Monday, June 23, 2008

Majestic Weekend

No feeling could ever match up to being there.
To feel the strength of its force.
Controlled yet unrelenting.

And how nature can bring 2 countries together.
So that citizen's of both countires can revel in it.
And become better because of it.

And if you have the time, look up the history behind the falls. It is indeed greater than the presence it displays. Especially the time when both countries had to work together to hold back the falls for preservation.


JLow said...

Haven't had the privilege yet...

Do share more of your adventures in NY!

Looking forward!

Ponytail said...


These r some of the place that I think Mike and John will enjoy to the max!!

Angeline said...

OMG!!!! This is gorgeous beyong imagination!

Moomykin said...


True, nothing like the wonder of nature to lift you up, yet make you feel so small, to bring great joy to the point of tears... no words ever quite capture the beauty of nature. We just render speechless and breathless!

Glad you're having a good time there - at last! :)

Ann said...

Jlow - really want to. Except by the end of the day I am too tired and I still am expected to work. So, have to wait till I
come back and recuperate.

PN - not only Mike and John. Everyone would surely enjoy it. It is total total joy!

Lia - no words could ever describe it. No matter how cold the wind, I could not and did not want to move away from being in its presence.

Kin - yes, the weekend was the best. And even though, I am glad it will be my only one. Can't wait to come home but living every minute of the NY experience.

HI said... went to Niagara Falls. Yes, it is indeed majestic. I went on the Canadian side when I was visiting Toronto in 2003.

We went on those boats that goes near the falls. What an experience! Don't mind seeing it again.

andrewjune said...

ahhh...breathtakingly beautiful, isn't it...i have not been there and it would be nice to go there...

do post up more photos yeah :-)

Asha said...

I am a regular reader of your blog. Please send more pictures

Wai Yin said...

Wah! So beautiful! Can't wait to see more pics. All I see is Tapah waterfall. Somemore everytime pass by on highway, ask Alyssa keep a lookout and don't blink eye.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, you wouldn't believe how many times I have been to Niagara Falls our 22 years here? 27 times, and still counting!
Just had a phone call, 3AM few days ago too...I posted about it three days ago, "Out of sight, out of mind"...and thus, no. 28 coming up.
Can practically drive there blindfolded.
This year already gone once. Last year twice!

And yes, it is an awesome sight, but after 27 times? Ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

mumsgather said...

Its beautiful in photos and must be breath taking if you have the chance to see it up close.

Ann said...

HI - ya...the closest opportunity I have to going there. Sorry it took up my only weekend and we couldn't meet up.

June - yes will post all the food I ate as well when I get back! IF I remember the name of what I ate!

Asha - you have a blog? Can I visit?

Wai Yin - if the pic was beautiful, you can imagein being there. You and hubby should take a 2nd honeymoon and go!

Lee - I wish I could see it as often as you do and take it for granted to. We always do with things at our backdoor!

Mumsgather - yes it is. Totally takes your breathe away!