Saturday, May 3, 2008

What my 7+ boy does

WHOSH his hand flung and landed SMACK on my face. It hurt sooo much...
I covered my face with my two hands and pretended to cry. About 5 seconds into pretending, I peeped at him through my fingers. To my surprise he started to pout and was about to start to cry as well. I gave him 2 more seconds and what! A big fat tear rolled down his face and he whimpered.

I took my two hands away and looked at him. He looked back at me. Whimpering stopped. I gave him a grin and then laughed.... He looked at me and then laughed with me.

Over the weekend, I experimented more and found that when I cry, he also cries. And when I am sad, he can feel it and tends to keep rather quiet. But when he sees me laughing he will laugh and laugh with me.

At 7+ my boy understands emotions.

I was feeling a bit down the weather over the there were times when I left him to play by himself.

My boy at 7+ is capable of playing by himself. But when he does see me, he will drop everything and start crawling to me.....

And finally now a days, he doesn't really like to lie down when he is not sleepy. So, when he is thirsty, he would rahter sit up and tilt his head back to drink water.

My boy at 7+ wants his own way.


JLow said...


It has begun!
(You can take that as a good thing or a bad thing!)

Moomykin said...

Well done, Christopher!!
Sure is great to see them grow.

As jlow said, it begins. Your baby is an individual and will be showing more of this as he grows. Have fun growing together. :)

Julie said...

Like what you've said previously, the outcome is totally in your hands. :P

I'm gonna try crying in front of Jonathan boy and watch for his reaction.

JLow said...

As you know, I am already wrestling with my 4+ month boy.

Usually when people cluck their tongue at Caleb, he'd grin the widest 4+ month grin. Last night I got so mad at his wrestling, that I grunted at him.

It wasn't anything loud or frightening (or maybe it was for him). Never have I seen his bewildered, What's-this look, almost downward curling lips (ready to cry) before.

Perhaps they start recognising emotions much earlier than expected...

andrewjune said...

awww...he is cute :-)
babies can surely understand our emotions...
he is doing great for a 7+ baby!
way to go...:-)

Caren said...

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Ann said...

JLow - I reckon perhaps they do recognise emotions earlier....coz they have used their own emotions to manipulate us adults to scurry around all the time when they were younger! :) We used to growl sometimes and my boy would think we were scolding him and start crying...but this time round what really touched me was that he understood perhaps not he emotions but he understood EMPATHY....empathy to what mummy must be feeling! hahaha....

Mommykin - yes, I would have fun loads growing with him.

Julie - yes, the outcome is totally in our hands....let me know what your Jonathan does ya!

Andrewjune - I understand the use of emotions to manipulate us but to feel like crying when he sees me cry?? That feels kinda sweet!!!

Caren - thanks for your kind words and suggestion.

Anonymous said...

at 7+ only, your boy is looking already so handsome!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, you sure have a cute boy there. And how he loves his mummy.
Love your beautiful photographs. Give him a hug for me.
Best regards, Lee.