Monday, June 2, 2008

It's Roseola (truly!)

I know I have written about this before. I never did clarify the last time that although he had high fever for 2 days, there were no rashes.

However, this time, it is CONFIRMED. The rashes appeared very distinctively Sunday night and today it is still there (though it has faded out!)

I marvel at the maternal instinct God gave us mothers.

On Sunday night when I saw a few red bumps, some warning bell sounded within me that this is something I need to keep an eye on and confirm with my babysitter.

I am not sure where he got it from.
Some childhood illnesses have to be caught and seen through.
At least I will not be posting about this ever again!

Thanks to all for your prayers. I truly appreciate it.


andrewjune said...

oopsss...what is roseola? lucky thing it's not HFM...
i'm sure boy boy will get well soon :-)

HI said...

It's a viral infection and once the rashes come out, boyboy will be well. It's a pretty common childhood illness.

Ann said...

June - can look it up on google. Maybe see the syptoms and IF it happens, you can be prepared. Pray it will never hit your little one!

HI - yeah, all the kids I know already have it! Thank God it is a ONE off thing!

A gift from God said...

wow...let least you know the cause! mmm... I heard about it before...but didn't really bother.. I hope Reese doesn't get it....
Will continue to pray for boy boy

Moomykin said...

Hope your little darling is well by now.

Take care.

Cecilia said...

Hello everyone
Do visit for information on Roseola or commonly called 'false measles'. It is filed under common skin rashes.
Christopher's babysitter