Monday, June 30, 2008

Some shots, some comments

There is no pictures really worth seeing then those of the food I had in New York. There were some Mexican and Japanese food that I had which I forgot to take pictures of. But after that, most other meals were shot!

The first of course being airline scenery and some food!

Then, there were the cool-ers that accompanied my many walks around New York!

Brazillian Food.
The dish that I ordered was the Vatapa. It consisted of fish and shrimp puree on the left and fish with prawns on the right with Brazillian spices. It was the best dish on the menu!!!

Oh.....for the LOVE of the Italians. Pizza will never be the same again! It was simply lovely, very basic and the cheese was really different. Ordering the pizza was tough coz you don't actually just choose the kind of pizza you want. You have to choose EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT you want on the pizza right down to what herbs!!! (Not for the indecisive!)

And we also bullied our colleague's mum to cook typical Phillipines food for us.
The chicken was totally yummy and we found out that it was marinated in vinegar and soya sauce before putting to simmer for an hour or two!
And.....finally my usual breakfast places. Nothing like a nice warm drink and a stomach filling, soul satisfying bite to go with it!

So, I am back....wanted to take shots of the things I got....but have already unpacked and distrbuted most!
On the Christopher note, two weeks has changed him so much. He has grown fatter with my parents care, taller and SO MUCH MORE AWARE of his surroundings. He can be told off and reasoned with to a degree I myself am trying to get used to. I am glad to be home. It is good to be a mother and a wife first before a worker!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I was reading through Mummy-Yeoh's post and it really touched my heart and got me thinking...

Before my son was born, my mum told me to pray for all the normal things like that he will be healthy, no complications etc.

But the one more thing she told me to pray for was that he would be a baby that "Yan tai, yan ngoi". Literally translated meaning "People see, people love".

I got to admit I prayed for that daily. That he would be a lovable baby. But somewhere along the line, I think I have forgotten what more I hope for him to be and pray that he will grow into that. So, here is my prayer list for myself ....

I would like to be able to peep into my son's room before sleeptime and see him praying.

I would like my son to grow up into a sensitive boy. Not sensitive emotionally but sensitive to the needs of those around him.

I would like to hear people comment that my son has self awareness in that he grows to be a better person with every turn and change.

I would like my son to be sensible. To know what should not be done and even if he wants to try something new out to try it in a safe environment and to know the limit to which he should invovle himself in.

I would like to see my son aiming to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Working hard when he should and playing hard when the time comes for it.

I would like to see my son working in a challenging job, frequently asking questions, learning, equipping himself.

I would hope that he would find a good wife and further build his own family and fill it with Godly love and peace and comfort.

I would like to know my son's friends. To see that they are good kids and that my son is a good friend to them.

I would like him to tell me that the reason why he was on the phone too long was because his friends or colleagues have something to confide in him....but that he will not do it too often (smile!)

I would like to sit in his car as he drive me to the mall and feel proud of his safe and steady driving skills.

I would like to see him sit in the sun, go for a walk/jog or just sit quietly and pray or contemplate or just take things easy.

And when I cannot remember all of this, I just pray that he will always be close to God.

My last day in NY

It is my lat day in NY.

In these 2 weeks,

I have eaten
1) a Mexican lunch
2) Turkish food
3) a Brazillian dinner
4) Several Indian home cooked food
5) Soon to be Phillipines home cooked food (tonight!)
6) 1 tub of yogurt
7) Haagen Daaz mist choc ice cream
8) Frozen sausages and other TV dinners
9) Pepperidge wholewheat bread (it has a slight taste of banana bread!)
10) Fruit bars
11) Peaches, blueberries, cherries
12) Muffins - choc, raisin and oats, carrot and walnut

I have drank
1) Amish coffee - regular, hazelnut anf latte
2) Amish Chai Latte
3) Regular street coffee
4) Brazillian Shiraz/Chardonney wine

I have spent (approx.)
1) $170 for food and drinks
2) $ 500 for gifts

I have seen
1) Central Park in the summer
2) NY in the summer
3) Niagara Falls
4) Buffalo City
5) Strong winds in NY when it rains
6) Crazy thunder storms

I now know
1) Genuine friendship
2) the first impression I give is "my transparency"
3) my weakness is my "tendency to react"
4) I can spend
5) People here take lots of drugs but not often antibiotics

More pics when I get back. My head is whoozy from the flu medication I took last night and this morning.

