Friday, June 27, 2008

I was reading through Mummy-Yeoh's post and it really touched my heart and got me thinking...

Before my son was born, my mum told me to pray for all the normal things like that he will be healthy, no complications etc.

But the one more thing she told me to pray for was that he would be a baby that "Yan tai, yan ngoi". Literally translated meaning "People see, people love".

I got to admit I prayed for that daily. That he would be a lovable baby. But somewhere along the line, I think I have forgotten what more I hope for him to be and pray that he will grow into that. So, here is my prayer list for myself ....

I would like to be able to peep into my son's room before sleeptime and see him praying.

I would like my son to grow up into a sensitive boy. Not sensitive emotionally but sensitive to the needs of those around him.

I would like to hear people comment that my son has self awareness in that he grows to be a better person with every turn and change.

I would like my son to be sensible. To know what should not be done and even if he wants to try something new out to try it in a safe environment and to know the limit to which he should invovle himself in.

I would like to see my son aiming to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Working hard when he should and playing hard when the time comes for it.

I would like to see my son working in a challenging job, frequently asking questions, learning, equipping himself.

I would hope that he would find a good wife and further build his own family and fill it with Godly love and peace and comfort.

I would like to know my son's friends. To see that they are good kids and that my son is a good friend to them.

I would like him to tell me that the reason why he was on the phone too long was because his friends or colleagues have something to confide in him....but that he will not do it too often (smile!)

I would like to sit in his car as he drive me to the mall and feel proud of his safe and steady driving skills.

I would like to see him sit in the sun, go for a walk/jog or just sit quietly and pray or contemplate or just take things easy.

And when I cannot remember all of this, I just pray that he will always be close to God.


andrewjune said...

such a sweet post...dont worry, he will turned out fine with your guidance and support, i thk he is one fine boy and one fine gentleman when he is older...

and you really got a long list for your ah boy...:-)

p/s: i love the driving part!

Angeline said...

YOu know, when you have all these wishes in mind....your parenting style will geared towards make these wishes come true....its all in the subconscious mind, which is so much more powerful than the conscious mind.

A gift from God said...

This is a wonderful post. What you noted for boy boy is very similar to mine...just that...I have never thought of putting it in words. :) Wonderful...

Julie said...

Thank you, Ann for sharing this lovely prayer list. I've never thought of putting this in detail but only in general like your last line said, "I just pray that he will always be close to God".

Christopher is such a blessed boy and will definitely grow into His likeness.

Mummy-yeoh said...

That is a very beautiful prayer :) I am sure Christopher will turn out fine with your love and care :)

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

This is lovely =)

Moomykin said...

Thank you for sharing this.

Often when I gaze and drink the the angelic faces of my sleeping boys, I just pray that they'll be Godly men who will remember their God in all they do, that they will seek to bring Him joy in what they choose in their lives.
Of course I also pray for good wives for them; Already, Yes. :)