Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Port Dickson Foodies

Now that I am back and a little enlightened, I have to do my bit to contribute to society.

Contribute in what way you say?

We KL-nites all know that the nearest decent beach place for us to go is Port Dickson. Our impression of it is very vague partly because we associate it to being dirty with lousy food. But I now beg to differ....

If I had known I was going to do this, I would perhaps have taken a video or some photos of the directions....but from what I can remember, here are some places you can go EAT!
(I put on 2 kg after 3D2N in Port Dickson!)


1. Lucky Seafood restaurant (Chicken curry giant Pau) and other dishes - watch left after you see KFC. This is just along the main road from where all the hotels are....
2. P.D. Eating Point - Next to Le Paris Hotel and PD Catholic church.
Somewhat vague directions - Make your way to PD town. You will reach a roundabout. Take the right turnout. Pass over some railway tracks, go straight on (the road bends to the left and to the right) and you should come up to the coffee shop on your left (it is a corner coffee shop). Catholic Church will be on your right opposite the shop.
3. Kedai Kopi Fong Hai (changed after Simon's comment *wink*) - Make you way to PD town, reach the roundabout, take the left turnout and follow the road. There will be a row of shop houses on your right and the shop is discretly snugged in the middle, opposite it being KFC. At the end of the road is a playground and if you go on somemore, you will come back to the roundabout again.


1. Restaurant Weng Yin Seafood (changed after wy's comment *wink*) - Teluk Kemang near Guoman Resort
There are many seafood restaurants lining the road actually. The one we went to was Wing Li and it is on the left side heading south from PD town. Go early so that you do not have to wait too long and try to get a table near the fan!
2. Sia Lee seafood restaurant - 57, Jalan Orkid 1, Taman Orkid, Batu 9, Teluk Kemang (near Guoman)
3. El Cactus Mexican restaurant - opposite Corus Paradise
The mexican restaurant could be a bit pricey but the food is great. Service is not so good though as they only have 2 cooks. So best go with people whom you have LOADS to talk to and when you are not that hungry. And the music (oldies) which starts at 8 gets the kids a dancing!

1. 8th mile, Jalan Pantai PD beach (main beach)
2. Teluk Kemang beach (note that you have to rent the wooden seats if you want them). There are many shoplets around this area and a food court as well. I browsed the shops but didn't check out the food court!

Sat evening pasar malam...just drive along the main road and you will definitely see it...followed by a small traffic jam!!

So, my dear bloggers, plan a trip, take a break, rejuvenate your marriage, build into your kid's memory bank...it is worth it.


simon said...

the coffeeshop is called fong hai.


Moomykin said...

Thanks. :)

The next time we plan a trip to PD I'll make sure Gadget-daddy prints out a copy of this post! :)

U.Lee said...

Hello Ann, your mention of Port Dickson brings back memories to me.
My last trip there when we balek kampong was in 2002.
But young days used to go there very often, not so commercialised as the present. Used to go swim at 7th mile...aswell go fishing at Cape Rachardo....there is a big whirlpool there too pending the tide.
The food you mention sure making me wish I am there now, ha ha.
You stay easy and have a nice day, Lee.

Wai Yin said...

dinner place we had is called Weng Yin and not Wing Li (as given by PN ealier)

Baby Darren said...

thanks for sharing the information. Never knew there are so many good food in PD. We had a lousy meal the last time we were there.

andrewjune said...

you make it sounds so tempting leh...
well, pg is also an island :-) but it's too far from KL...yeah i understand!
thks for sharing the tips though...

p/s: you will lose that 2 kg very fast, i know!

Ann said...

Mommykin - AND if ever in the midst of packing and getting the boys and other kids ready you forget, just give me a call!

Lee - Reckon PD then is VERY different from how it is now. In fact the last time I went to PD and its current state now has also changed quite a bit!

Simon/WY - will make the necessary changes and link to your blogs as well! ;)

Baby Darren - I think if not for this bunch of friends, I would had lousy food too! Thus my list for future reference...

June - you bet I will have to try....at least have to try to maintain a bit!

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Anonymous said...

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