Is the world literally spinning before me?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Majestic Weekend

No feeling could ever match up to being there.
To feel the strength of its force.
Controlled yet unrelenting.

And how nature can bring 2 countries together.
So that citizen's of both countires can revel in it.
And become better because of it.

And if you have the time, look up the history behind the falls. It is indeed greater than the presence it displays. Especially the time when both countries had to work together to hold back the falls for preservation.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Being in New York

It is hard being in New York.

I mean there are some levels of difficulty as it is working in UN - may it be the fact that we are contract workers, we are too far away from our immediate bosses, we are not part of the main stream communication, we are from different nations, different cultures.

But being in New York makes all these difficulties more apparent.

We are in the middle of change management here. HEAVY change management.....and on top of that, we are in the midst of upgrading our accounting software.

It is funny, I have studied change management and been through on in my previous organization but in NY/US, change management is taken to a whole new level. There are seperate units who handle communication and change is taken seriously and talked about in too many meetings in a week.

Upper management (when it suits them) expects the lowest unit of them all to be able to conform to the change and in no terms tell that to you frankly. If your immdiate boss leaves, (come on) you are after all a part of the whole unit. Your ex-bosses boss will now look after you. There is no reason for concern!


And even on the social side, my colleague from another country who also flew to NY for the same reason as I bought me a gift from his home country. Being Asians, we decided to get him some chococlates from NY to bring back. Unfortnately, it didn't cross our mind to get him anything from Malaysia.

But our colleague from NY then told us it would be rude to give (back) a gift only out of obligation. She personally would be offended.


It's a total different ball game played in NY. It's an adjustment too. I have been here 1 week, 1 week more to go and frankly, I can't wait to return. Things are too apparent here for my liking. Partly because I know I don't have to conform seeing that I am here for only a short while.

I am resisting change management (fluid as it should be) at the core.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

My "Dear Kevin" letter


Now, as a wife, I know I nag at you more than you would ever be able to complain or repeat! I mean that is what most wife's do - They nag at their husbands! Ask wy (hehe...)

And since our marriage, I know I have had a larger share of things I wish for you to planning more, throwing out the garbage ASAP and killing that damn cockaroach with the newspaper!
I know I nag and nag to get you to do stuff everyday so much so it becomes quite tiring, right!

But there is one thing I want you to know. Since Christopher, I have come see another aspect of you that I really respect. You sure make a GREAT dad.

I am quite sure God turned on a switch called "sensible, able-to-think dad" when boyboy came into this world. You really have a knack of telling me to do a certain thing just when it is becoming important for boyboy.

I pride myself at being able to plan ahead and think of reactions, consequences and all that stuff. But there are some times (when it matters the most) when you see further ahead than I do. Or notice something is amiss faster than I can.

It amazes me that this you, whom I have to nag to start your studies again or turn off the heater can advice me to carry boyboy diagonally and not jut leave him in that weird position to sleep. Or that you are hardworking enough to prop boyboy up to just catch a mouthful of buscuits. And you actually make plan for your little guy (and I don't mean the one down there! ;))

So dearie, I really think you are a great dad. As a hubby, we still have somethings to work on. I mean, daddy did warn you I am not the easiest person to live with!

But you have always been my stabilising factor. My calm in the midst of storm. Don't loose me when the storm gets too dark ok. Hold on to me please like I know you will be holding on to boyboy.

Happy Fathers' Day dearie! Thanks for Christopher. And thanks for your presence in our lives.

From across the miles in Bangkok airport with much love and fond thoughts....

Your dearie too...

Thai Airways Airport Lounge

I am at the KLIA Thai Airport Lounge. I am on my way to Bangkok and after which to NY.

My son cried when I left.
He has been vommitting since last night (Friday).
Doctor says he has a throat and ear infection.
He has a high fever.
His body must be aching coz he is crying non stop.

There is no better timing than this.

Surprisingly I am not that anxious. I know there are people praying for him, for my hubby and for me. I know I have done all I can. I can rest on God's providence. God will take care of him and give everyone else the strength to take care of Christopher.

Not too sure about blogging.
Will see you all in perhaps 2 weeks time.

By the way...with regard to the Topic Title, Thai Royal Longue is so much smaller that MAS Golden Lounge. No wonder one costs MYR 18K and the other costs MYR30K !

It is Thai Airways last few flights to NY. After this trip, there will no longer be anymore direct flights from Thailand to NY anymore. Anyways.....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I've got a problem on my hands!

I've got a problem that I am wondering how to resolve.

