Thursday, May 8, 2008

Partners in Christ

My sister came back late Saturday evening and plopped on the sofa. It had been a tiring day, according to her.

She was at a church conference that started on Friday. I was wondering what made today any different.

Oh! You don’t know….we had to mobilize close to 300 people from church to the Dream Centre today!”

“Really? Is that so! How come?” I was curious to know, being an ex-DUMC member myself.

This was her story (give and take)

“We had no electricity in the middle of a topic she was preaching on. And it happened so often that pastor had to try to find another place so that we could continue the topic. The preacher was saying maybe the evil spirit does not want us to listen to this topic!!

But it was so surprising…with just one phone call, pastor managed to get DUMC to help open one of their halls for us to continue our conference. I was so amazed.

Dream Centre is really beautiful. And do you know Pastor Gan? He was there. He managed to open the halls for us so quickly and even arranged tea for us.

Not many people knew where the Dream Centre was. But it wasn’t that hard giving them instructions and within 15-30 minutes, we were sitting in this nice comfortable air-con hall continuing our conference.

It was so amazing! Truly amazing how quickly DUMC managed to get everything in order…from the microphone, the recording and all other logistics. It must such a blessing to be able to give.”

I felt really proud. This was the way it was supposed to be.....where churches, irregardless the denomination, worked together in all ways possible.

I felt I wanted to tell the whole world that things can be done when all brothers and sisters in Christ partner with each other. No evil spirit, nothing in the world can stop the Word from being heard.

Many left the conference talking about the topic that they were not supposedly meant to hear. Many were touched by it.

Many are still talking about it. And the recording is still being passed from person to person.

For my DUMC/DreamCentre sisters and brothers in Christ, you should be glad that you are in a place where you are in the position to help. And I know many people, not only my sister was truly touched by the capability of Dream Centre to extend a helping hand.

I find it truly amazing….truly amazing. Applause applause to everyone who helped make it happen. What an amazing testimony!

As my pastor always signs off….”Press On! Press On!”

*DUMC - Damansara Utama Methodist Church. Now they hold their services in the Dream Centre.


Ponytail said...

When I was rushing to the Mattel Warehouse Sale during one working day lunch time. I stumble upon DUMC Dream Center. It is indeed huge and I stood there looking at it for a while...don't know why but I could not get my eyes away for a while...hahaha!

Julie said...

Partners in Christ...the title says it all.

See...our great God in action. He wants His people to hear the Word so He made it possible no matter what happened.

Yatie_T said...

thank you for dropping by at my blog. One thing I know, we can do anything if we all work together and we will live in peace. :)
Oh! Don't worry about your son can't seem to crawl. My uncle walk first before he learn how to crawl and he turn out to be the smartest in the family.

andrewjune said...

you will be truly amazed at what a centre like that can do for many ppl :-)
here's wishing you a Happy Mother's Day and hv a great blessed weekend :-)

Ann said...

PN - I think I will go visit it one Saturday! Must be truly amazing when worship starts!

Julie - AMEN !

Yatie - thanks for your reassurances.

June - yes, we need the big establishments as well as the smaller community ones!