Monday, May 19, 2008

My 2nd Retreat

Retreat to Port Dickson
From 17-19 May 2008
Staying at Avillion Admiral Cove
Weather was partially sunny to after rain
Overall feeling - totally happy!

Pictures speak a thousand words but some still has to be said....
I truly enjoyed this long awaited holiday. Given on Friday, I was simply too tired to even want to go for this holiday...but by the time I saw my hotel room, I was totally IN THE MOOD!!!
Boyboy totally enjoyed his outdoor activities and late nights. He was a little bit hesitant on the first night sleeping alone in his new baby cot. But the 2nd night was total bliss.....else he was really too tired.
He loved his first beach outing....not many photos there coz daddy didn't want to get his feet dirty! Also he had work related phone calls to make....sigh....
Boyboy also loved his chiew chow porridge from the bfast buffet line and first taste of papaya!
I loved the entire foodies...thanks to PN and WY/Simon for all the research on the food outlets. I now know PD has so many good things to eat. And my bday dinner at the Mexican restaurant was totally SUPERB!
Loved the 2 hours I spent at the pool....although it was not that clean....but had great fun with the kids. All shyness of out of shape body gone with all the laughter and pulling them around while they paddled in their floats!
I am truly blessed to have this group of friends. It is not easy travelling with friends....but these people really make it seem so simple. They are truly family.
It is because of them, the trip was really great.
  • Thanks to Simon/wy for their leadership and wy for her incessant talking and laughter and for carrying boyboy.
  • Thanks to SL/MY for bfast companionship and photo takings and funny jokes.
  • Thanks to Mike/PN for their thorough research and short deep conversations.
  • Thanks to John/Shang for their sharing and easy conversation while we car pooled.
  • Thanks to Patrick/MY for companionship and letting me enjoy your darling girl.
  • Thanks to God for journey mercies and great weather and wonderful friends and LIFE!
Tired but truly recharged.....
On a Christopher note....he has started to sprout teeth at the bottom!


simon said...

wah, first one to post! the rooms were pretty awesome. glad u guys had a good holiday.

Wai Yin said...

i knew you'll be the first to're Alyssa's favorite couple to go holiday with...but Isaac was the favorite baby!

Moomykin said...

Wow, what a wonderful get-away! And your boyboy is so cute, especially under the covers!

And TEETH!! That's a milestone to note!

Glad you had a wonderful birthday too. :) Yes, so may things to be thankful for.

Julie said...

You truly have a great SG with bro and sis-in-Christ to uphold each other.

Watch out on Christopher as he may tend to bite quite a big piece of biscuit once he has teeth.

A gift from God said...

Glad you had a great getaway!!! :)

Ann said...

Simon - the rooms were totally great...especially the bed, the flat screen, the sink, the 2 doorway bathroom....ummm....think that is the whole room in itself! BLISS...

Wai Yin - hehe...thanks for the comment. Boyboy made such a racket didn't he. Sigh....even your littlest one came up to him and said " much noise!" :)

Kin - yes...he enjoyed his pee-ka-boo cover games and I had fun seeing him learn to pull the heavy covers away so that he could turn or crawl or see me!

Julie - yes....I now don't give him the whole biscuit to suck. I break it into small crumbs and put them in his mouth.

Florence - yes, my much needed break! it was indeed GREAT!

andrewjune said...

wah so nice holidays...i am waiting for mine as well (dont know when it will be!)
you truly deserved the trip...taking a break and sharing the happiness & laughter with friends,emmm...such a joy!
the curry chicken in a bun looks like the one in ipoh :-) i havent tried it yet, but friends said they are great!
btw, you're doing a great job by combining all the photos!

hissychick said...

Glad you had a nice break...and great to see a pic of you with your boy :)

HI said...

What a fun filled weekend! It is indeed good for the soul to recharge once in a while.

BTW, the curry chicken in a bun looks yummy!

Yatie_T said...

Hi Ann,
your room look awesome. Once in awhile you need a nice and relaxing time to recharge. My Joshua is teething too, he's chewing on every thing right now :)

I also use a baby monitor since Joshua's start sleeping in his own room when he was 1 month old. We use Summer Infant Day & Night Handheld Video Monitor. We got it from babiesrus ;

JLow said...

Ann! I need your contacts! :)

Seriously, now that Caitlin is of an "easier" age to manage to go on holidays! I have heard lots about Avillion from so many people, and also Caitlin's never been to a beach before!

School holidays are coming up: Please email me! :)

Ann said...

June - the one at Kampar actually taste better. The bread is the french kind so the inner part is soggy. THis one the curry is in a seperate foil and the bread is the softer kind...

Hissychick - it was a much needed break. Boyboy had loads of fun!

HI - it was just alright actually. It's just the novelty of the idea!

Yatie - still cannot get over the room actually! Thanks for the suggestion on the baby monitor.

Jlow - have emailed you seperately!! Hope you really get to go!

Bobo Bear said...

It's great to go for a holiday with family and friends. My Boy first holiday is also in PD. And is nice to see you(your photo) for the first time too! Boy Boy looks more like Daddy or Mummy?

Baby Darren said...

woww.... a wonderful gang of friends you have and ur holiday sounds great. So glad that you enjoyed your holiday and most important - boyboy loved it too...

Ann said...

Bobobear - yes, I remember your posting on that holiday! YOu went down to the pool with him right! Didn't bring boyboy to the pool...wondering if he will enjoy that! Planning your next trip?

Baby Darren - yes, so glad that boyboy loved it...but he loves all sorts of play parents call him the KING of PLAY! :)

LittleLamb said...

Hmmm not many churches call their CG SG..and SG as in SheperdGroup. Attending CBC??