It's with regard to my son.

He screams/shouts...whatever you call it!
He does that mainly when he is tired.

Due to some comments received since the PD trip...even from certain children, I have been wondering about my need to discipline him with regard to his shouting.

I know he does it for a reason.
But I reckon he need not do it too often. Especially when I am trying to give him the most comfortable position to sleep.

I started scolding him on Sunday.
He took to the scolding hesitantly.
It managed to stop him from shouting for too long.

Last night when he shouted at dinner, I tapped his mouth and scolded him.
Last night I saw a change in him.
I could see that he was really 'geram'.
His whole body would stiffen up and he would shout but more inwardly than outwardly (if you know what I mean).

I don't want comments that he is misbehaved.
Or any sighs that he is shouting again.

But I also don't want to do the wrong thing by him.

Have you experienced this before?
When is it time to discipline a child?
I feel he understands when I am angry and he understands the scolding.
But his reaction last night was the first time.
And it made me sad and worried and scared.

I have to pray....
but I would also like to know what your thoughts are....

Fathers' Day @ Cagayan's

So, we were @ Cagayan's last night to celebrate an early Fathers' Day!
This is a NON HALAL Filipino restaurant and all I can say is the food is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! For those who wonder how different different can be, you should give this restuarant a try.
It is located in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. At the wing closer to MacD, beside Starbucks.

These were some of the dishes we ate.
Truth be told, we had more....but it was gone before I managed to snap any photos.

If you go there, you must try this pork dish in sizzling plate (can't remember the name!). It tastes on top of this world!

They break an egg right in the middle of the pork tongue (I think it was tongue...or was it ear?!) and you mix up the bits of tongue/ear with the egg and eat it ALL UP!

It reminded me really of our char tau kueh! You know that pasar malam carrot cake dish fried with egg!!!

And we were also told to try the Pork Binagoongan which is pork belly, Little Piggy which is actually pork ribs and the Crispy Pata which is fried pork leg. Then they also have Pork Adobo which is also pork in vinegar and spices!

But I reckon we had too much pork already.

For NON PORK lovers (I mean they did say it was Non Halal!), there is also fish and chicken.
AND they also have individual orders and Japanese noodles.
AND deserts!

Will I go soon as I get back from NY!
I want to try their noodles which really looks enticing as well and their deserts!

AND I will go as far as recommend all Cheras, Penang, KL, Spore, PJ, foreign visitors and homecoming Msians to go there! hahaha.....

(I mean if you love pork that is!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend shots

Carl's Jr. Dinner at One Utama

Verdict: Surprisingly GOOD.

I would say this is a meal (price and portion) in between McD and TGIF burgers. The portion is fact FULL for fastfood standards.

Would we go again? Perhaps. In part due to the variety of drinks, the salsa bar (which makes my burger feel like Subway!) and the satisfaction!

Or maybe it was the Heinz tomato and chili sauce, the genuine potato chips and the neat way my burger was packaged!

Sour vege dish

I didn't cook this. It was given to me by my multi-talented babysitter one evening when I went to pick to up my son.

And I have asam fish, pork skin with pineapple, macaroni cheese to look forward to! yuuuummmmmyyyy.......

Finally...Christopher's 2 tooth shot

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

First time at Baskin Robbins

I am not sure how many of you will gap at my title!

I have never been into a Baskin Robbins store, lined up to buy a Baskin Robbin ice cream or even eaten one proper.

But I did on Saturday. Celebrated my birthday and my closest friend's birthday on the 31st JUST so that we could be eligible for the 31% discount.

We originally intended to get a pint EACH and then share it out. But that girl friend of mine in the end decided it was JUST TOO MUCH!

And in case she thought me crazy enough to finish TWO pints, I thought best to follow along and just get the cup and cone.

So, my FIRST Baskin Robbins on my own was green tea flavour.

Some say healthy food cannot mix with non healthy food. I myself am not a great fan of green tea stuff. But my colleague has been RAVING about the green tea Baskin Robbins. She claims it is TOO GREAT to miss!

Verdict? It was actually quite good. The flavour of the green tea is very pleasant and strong enough to know it is actually tea! The ice cream was also very yummy. It doesn't melt as fast as the cheaper ice creams that I get.

And now looking at the BR site, they also have frozen yogurt! I think I will go again with hubby next time and try that out!

Receive answers on credit card deals

You know how we always have questions about our credit cards sometimes? There i this website where you can receive answers on credit card deals!

