Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What were you doing then?

Was just reading Simon's post and it got me thinking about what I was doing back in the mid 90's. While he was already working, I was still studying...not even in college if you count the smack-right-in-the -middle of the 90's.

And when I did get to college, I was in Metropolitan in Subang Jaya. Stayed in SS15 near the big field and visited the pasar malam every Tuesday and Sunday night.

It also got me thinking that about that time, my hubby was also staying in Subang SS17. And a few current friends of mine have also told me that they used to go to the pasar malam as well very often around the same time I used to go.

How funny it is sometimes when you think about it. The people whom you just pass by one day may become the closest friend you could ever have a few years down the road.

I know for a fact that if I had met my hubby when I was in college, I may not have ended up with him in the end. It is funny that God only lets you meet the person at that fateful time when you have become a different person adn he/she has also grown up a little bit more.

It's like a chess game, a computer game, life is all about playing the game right....

Pray hard, live right.

So what were you doing in the mid 90's?


andrewjune said...

ahhh...those were the glorious days of my life...if i can recall back :-)
definitely studying back then...with a hole in the pocket...envying others who wore designer jeans, carrying the latest gadgets etc.
but those days were my happiest days too as well cos i get to meet a lot of new friends (and now they are STILL my good friends!)
from a student, i became a working adult by late 90's.

simon said...

so you used to hang out at that huge mamak at the field? what was it called, Ravi's corner or something like that...

JLow said...

Ahhh... the mid 90's....

I was in Adelaide, having just graduated with a BA in Computer Sciences....

I had a job with the uni for a few years already then, and was starting to look for a "real" fulltime job; which I found with the State Library of South Australia, in the middle of Adelaide city...

I was also planning our marriage / wedding; I had been dating her since 1991 (first year uni).

I was contemplating very hard where to settle down: Adelaide (or Australia) or return to KL. It wasn't going to be a problem, since she was an exchange student to Kangar and spoke (still speaks) better Malay than I do. No decision was made then, in 1995.

Kylie Minogue was just changing from the wholesome image to become more "sophisticated"; I think it was the same year also that I attended Madonna's Blonde Ambition concert.

I was listening to alternative music- nothing too weird. I was exposed to the likes of Bjork (who just went solo not too long before then), Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and "discovering" U2 (even though they had been around for ages).

I had been driving a hand-me-down Daihatsu Charade for years, and we were just buying a Ford Laser then; midnight blue. I think it was only AUD19k back then; I can't be sure now- likely cheaper.

And I was a lot younger mentally, maturity, and physically then! Obviously!

hissychick said...

Hmmm let's see. In '95 I started uni and was just coming out of my previously rather shy shell and starting to enjoy the double life that characterised my early twenties: that of a reasonably diligent student during the week and wild child on the weekends....

Mr hissychick/toddlerdaddy was in a punk band at this time. Not that I knew him then!

Moomykin said...

Interesting note about meeting the right person at the right time.

I knew most of Mike's friends when they were in their early teens and thought them as kiddos. It was only when I studies in St. John's 4 years later that I met hi, obviously more mature by then, and also made it possible for me to think of him beyond just friends. ;)

Mid-90's were the wonderful days of Universiti Malaya. Had a bunch of great and fun uni mates. We studies hard, worked on projects together, got involved in musical presentations together, ate together and at the end of the term we always had an outing.

Me being the local (they were all from different states of Malaysia) had the honour of taking them around (also because I was the only one driving). We went to a waterfall, had a picnic at Taman Jaya, bowling, had Kajang Sate, and went for a Christmas musical float.

It was really fun.

Ann said...

June - you know when I first came to KL, I really thought KL people were very different. Too fashionable and girls only dated guys with cars and they all had a kind air about them. Of course I also met many down to earth and practical girls. But reckon my circle of friends mainly consisted of all outstation people!

Simon - I was not really a mamak person then. Was such a good girl staying home to read or study at night. Life in Subang totally SUCKED for me. Bf local lah, that is the trouble, and he was a mummy's boy!

Jlow - the 90's must have held some really good and really heartbreaking memories for you. I am getting curious as to what happened to your first love, being the Hot Daddee too that you are!

Hissychick - dual charater huh! uess the start of liberation. Mr. was in a punk band? When did you meet him then....please tell us your love story! :)

Mommykin - good to know that the mid 90's were great collage days! Really sounds like you had alot of fun. And betcha you must have been a great host!

JLow said...

Me? Hot Daddee?? No lah...

Anyway, discussions on whatever happened back then, should be taken offline! ;)

Back then too I was wearing a lot of dark coloured clothes / black. Wasn't turning goth, but I dug it!