Saturday, June 14, 2008

My "Dear Kevin" letter


Now, as a wife, I know I nag at you more than you would ever be able to complain or repeat! I mean that is what most wife's do - They nag at their husbands! Ask wy (hehe...)

And since our marriage, I know I have had a larger share of things I wish for you to planning more, throwing out the garbage ASAP and killing that damn cockaroach with the newspaper!
I know I nag and nag to get you to do stuff everyday so much so it becomes quite tiring, right!

But there is one thing I want you to know. Since Christopher, I have come see another aspect of you that I really respect. You sure make a GREAT dad.

I am quite sure God turned on a switch called "sensible, able-to-think dad" when boyboy came into this world. You really have a knack of telling me to do a certain thing just when it is becoming important for boyboy.

I pride myself at being able to plan ahead and think of reactions, consequences and all that stuff. But there are some times (when it matters the most) when you see further ahead than I do. Or notice something is amiss faster than I can.

It amazes me that this you, whom I have to nag to start your studies again or turn off the heater can advice me to carry boyboy diagonally and not jut leave him in that weird position to sleep. Or that you are hardworking enough to prop boyboy up to just catch a mouthful of buscuits. And you actually make plan for your little guy (and I don't mean the one down there! ;))

So dearie, I really think you are a great dad. As a hubby, we still have somethings to work on. I mean, daddy did warn you I am not the easiest person to live with!

But you have always been my stabilising factor. My calm in the midst of storm. Don't loose me when the storm gets too dark ok. Hold on to me please like I know you will be holding on to boyboy.

Happy Fathers' Day dearie! Thanks for Christopher. And thanks for your presence in our lives.

From across the miles in Bangkok airport with much love and fond thoughts....

Your dearie too...


U.Lee said...

Hello Ann, what a beautiful tribute to your hubby.
Wow, you remember even in a foreign airport. Outstanding, Ann!
A happy man marries the girl he loves. A happier man loves the girl he marries.
On the lighter side, no man is truly married until he understands EVERY word his wife is NOT saying. Ha ha.
And a man who has never made a woman angry is a failure in life, ha ha.
Give him a triple hug and tight embrace when arrive home, send Christopher to grandma's house, get a bottle of champagne, two red candles, a nice dinner called in, and have a wonderful evening.
Best regards to you, your hubby and Chris, Lee.

JLow said...

Nice post this, reading this as a father and husband.

I am sure he would really appreciate this message, declared online no less.

Angeline said...

this is a fantastic post!

Moomykin said...

Very nice.

These are the things we need to remember to say in the midst of nagging and complaining. After all, no one is perfect, but our spouses are called our better half because they help us in our imperfections. :)

Have a good trip.
God speed.

Baby Darren said...

a very well written and touching post.

I'm sure boyboy and ur hubby miss you very much on this day.

Pat said...

Very touching post, I'm sure it really touches your hubby's heart :)

It's wonderful to count your blessings and to appreciate each other more :)

Hope your trip have been smooth so far, take care and God bless.

andrewjune said... sweet Ann...
i know you already missed your hubby & son...i am sure they miss you too as well...:-)
hope everything goes well with you there!