Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fathers' Day @ Cagayan's

So, we were @ Cagayan's last night to celebrate an early Fathers' Day!
This is a NON HALAL Filipino restaurant and all I can say is the food is TOTALLY DIFFERENT! For those who wonder how different different can be, you should give this restuarant a try.
It is located in Centrepoint, Bandar Utama. At the wing closer to MacD, beside Starbucks.

These were some of the dishes we ate.
Truth be told, we had more....but it was gone before I managed to snap any photos.

If you go there, you must try this pork dish in sizzling plate (can't remember the name!). It tastes on top of this world!

They break an egg right in the middle of the pork tongue (I think it was tongue...or was it ear?!) and you mix up the bits of tongue/ear with the egg and eat it ALL UP!

It reminded me really of our char tau kueh! You know that pasar malam carrot cake dish fried with egg!!!

And we were also told to try the Pork Binagoongan which is pork belly, Little Piggy which is actually pork ribs and the Crispy Pata which is fried pork leg. Then they also have Pork Adobo which is also pork in vinegar and spices!

But I reckon we had too much pork already.

For NON PORK lovers (I mean they did say it was Non Halal!), there is also fish and chicken.
AND they also have individual orders and Japanese noodles.
AND deserts!

Will I go soon as I get back from NY!
I want to try their noodles which really looks enticing as well and their deserts!

AND I will go as far as recommend all Cheras, Penang, KL, Spore, PJ, foreign visitors and homecoming Msians to go there! hahaha.....

(I mean if you love pork that is!)


Julie said...

Looks yummy and was drooling while reading your post.

Is it pricy?

Ponytail said...

Happy Father's Day Kevin!!! ....porky huh!...I prefer pork over chicken yes, will definitly go try one day :)