Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mothers' Weekend

We were back in Ipoh for the weekend to celebrate Mothers' Day and also my birthday.

The greatest bummer of it all was I started to get a bit flu-ish on the ride up itself. Reached Ipoh and passed my son to my eager handed parents. My mum had planned for a home cooked lunch for us but hubby and me wanted some alone time.

And Sat lunch was about the only time we would have on our own to visit all the required places and eat/drink all the required Ipoh stuff.
So, we downed our cuppa of old town white coffee, another cuppa of gingko barley and beancurd, chee cheong fun (flat rice noodles) with mushroom sauce, delicious siu yuk (BBQ pork). That was the required food...

And the required place to visit - old town TOY shop! We didn't want to go there initially but decided a trip to Ipoh will not be complete it. So, in the end, we went and bought boyboy a wind-up train and a cube puzzle. Wanted to get him a pool float as well but decided no swimming for him till he is one! Coz he gets flu-ish very easily and at one, we can 'drown' him in Cod Liver Oil!!!

My flu took a turn for the worse on Sunday...came down with a fever and cough. But nothing stopped me from having a LAVISH time at my Mothers' Day dinner in Yum Yum nyonya restaurant! Sorry no photos of the dinner coz I was too busy taking care of boyboy.

Bought my mummy her requested gift - Milka Chocolate. But when I gave it to her, she exclaimed her thanks and went back to playing with boyboy. I reckon a grandson was the best gift I could have given her.....chocolate no-competition!!!

Even my dad in the midst of playing with him said "Ahhh...what joy!"

It is great indeed that my son is such a joy to the family. I pray that he will continue to be so...

Left Ipoh early Sunday afternoon coz we had to rush down for Mothers' Day dinner with my MIL. Went to Windmill in Subang. The standard there has dropped considerably! Had a quick dinner since I was feeling really terrible by then.

One thing I note - Mothers' Day is still a day for our mums and not for ourself. Coz out of respect perhaps as long as they are still around, they are still the greatest mums. Mothers' Day celebrating ourself can only be done when our kids are big enough to want to show appreciation. Until then it is a mother's sacrfice and self contentment alone that makes each day a mother's day! I got to admit I still consider it great joy without need for any appreciation that I get to be a mother!

So, in a way, I got my fantasy of Mothers' Day answered - my 3 generation celebration and also the peace that comes from being a mother by just a matter of being one....

Peace and Love to all parents...
Fathers' Day is coming up. What is a father's fantasy??

My mothers' Day dinner in Ipoh with
my mum's mum,
my mum,
both of them with my boy!


Julie said...

Christopher must be the first and only grandson so that's the reason he's everyone's fav. How blessed yeah?

Oh ya...an advance birthday wish to you...Happy Birthday!

andrewjune said...

wah reminds me of my old days in ipoh during my student time...the chee cheong fan you meant, was that from tmn cempaka? mmm, my hubby loves it! can't be compared with pg's!
and i didn't know oldtown has a toy shop...must go there next time!
yeah i fully agree mother's day is supposed for our mums...not for ourselves...the kids are still young to understand anything anyway :-)
hope you're fully recovered by now and wishing you an advance happy birthday too!

p/s: where is your photo with your mum & granny & lil christopher?
always wonder how you can be so slim after delivery (we are about the same time and i just finally got back into shape!)

Daniel said...

Nice. How sweet :) Sorry that you are sick though. So many people sick. My wife is not spared either :(

mumsgather said...

Happy Birthday Ann. I thought I was wishing you a belated birthday but someone wished you an advanced birthday. I'm confused now. Hehe.

Baby Darren said...

happy birthday to u too...err..i'm confused too..belated or early birthday? hehehehe...

anyway, so coincident that I am from ipoh too and i never know old town got a "must-go" toy shop.. where is it about???

Every time when i go back ipoh, i hardly go anywhere except staying at home... now u make me wanted to go back and try all the food u mentioned here...emmm.yummy...

Glad u had a good mother's day and hope u recover soon!!

Ponytail said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day! (belated liao)
Ipoh old town toy shop...how can we ever forget that. One of our SG trip, we hop by there and we spend so long in this shop till Simon gotta shooo all of us out to continue our journey to Penang....hahaha!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, Many happy returns of the day to you, with many, many more to come. Happy Birthday and remember, birthdays are just numbers, but like Champagne, with numbers become a Cu'vee or Brandy, an XO.
You sure have one cute son, and wow! 3 generations!
Grandparets are the same everywhere, they go bonkers over grandkids.
I've had friends who are grandparents come visit us from Singapore and hardly an hour of arriving here, phoned back Singapore to enquire whether grandon eating well or not? Holy Smoke! On holidays? Ha ha.
By the way Ann, for your flu or sniffys, try that Chinese, made in Ipoh too, 'Hor Yan Hor' herbal drink. It will help you feel better, not sexy, but feel good. Try it.
I have always loved Ipoh and the food there. Stayed there about a year back in the '70's in Canning gardens and frequented Blue Diamond niteclub, ABJ coffee house fairly often. And Ipoh girls? Wow! They can be very fair, must be the water there, ha ha.
You stay easy, drink Hor Yan Hor! And if still feeling not good, drop by my place, just posted a new story.
Best regards, Lee.

HI said...

Oh, sounds like a warm and fuzzy mother's day weekend. Glad you had your wish of celebrating 3 generations of mothers together. :)

Ann said...

Julie - grandchildren are always the apple of the eye, we are just the trees!! :)

June - super good the chee cheong fan! So far only can be found in Ipoh! Actually during confinement I was my thinnest! Now gain back some weight already! Confinement time only can eat square meals...no ice cream or chocolates or any tidbits!

Mumsgather - your wish comes early. But much thanks for your wishes.

Baby Darren - the toy shop is hear Kamdar/Hoong Tho/Sun Yin Loong...that area! But I know some Pasir Puteh people never venture to Cannings or Canning Gdn people never venture to Pasir Puteh...so...explore and try. It is FUN!!!

PN - yeah...the toys there are super cheap and super cool!

Lee - drowning myself with HYH actually!!! But thanks for the tip. Canning Garden...that is where I used to stay when I was younger....cool *wink*

HI - it was fuzzy alright!!! But yeah, the joint celebration was good. Made better with a little one around!

andrewjune said...

wah lau ehh...i'm opposite of you...just 1 mth of confinement food, i gained so much weight!

Anonymous said...

hey....i am born in may too.
mine is the 18th, you?

happy birthday to you, Ann.
and you are so right....the greatest gift you gave your mum, would be little Christopher. nothing can beat that, not even a truck load of that chocolate!!

Moomykin said...


Just catching up on the blogsphere. :)

Glad you had a lovely weekend, despite being fluish.Hope you are better now.

I agree totally about how Mothers Day is still pretty much for our mums while our kids are young. But now that we are mums we sure know what it means to celebrate Mothers Day for our mus! :)

Have a good weekend.

Toddlerdaddy said...

Sounds like a wonderful mothers day weekend.

I would comment on ours, but discretion is the better part of valour at times ;)