Friday, May 9, 2008

My Mothers' Day Fantasy

I have been seeing this tag go round and at the end of it all, I will not tag anyone coz I think everyone else has already written about it.

Reading all the previous postings, I think most of us want a day of rest. Either rest away from the kids or rest with the kids behaving perfectly (for once)! And most of us have our husbands in the picture..which I think is really great. Marriage has to be our priority before kids I reckon.

But I think the one thing I want on Mothers' Day which will happen for me is to spend the time with my mother and my grandmother. 3 generations of mothers together!

Also on that day I want to be able to have peace in my heart and mind. Not that boyboy will be an angel or for me to be away from him for a day for some rest. But that I will come to terms with motherhood.

To accept that boyboy will have his moods...and I will still have peace.
To accept that he will fall....and I will still have peace.
To accept that I may do things wrongly.....and I will still have peace.
To accept that he may not always act the way I want him to....and still have peace.

Basically to accept peacefully that I am not perfect but I am learning. To accept that I have done my best, the rest is up to God.

Perhaps this Mothers' Day, I will find peace....if not be aware that I need to find that peace.

Peace and love to all mothers!


U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, gosh, I love reading you wanting to spend mother's day with your mom and her mom. How beautiful.
Pity I am now an orphan, ha ha.
But I have make earlier preparations with a relative in Malaysia to buy and put a bouquet of red roses on her grave each mother's day.
A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother, the longest.
You enjoy the 3 generations, Ann, best wishes on mother's day, Lee.

hissychick said...

Hope you have a lovely and peace filled mother's day. How special to be sharing it with your mother and grandmother too.

mumsgather said...

Peace and Love to you too. Have a good day with your mother and grandmother. I don't have a mother and grandmother nor a MIL or GMIL so I'll spend it hugging the kids and smothering them with kisses. Hahaha.

Yatie_T said...

Happy Mother's Day.

andrewjune said...

hey, thks for the thoughtful of you :-)
i haven't done by tag it till tomorrow i thk! LOL
anyway, you will always be granted with peace if you believe in Him (HE does wonder things if we just pray to Him)
and so here wishing you all the peace and happiness on Mother's Day!

A gift from God said...

May the Lord watches over you and grant you peace and happiness as you spend Mother's day with your mummy and granny.... :)

Julie said...

Peace and Love...that's just what I need too.

...And happily ever after with God's abundance blessing.

Happy Mother's Day!