Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Expectations for the 2 months coming

Things I can look forward to this month and next....

Wesak weekend away to Avillion Admiral Cove, Port Dickson with the greatest bunch of friends I could ever hope or ask for!

Mission (this is what UN calls it when we have to work out of our country!) to UN's HQ in NY.
I struggled with this earlier and now I cannot wait to go...

It will be VERY HARD WORK and MANY LONG HOURS....but prayerfully my weekends will be free and my Sundays will be filled with TImes Square Church's feeding!

Also planning a trip back to my hometown. Haven't been home since Chinese New Year.....but that may or may not happen!!!
Life must be filled with short term expectations and long term dreams.


andrewjune said...

wow looks like you got exciting things going on for the next 2 months... good for you lah!

wow...you will be going to NY (a city i have not been yet to!) pls remember to take lots of photos yeah and share with us after you're back!

and to PD with your friends...wow, i envy you...i can't go anywhere with friends with my bb around :-(

ANN, you've got such exciting months ahead!

hissychick said...

All I can say is Wow. I won't be going anywhere further than Sydney during your time away!

Moomykin said...

It's good to be happy with things that are coming up. I understand how you struggle with going away - so far and for "so long" away from your baby. But all will be well. :)

Have a very good trip and a good break.

Can't wait to hear all about PD and NY.

Ann said...

June - I am going to PD with hubby AND baby! Much like what you could do too in Genting!

Hissychick - Port Dickson is but 1 hour away from where I stay. It is a beach resort. My annual church gathering. NY is for work and work and work!

Mommykin - yes, it was a struggle indeed. I am glad I have come to terms with it. In fact yesterday boyboy had one of his don't-put-me-down-or-I-will-cry moods...and I was thinking to myself, I so NEED A BREAK !

Ponytail said...

Yes, since it is already in the pipeline, why not enjoy it to the MAX!!

I am also looking forward to PD...hee hee

HI said...

Enjoy your weekend away! So, when you're in NY, can hubby handle boyboy by himself? :)

Pat said...

Wow, a trip to NY! Cool!