Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Credit Card Survival

I was super duper busy today. Not with work, although that is tremendous too.

But with few more days to my overseas trip, I need to get my flight booked, hotel booked, shuttle to/fro airport booked, online shopping to be done...etc.

And what was the tool that helped me the most, apart from the internet? MY CREDIT CARD !!!

Thank God for credit cards. Allowing us too make online bookings and payments.

Imagine your life now without credit cards! How much cash would we have to carry and how much we would have to depend on other persons to get things done for us.

And credit cards sure reduce the trust required from service agents from their customers who might be making 'fake' bookings!

And I can breathe easier brining a reliable credit card overseas. I don't have to experience too much of an exchange currency lost for cash changed that are not used!

Bravo to credit cards, no many how plastic they are!


1 comment:

Moomykin said...

Hi. When are you going off again?
Will you still blog from where you are, or come back and give us a tidal wave on your trip?

God speed.