Although I got to admit this site caters more for US, it is a great site to use whenever you travel there or intend to stay there.

My uncle is moving to US soon. Reckon this site will help him determine what credit card and bank to be associated with.

Even in my line of work, verification of bank details is very important since Electronic Fund Transfers are the way to go these days !

I hope one day such a site is available to cover all other countries as well. Then it would truly be a borderless financial world.

As of now, I still have to call each bank one by one and listen to the marketing talk of each customer agent.

In US, I just need to log on to this site and find all the details I need. Now, isn't that called customer service at its best?

Credit Card Survival

I was super duper busy today. Not with work, although that is tremendous too.

But with few more days to my overseas trip, I need to get my flight booked, hotel booked, shuttle to/fro airport booked, online shopping to be done...etc.

And what was the tool that helped me the most, apart from the internet? MY CREDIT CARD !!!

Thank God for credit cards. Allowing us too make online bookings and payments.

Imagine your life now without credit cards! How much cash would we have to carry and how much we would have to depend on other persons to get things done for us.

And credit cards sure reduce the trust required from service agents from their customers who might be making 'fake' bookings!

And I can breathe easier brining a reliable credit card overseas. I don't have to experience too much of an exchange currency lost for cash changed that are not used!

Bravo to credit cards, no many how plastic they are!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Would you ever?

Would you ever eat a yogurt that is pass its due date?
Would you ever pick a crumb off the floor and put it in your mouth?
Would you ever sneeze and wipe your hand on your pants/shirt?
Would you ever wipe your kid's nose with your hand?
Would you ever eat your kid's semi wet, semi finished biscuit?
Would you ever not pick up a phone coz you do not want to speak to the person?
Would you ever go to bed angry with your spouse?
Would you ever kick your fallen piece of chicken under the chair in a restaurant?
Would you ever brush your teeth with someone else's toothbrush?
Would you ever dig your nose in public?
Would you ever dig your ear in public?
Would you ever look into the mirror to check your hair/outfit or just how you look in public?
Would you stand by tables in a busy restaurant to book it?
Would you use your straw to dig your teeth?
Would you fart and then pretend it wasn't you?
Would you put the last item on another shelf behind the some untouched tins in a supermarket?
Would you walk pass the bread line and press on the bread (in plastic covering)?
Would you pick up a ten sen coin lying on the pavement?

Would you? Would you?

It's Roseola (truly!)

I know I have written about this before. I never did clarify the last time that although he had high fever for 2 days, there were no rashes.

However, this time, it is CONFIRMED. The rashes appeared very distinctively Sunday night and today it is still there (though it has faded out!)

I marvel at the maternal instinct God gave us mothers.

On Sunday night when I saw a few red bumps, some warning bell sounded within me that this is something I need to keep an eye on and confirm with my babysitter.

I am not sure where he got it from.
Some childhood illnesses have to be caught and seen through.
At least I will not be posting about this ever again!

Thanks to all for your prayers. I truly appreciate it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

What to do? What to do?

It has been a long weekend. I was nearly at the point of taking medical leave on Monday.

My little one came down with a fever on Saturday. In fact the whole of Saturday he was feeling terribly lethargic. I have never seen him this way. Not even when he was down with a flu and fever. So, his tiredness really concerned me.

You can imagine Saturday night then. He fuly utilised all his sleeping hours and wanted to play with me at 2 am Sunday morning. So there I was playing pee-ka-boo with him at 2 am, fed him his panadol and milk and tried to get him to lie down again.

Eventually at 4 am (or thereabout) I took my tired boy to bed with me.

And guess what! The only position he was comfortable enough to want to try to sleep was lying on my chest!

So, that kept me half awake, half asleep uptil 7 am. Oh! my back ached!
But his sleeping on me was tolerated only coz in his sleep, he occasionally moaned and whimpered.

Sunday was church. No choice got to go early coz had duty. But I went alone.

From the walkway to my apartment, I could hear my son crying. It was pitiful. I nearly wanted to cry myself.

There is a difference between a frustrated cry, a I-want-something-cry and a pitiful,painful cry.
This was a pitiful, painful cry.
It must be his teething (2 bottom has sprouted out, 1 on top is about to).

Now, I am at work.
Hubby just told me a kid from the baby centre has HFM.
Another kid had more or less the same sysmptoms as mine - fever, malaise, no appetite.
I will have to wait a few days.
I pray it is nothing serious.
Please pray with me.