Monday, May 5, 2008

My son can't seem to crawl

I tired to do some research on infant crawling and most of the articles talk about fear from parents that their child cannot walk yet. None so far talk about fear that their child cannot crawl!

So, as you all know from my previous posts on boyboy, he has taken a liking to standing and now he is trying to take baby steps.

In an effort to help him learn to crawl, I have bought the numbers rubber pad to let him explore on the floor.

This was what I discovered. In a sitting position, he will stretch his hands forward. His right leg will be set up sole of the feet down and knee up. But that is as far as he goes.

He is unable to balance himself on his right hand and right feet so that his left feet can kneel and put him into a doggie style position. After a while in this position, he will go back to sitting upright.

So...he cannot crawl. To move, he tends to put his head down and legs up and then stretch his body (much like a caterpillar). But I reckon he knows he must not do it on a 4x4" rubber padding. He might just end up on the cold hard floor.

So, here was I sitting beside him crawling around the 4x4" safety area trying to help him position his legs into doggie style. After which helping him move his right hand and right feet simultaneously...the his left...then his right....then turn him around and try it all over again.

I am thinking now to get more of those rubber paddings so that I have a larger space to play with!

Why is crawling so important?
Crawling enables infants to develop a cross-crawl pattern, which is simultaneous use of opposite extremities. For example, when the baby moves his/her right arm with his/her left leg, the following occurs on the opposite side. Motor nerve impulses to the extremities originate in each side of the brain cortex and cross in the brainstem to supply required motor activity to the opposite extremity; which basically means that the right brain controls the left arm and left leg, and vice versa. With crawling, the cross-crawl pattern repeats itself, and therefore uses both right and left brain for neurological coordination.

Crawling will enable an infant to learn about proper balance and coordination – such as how to use one side of their body to balance the other; which becomes very useful when learning to sit and stand.
In addition, crawling builds mental strength, where a child begins to learn problem solving skills and starts understanding the cause/effect relationship. You can also help your child build mental strength by positively reinforcing them with toys. Try placing a toy within eyesight, to help the infant develop motivation as they are rewarded with their toy when they crawl toward it.

So, no fear that your kid is walking too late? I wonder if my kid will ever crawl.

I am thinking sometimes a kid knows best what they want to do and how they want to move. Walking is said to be genetically related and also based on the kid's temperament, weight etc.etc.
I was not a crawler myself (according to my mum), he is definitely a determined kid and he is not heavy at all....

So maybe he will pass through the crawling stage into walking without loosing out on all the benefits that comes with crawling.
You think???


andrewjune said...

well, rachael is coming to 7 months old next week...i could see she's trying to move forward everytime she is on her tummy...but i dont know if she will be crawling in no time or she will be like lil chris...
but either way, i thk lil chris did a fanstactic job by standing & taking some baby steps! naturally, he will tend to crawl...diff babies have diff stages of development, i assume :-)
be patient, my dear friend...
yeah maybe you should consider buying more of the 4"x4" rubber padding...i already had them but we haven't install them yet.
and we hv decied not to buy a walker as well...cos a lot of ppl said they don't need the walker anymore when they are able to walk.

hissychick said...

If BoyBoy is doing the caterpillar then he will crawl. Trust me!

The variation in timing of crawling and style of crawling are quite large. A didn't crawl until 11 months, E was not quite 7 months. A one day just got up and started the full on cross crawl, E did the caterpillar first.

I wouldn't be worrying at all. I never crawled and my problem solving skills are more than adequate :)

Enjoy what's left of the non mobile stage while it lasts. Once they are off and going you don't stop either. I'm off to retrieve E from the top of the lowrise TV cabinet right now!!

A gift from God said...

:) don't worry... boy boy will crawl... or maybe he will just by pass the crawling stage! It's not going to be a problem...

And if I were you, I will not get a walker later on. I did some research, it is believe that a walker will actually delay walking in babies! When they are in the walker.. and a walker to could be dangerous too. Reese didn't use a walker at all and he started walking at 11 months old unsupported.

JLow said...

