age of the equipment, but I think the quality of the audio has been deteriorating. It used to be quite clear with Caitlin; now Caleb's cries sound rather crackly-static. It also used to be quiet; now there is a constant hum when it's switched on.

Not that these are stopping its main purpose, just that it's not how it used to perform.

Our's is a one-way one. I do think the two-way one could also be useful, but only for adult to adult communication (a la Hot Mummee issuing instructions!) I can foresee if the equipment was set wrongly, the baby could be startled if it were two-way...

Good luck with this!

HI said...

Yes, we used one since Olivia sleeps in her own room when she was 2 months old.

We have the one from fisher price and it's very good. They do come with some static but the FP one is pretty sensitive. I can even hear the clock ticking in her room if I turn up the volume.

andrewjune said...

nope we dont have one...intially we wanted to buy but in the end, we did not...she is still sleeping with us :-)

Bobo Bear said...

I got my baby monitor from US. It is really cheap over there. Actually all the baby stuff is at least 60-70% cheaper than buying it here. So since you're going to US for business , do stock up from there it will save you alot! We even got our high chair from US, Hubby doesn't mind carrying when we can save so much.