I can't recall Caitlin crawling a lot- she did crawl, I just can't remember her doing it a lot.

We did get her a walker, and she did zoom here and there on it. I personally think it may have helped her walk (again I cannot remember off-hand when she started walking, gotta check my home movie collection dates!)

I do recall, however, that she needed lots of hand-holding when she started making her first few steps. It came to a point when I already knew she could walk, just lacked the confidence to let go of our hands (which weren't really holding her up anymore).

For me, the tipping point was: Since she also liked to hold favourite-objects-of-the-moment, (which could be anything from balls, soft toys, a colourful brochure), I "overloaded" her hands with these things, that she HAD to let go of holding hands while walking!

Good luck with boyboy; but I don't think you need it, from the sounds of it!

simon said...

alyssa, never crawled - she went from moving in a sitting position to walking, at 17 months - we were pretty worried she'd never walk! but it all turned out pretty okay.

btw you do mean "sole of the feet", right? "soul of the feet" sounds... metaphysical.

Baby Darren said...

don't worry, boyboy is still very young. There is a chinese saying, "3 months turning over, 6 months sitting up and 9 months crawling". Boyboy only 7 mths ++, so there are still plenty of time for him to learn crawling. Boys tend to be slower too.

Also, even if he does not crawl, it is still ok coz some babies do skip the crawling part and go straight to walking.

Do not worry too much, just let him enjoying the world by exploring himself. You can also put him on a mattress (which gave a bigger space) for him to turn and turn or moving around without hitting his head or falling out to the cold floor.

mumsgather said...

Hahaha. I didn't know that crawling was so beneficial. The problem with us mums these days is there is an information overload causing us more worries. I can't remember it but I think my kids start with crawling backwards first. It wasn't a proper crawl, more like a backshide shuffle I think. Hehe.

Moomykin said...

Don't worry too much, ann. I'm sure your little one is growing well.

If you feel that it is so important that he should crawl, even if he should start walking before that, then you can come up with some games or go to parks with tube-like tunnels and get him to crawl.:)

Btw, thanks for the info on crawling.

HI said...

Currently, crawling isn't even a milestone anymore. Some babies go straight to walking. However, babies who crawl do have stronger upper bodies.

Olivia did not crawl until she is 9months old, so not to worry. Boyboy might crawl anytime soon. Maybe put his favourite toy in front of him, out of reach, that would incent him to move/crawl.

Ann said...

Andrewjune - yesterday put him on the mat again and this time he refused to move. Ya...i know the walker that I got him will be short term. But he really loves his walker now and it is a "short" break from carrying him or sitting on the floor with him!

Hissychick - good to know NOT crawling did not impact your problem solving skills! And yeah...really appreciate their not so mobile stage now.

A gift from God - actually I already got the walker..partly coz I had to take care of boyboy for 3 days by myself and I couldnt keep up with all his energy/demands for wanting to stand and try moving around! Thus the walker.....a brief reprise at least for me!

Jlow - boyboy will reach out for my hands to help support himself to get up. After that he will start looking around wanting to grab and explore this and that. Don't think i will have the privelege of holding his hands for long once he is all steady!

Ann said...

Simon - thanks for pointing sole and excuse for me there!
And yes...I am beginning to think that some kids actually don't need crawling all that much. Nothing lacking in Alyssa when it comes to problem solving and etc. after all!

Babydarren - I was actually contemplating a mattress or the rubber pads. But I have NO place to store that mattress when it is not being used! Hope boyboy can sleep in his cot until I move to my new place!

Mumsgather - boyboy has been doing the shuffle for quite some times now. I think i would not have bothered as well if not for my babysitter telling me that I should encourage him to crawl more often!

Mommykin - yeah...I really think I need to get a bigger play mat for him - maybe instead of more rubber pads, I will get a yoga/exercise mat which I can use when he outgrows it!

HI - seems like the 9 month old mark will be it for boyboy to crawl. But I guess apart from that, I can only 'teach' him how to crawl and also satisfy his demand to stand. And see which one he prefers....